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Who calls their child Aveah??

I sat at my desk and looked at my assignment, 1,000 more words and my assignment would be done and i could return to Netflix, i started to type away when my mother Courtney came in, “Aveah Darling, its dinner time, will you come set the table for me?” she asked me, “sure mom” i replied anything to get out of doing this assignment , walking down the stairs my phone buzzed, it was a text message of my friend Faith, “shopping?” i quickly reply, “no thanks, busy, maybe another day” .
Faith has been my best friend since we were children, we grew up together her parents , Rohan and Joshua, bonded with mine over naming their children silly names, see faiths parents were told they couldn't have children, so when her mom found out she was pregnant she said it was because she never give up faith in having children, so they named her faith, my parents on the other hand are just weird and called me Aveah. god knows where it came from, anyway, i went and set the table and my little sister Amelia came running down stairs and sat at the table waiting for dinner. My farther Daniel came in and sat down at the table as my mim brought the food in and my family started to eat,i however played around with my food, “so Amelia how school?” my farther asks, “the usual bullshit, i still hate it” she replies, this is gonna be a fun dinner, thankfully my parents are too busy shouting at amelia to care that i barely ate and stood up to clean my dishes, “thanks mom” i shout while running upstairs to my bathroom.
I don't understand why my mother still gives me large portions of food its just a waste, i kneel next to the toilet and stick my fingers down my throat. a typical night for me, i turn the shower on and pull my razor out of the draw and sit in the shower begging to draw on my skin with cold silver blade, as soon as the scarlet blood appears on my skin i feel as if i can breathe again, i don't know what i would do without it, i wash the blood of my body and get out the shower dry my hair and put my pjs on then returning to my desk, i whisper to myself “1,000 words, you can do this aveah, you can do it.” before i know it my fingers are typing away, within 10 mins my word count is up. i can finally sleep now.
i climb into bed and reach into my drawer grabbing my sleeping pills taking some then falling into a comfortable slumber, bring on school tomorrow.


hey guys i decided on writing a new story! i hope you enjoy it, the second chapter will be up soon, this is just sort of an iside to Aveah's life!
please comment and follow me and stuff !
Thank you


this is really good so far x please could you check out my story, its only my first but I hope you like it x

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