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Im In Love With My Bully: Series 1 Book 1

The Wedding

Kayla's P.O.V.
It was the day, six months past of planning and I was excited about today. Michael was so excited about today too, he was literally counting down day from the day we started planning this wedding. The bridesmaids and groomsman just wall out and all I was waiting for was a signal for me to walk out from behind these doors. "Its time Kayla." Peyton said to me. I smiled as he opened the door and I walked down the isle. Everyone was staring and I was so scared of tripping. I looked at Michael, he was trying to act calm, I just knew it.

The priest said some word before he made us recite a few word so Michael could put a ring on me and I could put a ring on Michael. Then when it was time for vows, the priest shook his head as Michael recited the vows he wrote. "This is a vow I made out of a song. The song that I made it out of was Bad Dream. Yes, it might sound bad but you just have to hear to understand." Michael said. He flipped over the paper as he started reciting the important part.

"Kayla La'mya Ruiz, You look so beautiful, I wish I could tell you everyday. No one but me knows you're insane. I feel so damn pathetic that day I didn't stop my friends from making fun of you at the party. My friends just don't get it, they don't get how much I love you. Cause you've got me under oath that I wont ever leave you and I promise I won't break this oath. Before you I was in a fucking rut. One day you're in the past when I never knew you and now your here standing in front of me.That night I ask you back two years agoat the party when you got mad I knew I really messed up. It started out just harmless fun when I started being a bully to you. Now you've got me thinking you're the one because I recognized that note that I gave you.You kept it and that's what made me realize that I still loved you. Cause if you wanna take me home tonight You know I'm ready to leave today and forget about my bad past. You've got me under your spell of loving you so Please don't set me free, Cause I've been having all these nightmares those day I was bullying you and, Seeing you is my only way up, I'm feeling so defenseless seeing them make fun of you and me not doing anything that day at the party. But I'm telling you I wouldn't change a thing about you, your beautiful, smart, funny, unique, and most of all my wife. You've got me feeling strange when I'm around you, Cause I love to hate you so damn much, But I can't think of leaving you, Cause you're what keeps me breathing at night, and what wakes me up in the morning. It started out just harmless fun in the beginning, but now I'm here with you, Now you've got me thinking you're the one." He looked up at me as I smiled.

It was the best vow that I've ever heard. And now for my vow. I bent down reaching in my heel to pull out the piece of paper that had my vow on it. "Michael Gordon Clifford, those days in the past from two years ago were the best days of my life when I was dating you until that day came when you let me down. Yes, I was mad and yes I didn't want to be there. I dumbed you because you didn't have my back. That note you gave me, I kept for the rest of my life thinking to myself that one day you would realize what you've done. Then there was a day that you were bullying me and I couldn't take it so I took my anger out and throw my books on the floor. I came back in the school and I seen you staring at that note. I kept that note because I knew that you still love me and that you will always. I made you tell you friends that it was over, the joking and the bullying. If you wanted to be with me I didn't want it kept a secret. Yes, we had ups and downs but we made it work. Michael you helped me with my troubled times and the days that I gave up. You were there at my hospital bed the day I got in a car wreck with Ashton. Michael Clifford, your amazing, sweet, funny, handsome, humble, and my husband. Your the one I want to be with for the rest of my life. I love you so much, and I went to spend everyday by your side and waking up in the morning seeing your face. I love you Michael." I said finishing my vow.

I folded up my vow as I tucked it back into my heel as the priest was about to say something. "You are now husband and wife, you may kiss the bride." Said the priest. Michael kissed me as everyone clapped in joy. We were finally married. Michael and I walked down the isle and headed outside into the limousine with the best man, groomsman, maid of honor, and bridesmaids. "Congratulations Kayla and Michael." Calum said. "Thanks Calum. I'm glad all of you came." I told them.


Sorry this is so short of a chapter but guess what? There's a book two. The books called "Married to My Bully" and it's about Kayla waking up feeling sick. she goes to the hospital and finds out she pregnant. Who want to read book two? Comment below if your intrusted.


Hey for all you guys that read this the next book in this series is "Married To My Bully : Series 1 Book 2" Thanks for reading my book. Love you guys

Babyboo1011 Babyboo1011

please update soon this is amazing!

fivesos_muke fivesos_muke

I feel bad for luke now :(

Hoodbear13 Hoodbear13

Michael and Kayla yassss ❤❤❤

Hoodbear13 Hoodbear13

Lol sorry for the slow updates. I'ma try to update today. chapter 22 is going to be "BIG" just to let you guys know.

Babyboo1011 Babyboo1011