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Good Intentions ⇼ Luke Hemmings


“Luke Hemmings! Sit down!” Kaylee ordered, the carnies yelling inaudible slurs.
“Luke!” Calum, Steph, and Ashton yelled in unison. I reached forward to grab his arm and tug it down. Just as I did, the ride screeched to a halt, jerking me forward slightly as Luke lost his balance and toppled over the safety bar.
“Luke!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

I swear, the next few seconds felt like fucking hours, everything that happened seemed to come right out of a movie. Luke’s hand caught onto the edge of the cart while my body was tugged down, as my grip still caught his sleeve. His grip only seemed to last for a millisecond, before he toppled to the floor, leaving me with nothing but a scream and eyes pinching shut. A crowd gathered around him as the ride started up again, merely to let everyone else off. As I anxiously waited to get off, I couldn’t help but thank God that we weren’t too far up. As soon as I was let off, I ran to Luke and stayed with him until the paramedics had shown up. They wouldn’t let me ride with the unconscious boy, so Cal, Mikey, Ash, Kaylee, Ella, Steph, and I all carpooled to the hospital and waited for what seemed like days.


"It's going to be okay." Kaylee assured as I paced around the private waiting room we'd been assigned. "The doctors said he's going to be okay." And it was true, the doctors put him under some pain medication and told us he was stable and he'd gone under hip surgery. They said he would have to undergo a lot of physical therapy to essentially re-learn how to walk. They told us that he'd be in a lot of pain for a long time and given our prior relationship, I was elected to help him out for the most part—which only made me angry as hell. I rolled my eyes and sat down for the first time since I got here. "Calm down." Kaylee muttered, setting her hand on my knee, like that would help. I groaned loudly, pressing my face into the palms of my hands.

"So did you guys really, like... Shag?" Calum asked after a long period of silence. Under any other circumstances, Calum would have been knocked upside the head by Steph. But since they were all lurking to pry in my business, no one confronted him.
"Well he didn't fall off the Ferris wheel for a lie." I spat, lifting my head and glaring at him.
"Romy! Jesus Christ!" Kaylee scolded, pursing her lips. “You’ve already done enough, shut up!” Everyone stopped, gaping at Kaylee. This is the first time—in all the years we’ve been friends—that Kaylee has yelled at me, or any of us, in front of the whole group.
“Kay-” Ashton began, only to have me cut him off.
“Kaylee?” I rasped. “You’re acting like this is completely my fault!” I defended myself.
“Well, isn’t it?” Kaylee immediately countered.
“No?” My voice came out as a question, I wasn’t even sure anymore. “Are any of you on my side here?” I pleaded, looking around at my friends, who stared at the floor and avoided eye contact with me. “I can’t fucking believe this?” I muttered.

“You need to learn how to let things go.” Kaylee replied. “Luke is a different person, you’re a different person. You were both drunk off your arses, and you fucked. End of story! Who the fuck cares if he lied about it? Who the fuck cares now? You’re a goddamn adult, act like one! Holy shit it’s so fucking tiring to be around you two! We were all rooting for you guys, and when he left you, we prayed he’d come back and you’d let him! But you are a cold hearted bitch now! Luke is a genuine, good person, and you’re driving him to alcoholism. Do you know how much he drinks? Do you even fucking care? His world is centered around you! Stop being so goddamn selfish!” Kaylee ranted, her face turning red. “And don’t act like you don’t love him anymore.” She let out a small sigh before standing up and exiting the room, Ashton following her lead. He shot me a reassuring smile before disappearing.

It was silent for a long while before a phone went off, and our gazes fixed on Mikey, his face paling. He shared a look with everyone and they began to stand, as if they knew what he was going to say.
“They’re leaving.” Mikey told me. “And, they’re our rides…” His voice trailed off. I nodded glumly, not looking at any of them and let them leave me alone. The last to exit the room was Ella, and she turned to me slowly, being sure not to be caught.
“You can still make it work. Not everything is broken. You can still fix it, Romy.” She smiled lightly before rushing to catch up with the group. I just wish everyone would stop fucking calling me Romy. That isn’t me, now. I’m Romina. Romy was a frail, high school girl who hated her parents. And Romina is an adult—a cold hearted selfish individual with no ambitions. I’m Romina, I’m no longer Romy. Romy was too sweet for the hard shell that encases me, Romina is too bitter for Romy. I’m not who I used to be, and I’m afraid I can never go back.


Thanks for reading,
I'm sorry I haven't updated in a really long time, my aunt passed away and I've been trying to efficiently deal with that.
Also, I kissed a boy today guys and I'm pretty stoked about that, it was very intense.
What did you do today?


@Allie Miller

ohhhh!!!! getting right on it

Same. Well, I guess you probaly figured that out from the reference and my profile picture of Gerard Way. XD

Ana Hemmings' Ana Hemmings'

@Ana Hemmings'
I love MCR haha

exiiliious exiiliious

OH MY GOD!! I cried so hard when their son died! I'm not okay(anyone else catch that MCR reference? No? Ok then.)! Please update this!!!

Ana Hemmings' Ana Hemmings'