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Im In Love With My Bully: Series 1 Book 1

He Must Be Embarrassed

I felt a nervous shock go through my body as I stood up. I hate being picked. I walked in front of the class with my head tilted towards the floor. I looked up to take a glance as I saw Michael. "Mrs. Amiot why don't I teach.

I don't ever take a chance." Michael said getting up and standing beside me. "Sure Michael." Mrs. Amiot said. "What are you doing up here?" I whispered to Michael. "Saving you from another embarrassment." He whispered back.

I ran to my seat and sat down. "Well we learned that when your a fucking asshole you turn into Calum cause you were born in a freaking car wreck which explains why he acts like an idiot. I learned that being a bully is just some phase that many of us go through just for attention because many of us do that now." Michael said.

He took a glance at me as he nodded. " I fell in love with the person I bully and many of you would know her as nerds, but I call her Bae. I didn't realize that I was just bullying her for the attention. When I got that attention I didn't know what to do with it."Michael said continuing. I slouched in my chair as everyone began to look at me.

"I realized that she was a nerd. The nerd that I know and love. The nerd that changed me for good. Luke, Calum, Ashton, it stops here and now. Forever dies the bullying."He said stopping. Everyone began to clap as the class bundle up papers and threw it at Calum, Luke, and Ashton.

They began booing Calum, Luke, and Ashton as Michael sat in his seat. I glanced back at Michael as he smiled at me. I turned around waiting for the class to be dismissed for lunch. I packed up my stuff and gathered my notes. As the bell ringed I put my stuff in my locker and headed towards the cafeteria.

"Hey." Michael said catching up to me. "Powerful speech up there!" I said. "Yeah." Michael said feeling his neck. He looked like a bus had hit him with lies because for some reason he couldn't get something out. "Do you like Braxton? Just wondering." Michael said. "Yeah, kind of. He's the guy I rely on." I said getting nervous.

For some reason I think he wanted to give me that kiss because it meant something to him, but I didn't bother to ask. "What's your favorite color?" He asked. "Blue, or turquoise. Why you want to know?" I told him. "No reason, just wondering." He said. He opened the door letting me in first. I got in line as everyone began to stare. It wasn't any ordinary stare, it was one that gave you the feeling of hope. Now because of Mikey, I'm not the same person I used to be.

I'm one of the cool kids. "Hey, Michael tough thoughts for such a small brain." Calum said walking up to us. "You know what.. he's actually trying to defend someone ,unlike you you'll just leave them in sorrow." I said. Everyone gasp in delight thinking that I would of never of made a smart comment. "Get your girlfriend out of this." Calum said staring me down.

"She's not my girlfriend." Michael said. I backed away as I took a deep breath to think, but all that crossed my mind was my fist crossing my brothers face. I shoved Michael over as I stared at Calum. I bawled my fist up as I swung at him. I knocked Calum out cold onto the floor. Luke and Ashton raised their hands up expecting a high five so I gave them one.

Luke came up to me as he pushed Michael to the side. He gave me a note and walked off. Ashton leaned beside me as the line began to move up. "You despise me, but you're pretty cool. Keep punk on his leash ok?" He said to me.

I didn't say anything. I took a tray and I put my food on my plate. I payed for my lunch and I began walking to a table. Everyone started making room for me, but instead I joined my friend Hannah. "Anything new?" She said rubbing her shoulder on me. "Just some note that Luke gave me. I don't even know what it means." I said.

I pulled the note out as I read it to Hannah. You wanna hangout sometime? Let's keep it a secret. Meet me at Michael's party out by the pool -Luke- "Lucky!" Hannah said chowing down her food. "You like him?" I said.

"Yeah, he so freaking hot." She said. "He's cute. I guess." I said finishing my food. Hannah and I got up from our seats to throw our empty plate away. We put the trays up and we walked back to class. Michael follow us as I looked behind us to see him.

"Hey, can I talk to her alone?" He said to Hannah. She nodded as she stopped to talk to Braxton. "What do you want?" I said starting to smile. " I wanted to remind you about my party. I seen that note that Luke gave to you too. What was it about?" He asked me.

"Nothing really." I said. Heat started to fill my body as I began getting dizzy. I just watched Mikey flip his skunk hair as I began to steady my balance. "You alright?" He said stopping to put his hands on my shoulder. I began to lose my balance as everything blacked out. Last thing I remember is Mikey picking me up.

Such darkness in a hopeless place. I couldn't see nothing, but black and specks. I felt like I was in some other place than earth. Like I was a angel for the minutes that I remained unconscious in the arms of Mikey.



Hey for all you guys that read this the next book in this series is "Married To My Bully : Series 1 Book 2" Thanks for reading my book. Love you guys

Babyboo1011 Babyboo1011

please update soon this is amazing!

fivesos_muke fivesos_muke

I feel bad for luke now :(

Hoodbear13 Hoodbear13

Michael and Kayla yassss ❤❤❤

Hoodbear13 Hoodbear13

Lol sorry for the slow updates. I'ma try to update today. chapter 22 is going to be "BIG" just to let you guys know.

Babyboo1011 Babyboo1011