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my bestfriend


Me and ashton had 4th period gym last year. We didn't know eachother personally but we knew eachother names. We hung out in different crowds. I hung with my girl bestfriend lana. She's a goody goody an decides she wants to be in student government. Ashton applied for the same position as lana. Ashton askes me to vote for him an he said he was going to have T-shirts so I said "okay as long as I get a shirt" (duh, who wouldn't want a free shirt). The next day he gives me a wrinkled plain white T-shirt with "vote for ashton irwin" on it written in colerful markers. I laugh as he gives it to me "wow this shirt is amazing" I say in a playful way.
"Yes I know" he mumbled with his high pitched voice, he grins a little smile with his dimples big enough to eat cereal out of. I walk away to the locker room and I grab a marker and write "VOTE FOR LANA KAT and ashton irwin". After that I told him he was my bestfriend. It has now been a year and alot has happend. Friendships, lies, relationships, and sex.


  1. betrayed by your bestfriend

    when your bestfriend dates your bestfriend. That sucks.



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