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Cheshire. ↕ m.c.


"Alice!"I heard a voice yell.I shot up in bed to see a shocked also scared looking Michael,I then remembered that I didn't have my bandana on."Michael,Stop staring at my smile."I said to him,He rushed over to me but before he could ask questions.I stopped him."I'm not gonna tell you what happened on how I got this.Maybe when I know you a little better I will.''I said,I stood up to get him out until I felt his arms wrap around my waist."Please don't push me away!I've been so alone since your parents adopted me."He said then I saw tears run down his cheeks and he sniffled.He then stood up and I wrapped my arms around him."I've missed you."He said into my shoulder."Michael,You meet me like 5 hours ago."I said,"How could you miss me?"I asked him."I've missed since I saw a photo of you when I was 10.I asked mother and father about you but they ignored all the questions.Even though we didn't met until today,I still missed you."He said,sniffling.I pulled away from the hug then grabbed his face with my hands and wiped away his tears with my thumbs."Shhh,Stop crying.Calm down."I said trying to calm him down.
He didn't stop,he just kept on crying."Michael,You gotta stop crying."I said making him sit down on my bed and I sat down beside him.He stopped and started to hiccup."I've.Just.Been.So.Lonely.Here."He hiccupped."Michael,It's okay.I'm here now."I said soothing him.Once he finally calmed down and his eyes didn't look so red,I heard someone open my door.Michael was resting his head on my shoulder until he saw our mother."Michael,Go get your coat and c'mon.We're going out to eat."She said but she gave me a deadly glare."Can we go to Macca's?"He jumped up asking."Of course!"She said sweetly to him.He then walked out and into his room."Stay away from Michael."She said to me."I'm not contagious with anything."I said to her.She laughed bitterly then Michael walked back in with a sweater that had 'IDIOT' painted in white on the sleeves."Come on Alice!"Michael said then ran over and grabbed my hand."Alice doesn't want to come with us."She said lying."Aww,Bye Alice!"He yelled then hugged me and ran downstairs."Stay away from him,I don't need that sweetheart near someone like you."She hissed then left my room.Now that stung,really fucking hard.But I could understand,Maybe Michael would forget about me if I stayed out of his sight long enough.I just slammed my bedroom door then looked back in my mirror and I noticed that the smile the carver carved wasn't actually that big.Everyone had told me that this scar was so huge but in reality it wasn't,It stopped mid-cheek.



Please update I really like this one x

Chloe Hood Chloe Hood

Please update soon!!! This is really good

this is so good please update soon ; )

GabbyB GabbyB