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Good Intentions ⇼ Luke Hemmings


I’ve been running around all morning, trying to situate everything for the get-together; cleaning, cooking, making sure everyone was still coming. In the meantime, Luke sat on the couch and watched films all day, talking about how great tonight was going to be and how happy everyone will be for him. I feel like I should have been angry, but I thought that Luke was so adorable when he got excited, that I couldn’t bring it upon myself to be angry at all.
“Hey.” I mumbled, sitting next to him on the couch.
“Are they still coming?” He hoped, grinning.
“Yeah.” I laughed, “Not until seven, though.” He pursed his lips, nodding.
“Okay.” He replied after checking the time. He sighed, throwing his head back. “Well, I’m bored.”
“I’m not!” I smiled. “I’ve been cleaning all day!”
“I would’ve helped you, but-” frowned, gesturing to his legs.
“It’s okay, I know.” Silence fell on us for a long while as we watched Joe Dirt.

“I hate this movie.” Luke commented, smiling.
“I like it.” I shrugged, “I think it’s really funny sometimes.”
“I’ve seen it at least five times since I moved in.” We shared a small laugh as he began to quote lines from the film. It was just beginning, and he rubbed his eyes, yawning. “Can we go out for ice cream after therapy?” He asked, smiling.
“You’ll spoil your dinner.” It was just then that I realized how mum-like I’d became. Luke looked at me with a confused expression and I forced a smile. “Fine.” I nodded. “That sounds nice.” He let out a dry laugh, turning back to the telly for a split second before looking back at me. He was about to speak, when I interrupted him. “They’ll be here when we get back, then.” I changed the subject, standing and grabbing my purse. “Ready?” I turned the telly off. “Are you taking your cane or wheelchair?” He thought for a short while.
“Chair.” After helping him stand, I wheeled him out to the car.


“What’s your favorite kind of ice cream?” Luke asked as we sat and waited at a red light. His therapy went well, and he was ecstatic to show everyone
“Cookie Dough. What’s yours?”
“Double Chocolate Fudge.” He grinned. “You know, I haven’t gotten ice cream in so long.” He bit his lip, moving his lip ring with his tongue.
“You’re like a little kid!” I giggled, focusing on the road.
“I feel like a little kid.” He looked at me, grinning. “Ice cream gets me excited!” He blushed.
“Dork.” I giggled.
“I’m your dork?” His voice was hopeful as I shook my head.
“Hey, that’s better than a no.” He grinned and we finished our ice cream.


“Hey guys.” I smiled as I entered my flat.
“Where’s Luke?” Cal asked, causing me to step aside and reveal him as he walked with his cane. The excitement was immediate, as our friends huddles around him, nearly tackling him, and excitedly muttered about their excitement and pride. Josi mustered her way through the group and to Luke, pulling on his shirt so he’d look down.
“Uncle Lukey?”
“Yeah, babe?” He smiled. Luke always had a soft spot for Josi, and it killed me because he was so damn sweet to her. I bet he’d be a great father someday.
“I walk better than you.” She stated, placing her hands on her hips. “See?” She smirked, taking a few steps before turning back around. We all laughed at how adorable she is.
“You sure do!” Luke laughed. “Hey, I’m jealous.” He played with his lip ring. “But you know what I can do better?” He motioned for the little girl to come to him, and she did, staring up at him. “This!” He exclaimed, lifting Josi with his free hand and spinning her around. I got extremely nervous about his legs, as his doctor said not to be too vigorous, but when Josi squealed with laughter and smiled at Luke like he put the stars in the sky, I couldn’t bring myself to say anything.

The attention didn’t last long on Luke, though. We sat about halfway through dinner with questions and statements, when Steph cleared her throat.
“I’m not meaning to take the attention away from Luke or anything,” She began. Liar, yes you are. “But Cal and I have some news.” She grinned, squeezing his hand.
“We’ve decided to stop travelling and stay in town. For good. We found a flat and we’re finally settling down.” Calum grinned.
“Why is that?” Ashton asked, shovelling a forkful of spaghetti in his mouth.
“Well…” Steph glanced at Calum. “I’m pregnant!” She announced. Luke and I exchanged glances as he rolled his eyes, pretending to be happy. Everyone gushed over her and I gave Luke a glance that let him know I was sorry about the change of interest. I knew this would happen. “I’m two months along.” She shared, putting a hand on her stomach. “And right now, we’re thinking of the name Kaya for a girl and Parker for a boy. But we’re not sure yet.” She rambled on, “It’ll probably change a million times, I’m personally not a big fan of Parker, but it’s Cal’s favorite… I want Robert, Bobby for short-” I couldn’t help but zone out and ignore the rest of the conversation.


“Well,” I began, plopping down on the couch next to Luke. “That was… Fun.” I somewhat lied, smiling.
“I guess you could call it that.” He remarked, laughing.
“So Steph…” My voice trailed off. “She’s pregnant! Wow!” Luke’s smile faded.
“She sure is.” He grumbled, crossing his arms. “It’s not like I can walk again or anything.” He rolled his eyes, sighing. I felt horrible.
“I knew one of them would do something like that.” I pursed my lips. “I told-” He cut me off.
“Oh come on, don’t say I told you so!” He whined, pouting.
“I did, though!” I smiled, pushing a stray piece of hair back into his quiff.
“Romy?” He whispered.
“I have to say something, and before you object or cut me off, could you just let me say it? I need to say it and I need you to listen.” I nodded, biting my lip and waiting for him to continue.

