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Make You Happy


River Murray is 16 year old girl who grew up in Sydney, Australia. When she was 10, she moved to Wolverhampton, England. Her mother is kind of a slag (slut). She has a different man over almost every night. River has a little brother named Micah. Micah is 4. River gets bullied at school. Wen she was a kid, she was over weight and that was most of the reason she was bullied. When she was 13, she developed bulimia. She lost alot of weight and eventually became under-weight. She recovered when she was 15 and lately, has been on the verge of relapse. When she was 14, she started self-harming. She even thinks of suicide, but she doesn't do it because she has to stay strong for Micah. Her mother is making her go to Sydney for the summer. There she sees her cousin, whose name is Claudia, Michael, and a girl that used to pick on her when she was nine, Amy. Somehow she ends up liking Michael. But he had changes since she last saw him; he got a lip piercing, tattoos, and he has a light blue tint to his hair. The thing is: Mike doesn't do girlfriends, and he does't plan to start just because he met a girl that he MIGHT like. Copyrighted © all right reserved to @sanava.x



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