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Cheshire. ↕ m.c.


I was pulled out of my thoughts when I saw a centipede crawl on my navy blue high sock,My eyes widened and I screamed.I saw another crawl up my dress and I felt tears make ways to my eyes."Get them off of me!Please!"I yelled slapping at my thighs and legs.I felt a hand grab my thick black hair and the hand pulled it,hard."You traumatized poor Michael!"My mother yelled and I opened my eyes to see that the centipedes were gone."Whatever was on you wasn't real and you know that!"She yelled at me,then let my hair go and I fixed it.I just stared at her.Michael was staring at me,wide eyes."Are you fine?"He asked me."I'm okay."I said."But you have blood on your hands."He told me then grabbed my hands and flipped them over to see that they were covered with blood."My scar opened,Don't worry about it."I told him."So that is what's hidden under that bandana."Michael said,smirking and I then noticed he had dark pink lips."Can I see it?"He asked me.Before I answered,My mother turned around and pulled our hands apart."You'll never see what's under that thing!"She yelled at him.
"Would you quit yelling at me!"He barked at her.She looked shocked and hurt.Why the hell would she be hurt?!She fucking deserved it!The rest of the way was quiet.We pulled into a driveway where a two story red fire brick house sat.We all got out,Michael helped me carry my stuff and when my father unlocked the door I saw that everything was a light tan color."You two take off your shoes."My mother said to me and Michael.I unbuckled my Mary Jane flats then held them in my hands.Michael then reappered beside me."C'mon I wanna show you my room."He said taking my hand but mother then tore our hands apart.
"Michael,Go to your room.I wanna have a word with you."Mother said,He rolled his eyes and walked upsairs to his room."Your room is upstairs."Father said coldly.I walked upstairs with my suitcases,until I saw a sign that read,'My Chemical Romance rules!'.I smiled a little at the sign I made when I obsessed over the band My Chemical Romance.I opened the door to see the room covered with MCR stuff from 2004.I still had the big bed I had when I was younger,I threw my bags down then closed my door and walked over to the mirror I had on my closet.I removed the bandana to see the ugly permant smile I had carved into my face.The wounds did open and dry blood covered my bottom jaw,I looked more deranged than usual.I rushed to my suit case that had some bottle water in it.I grabbed a towel that I stole from the hospital and cleaned up the bloody mess.
I left the bandana off then crawled into my own bed,slowly slipping into a deep sleep.



Please update I really like this one x

Chloe Hood Chloe Hood

Please update soon!!! This is really good

this is so good please update soon ; )

GabbyB GabbyB