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Cheshire. ↕ m.c.


I thought I might scream up blood if I tried to scream more.The carver got of me then wiped his knife handle which had his hand print covered on it.''Hopefully,Everytime you see that scar you'll think of me."He whispered to me.I slowly lifted my hand to the freshly new bleeding wound,I closed my eyes and let out a loud sob.I followed the cut which made it burn,The scars were cut into a permant smile.When I opened my eyes the carver was gone,I heard car doors close which meant my parents were home.I blacked out for a moment till I saw my mother in my doorway screaming and crying.The carver placed his knife in my hand to make it look like I did this myself."My poor darling Alice Marie is crazy!"My mother kept yelling.The only thing I know next is that I was lying in a hospital bed but not a regular hospital bed,It was an infirmry of an insane asylum.My own parents thought I was insane enough to do this to myself.I knew that I would never ever forgive them for them to do this to me.
*Flashback over*
"ALICE MARIE LIDDELL!"A nurse yelled for me.I stood up from my chair then straightend out my school girl dress and fixed up the rest of my outfit.I retied the black bandana around my face again then grabbed my bags.I saw a midnight blue van finally pull up near me,I opened the door near me only to gasped to see what was sitting in the back seat.A boy who had lilac hair and a eyebrow piercing was sitting behind my father.Apparently that was Michael,They adopted him after a month I went into the asylum.He's my 'brother' as they put it but I never offically met him not even when I came home for a week.They kept me locked up in my room so Michael couldn't catch my craziness.I threw my suitcases into the third row of the van and quickly got in.My father started the car then quickly drove away from my old hell into my new hell I was about reenter.
"Hi,I'm Micahel!"Michael said loudly with an australin accent."Your Alice Marie!"He said."Please don't call me that."I said with my stupid thick british accent.Oh yeah,I'm british.I don't understand why a lot of people want a british accent,It's stupid to me.But anyways,I then felt a slight tug on my bandana.I quickly slapped the hand away."Ouch!"Micahel said."Don't touch."I said.He muttered something then got on his phone.I then looked straight forward which I noticed my mother dyed her hair an auburn color and my father kept his dark blonde color.I got my black hair from my grandfather but I got my mother's green eyes,My face looks more like my mother but I got my lips from my father.My height came from neither of my parents since my mother is 5'8 and my father is 6'3 but I'm 5'2.I'm as skinny as a toothpick which pissed off both of my parents,I never had baby fat or chubbiness as a baby,toddler,child or a pre-teen and I never get bloated when I get my period.But Michael is bigger than me so I bet my parent love that.They always told me they wanted to blabber about having a chubby kid,I'm not calling Michael chubby,I'm just saying he's a little bigger than me.
"Do you have your meds you need?"My mother asked me.Fucking hell,I thought she would forget.I lifted myself over the seat to reach my bag that had my meds in them.I got the bag then handed them to my mom.I then saw Michael lean towards me."White is a good color on you."He whispered to me.I then looked to see that my dress rode up so that you could see the pair of plain underwear that hugged my hips."You're such a perv."I whipered back to him then fixed my dress."Alice,You only have 6 bottles in here."She said."That's how many I need."I said back to her."What are they for?"Michael asked."I'm was born sick,I'm better but I have to take these so I don't get sick again."I told him before my mother made up a huge pot of lies."Oh,But can I ask you guys a question."Michael said towards my mother."What is it Michael."She said."Can Alice please stay longer than a month?"He asked.My mother turned around and slapped him."MICHAEL GORDAN CLIFFORD!SHE'LL NEVER STAY OUT LONGER THAN A MONTH!YOU DON'T NEED TO BE AROUND HER!"My mother yellled at him.Michael held his throbbing red cheek,You could see her hand mark on his face.
I remember so vividly when that was me getting hit staying silent holding whatever body part they hit me at.But I deserved it,Michael doesn't even deserved to get yelled at for asking a simple question.I'm a girl who was meant to be quiet but Michael is a guy who should yell right back at her.So why isn't he?



Please update I really like this one x

Chloe Hood Chloe Hood

Please update soon!!! This is really good

this is so good please update soon ; )

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