“I just wanted to let you know that if you decide to take me back… I want to promise a few things. I want to promise to show you how much I love you in the simplest ways. I want to promise that I’ll kiss you when you don’t expect it, like when you’re doing laundry and so focused on that, I’ll kiss you like you’re the only thing I need—like you’re the only angel that exists. I promise I’ll let you see me cry even when I’m an ugly crier. You can wipe my tears away and comfort me. And when you’re crying, I promise I’ll let you get your makeup on my shirt and tell you jokes until you’re crying from laughter and your stomach starts to hurt. I’ll hold your hand at any chance I get. I’ll text you the names of songs that remind me of you. I’ll remember everything—even the small things—and I’ll go out of my way to do them for you.” I stared at him, speechless. I couldn’t help but reach over and lightly cup his cheek. He leaned into my touch, kissing my hand.
“One week.” I whispered, giving him a small smile.
“Six days.” He corrected. “Yesterday you said a week.”
“Six days.” I confirmed.


As I walked through the cubicles, handing out reports, my heels clicked against the tile. It caused everyone to turn around and hold their breath, as they had hoped it was me rather than the new unpaid intern. She was a young, blonde girl who always had too much to say. She literally never stopped talking. As I walked past Luke’s temp, I felt a hand smack my arse and couldn’t help but get extremely angry. I turned around, grabbing his wrist and digging my nails into his skin.
“Lighten up, babe.” He smirked. “You wouldn’t wear it if you didn’t want to be touched.” He defended himself, which only made me angrier.
“First of all,” I began, grinding my teeth together. “What I wear does not dictate what I want. It does not dictate whether or not I will have sex with you, it does not dictate my ability to do my job, and it sure as hell does not dictate whether I will punch you in the face if you ever put your grubby little hands on my again.” I paused, tightening my grip. “If you ever touch me or any of the other girls here, I will personally see that you get your dick chopped off in a blender. Don’t you fucking dare harass, speak, or even look at any girl in this office, or you’ll have me to deal with. Got it?” When he didn’t answer, I twisted his arm. “Got it?” I repeated, slightly louder. The office was quiet as everyone watched the encounter.
“Yes ma’am.” He mumbled, looking at the ground as I released him and continued on with my work.


“Romina?” Mr. Jones asked as he stepped into my office, shutting the door behind him.
“Yes sir?” I stopped doing my work and looked up at him as he stood in front of my desk, rubbing his temple. He sighed deeply.
“Pack up.” He bluntly stated.
“What?” I let out a dry laugh, furrowing my eyebrows.
“Pack up, you’re fired.” I couldn’t help but let my jaw drop as I covered my mouth.
“Sorry… What? W-Why? What did I do?” I blinked quickly, trying to keep the tears from welling in my eyes.
“You threatened and physically harmed Owen. That’s against every harassment rule in the book, Romina! What were you thinking?!” He growled, sitting down angrily.
“But-But Mr. Jones, he smacked my arse! What was I supposed to do?” My voice cracked. “It’s not fair! He’s been harassing every girl here, and he touched me! He can’t do that! He can’t get away with it!” I stood, pushing my hair out of my face and pacing.

“I don’t want to do this, Romina… Trust me, but-” I cut him off.
“But nothing, Mr. Jones! He harassed me! He harassed every girl here! And I’m the one getting in trouble?!” I couldn’t help but yell. “It’s not fair. You know it’s not fair.” I lowered my voice, sitting again and putting my face in my hands. He was silent for a long while as I tried not to fall apart.
“Go home early.” He whispered. “You can come back tomorrow. I’m not firing you, but you’re on extremely thin ice, Romina. I’m sorry for what he did to you, but I’m the one who has to handle these things. You can’t just take matters into your own hands.” I nodded slowly, mumbling a thank you as I packed my things and drove home silently.

“I’ve had such a shitty day.” I complained, sitting next to Luke and burying my face in my hands.
“What happened?” Luke turned the telly down, paying attention to me. Before I could even speak, i started to cry.
“I hate that job, Luke. I hate everyone there, I hate my boss, I hate your temp! I almost got fired today because your temp slapped my arse and I spoke up! I spoke up because he touched me and I almost got fired!” I couldn’t help but sob as Luke pulled my body to his, allowing me to lie on his chest.
“Shhh.” He cooed, playing with my hair. “It’s okay.”
“It’s not okay!” I retaliated, burying my face into him. I stayed like that for a long time, trying to stop crying until I could finally muster up the courage to speak. “Luke?” I asked, sniffling.
“Yeah, Romy?”
“Back in high school, after you cheated on me…” My voice trailed off. “I wish you would have stayed.”
“I wish I stayed, too.”


This chapter was kind of mushy and sucky.
Don't hate me please.
If I don't update for a while, motivate me in the comments please!
I hope you liked it.
Thanks for reading.
If you want/need/have a question or anything, let me know in the comments.
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@Allie Miller

ohhhh!!!! getting right on it

Same. Well, I guess you probaly figured that out from the reference and my profile picture of Gerard Way. XD

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I love MCR haha

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OH MY GOD!! I cried so hard when their son died! I'm not okay(anyone else catch that MCR reference? No? Ok then.)! Please update this!!!

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