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Chapter O N E *At home and school*

Paige's Pov
I hate my dad, why did my parents have to split up? It's all his fault for cheating on my mom. Well, I was actually one at the time so I don't remember any of it in person, but I'm just following what my mom has told me
"Paige! You're going to be late for your first day! You can't be late or you won't be leaving a good impression for the school!!" It was my first day at a new school, we decided to move far away from my dad because he keeps stalking us."Sorry I'm late mom!" I said running down the stairs. I grabbed my backpack and ran out the front door. The only good thing about this school was that it was only down the road
I walked to the school parking lot. You had to cross it to get to the actual school. Suddenly a guy with black scruffy hair came up to me and said "Hey Paige, is it" "Yeah,um who are you" "Oh sorry,I should introduce myself. My name is Calum and I show the new students around the school," "Oh well, hi Calum" That's all I could think of to say. "Well Paige, let me show you around." "Okay, thank you" I said and followed him into the school.
When we got into the building, he was saying random stuff that I didn't really take notice of too much, I was focusing on the stuff around me. "So yeah, that's all of the rules and now let's go to the classrooms" I heard him say. "That's UG1,2,3,4, and 5. They are the science classrooms. We went up to the next floor. "Here is UF1 to 5. These are the english ones, and opposite are UF6 to 10, the math classrooms." He continued blabbering on about where the technology classrooms were but I just focused on the friendship group this time. "So yeah Paige, the bell will go off in exactly two minutes if you want to wait outside?" "Sure, when should I meet you at break?"He paused for a moment. "Well I'll meet you by the canteen if you remember where I told you it is!" "Obviously I know because I was totally listening the whole time" Shoot I don't know where the canteen is. Whoops.... to be continued


Sorry that so far this story is all paige's PoV i will add more POV's soon and more characters -byeeeeeeee


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