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Im In Love With My Bully: Series 1 Book 1

He Loves The Wrong Person


I began running behind Michael as I saw him pass me. "What's wrong?" I said picking up the paste as Michael was running with Kayla in his arms. "She just passed out." Michael said to me. "What? How. Is she allergic to anything?" I said.

"No, I don't think so." Michael said entering the nurses office. I started to laugh under my breath thinking of smart comments. "Maybe she's allergic to you!" I said. "Not funny." Michael said giving me an evil look. "She's unconscious. She'll wake up in a few minutes."Nurse Melanie said. Michael and I went back to class as the Nurse stopped us.

"Mr. Clifford, would you like to comfort her? She'll probably want you too." She said to Michael. "Yeah, I will." He said walking back into the nurses office. I walked off to class and sat in my seat. All I could hear around me is gossip about Kayla. Where she was, why she was gone.

Why couldn't I be the one carrying her. Why couldn't I be the one she likes. All I could think about was her. I was jealous of Michael. This time I wanted the girl, but no, Michael gets her. This is all Calum's fault. She wouldn't be in the nurse if we hadn't been the bullies in the first place. She so pretty.

For the first time in my life I felt like this time it was truly my fault. "Mrs. Amiot, can I be excused from the class? This is very important." I said raising my hand. "If you tell the class why, then you may go. " Mrs. Amiot said to me. I stood up and walked towards the door putting my hand on the doorknob.

"First, I'm stopping the bullying act and second of all, I feel like this whole time I was just a mean guy. Since I'm not a bully anymore, there's this girl in this class that I've been wanting to get to. Her name is.." I said pausing as Michael came back into the room with Kayla. "Kayla's, back!" Michael said interrupting me.

Everyone stopped to look at her. They got up from their desk to huddle up around her. " I like Kayla." I whispered to myself. "What did you say." Hannah said. "Nothing, you wouldn't care anyways. Are you glad that Kayla's back?" I told Hannah. "Yeah, she's my Bffle, why wouldn't I?" She said to me. I sat back down in my seat as everyone followed. I packed my stuff up as the bell was about to ring.



Hey for all you guys that read this the next book in this series is "Married To My Bully : Series 1 Book 2" Thanks for reading my book. Love you guys

Babyboo1011 Babyboo1011

please update soon this is amazing!

fivesos_muke fivesos_muke

I feel bad for luke now :(

Hoodbear13 Hoodbear13

Michael and Kayla yassss ❤❤❤

Hoodbear13 Hoodbear13

Lol sorry for the slow updates. I'ma try to update today. chapter 22 is going to be "BIG" just to let you guys know.

Babyboo1011 Babyboo1011