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Im In Love With My Bully: Series 1 Book 1

The Bad Part At Michael's

I felt a rush of heat flow my body as I sat on my bed. I couldn't stop thinking of her and how I would ask her out. I began to rehearse. Hey Kayla I was wondering, would you.. No, too cheesy. Maybe I should just kiss her and make her realize.

Again? She probably was lying about liking me, but she said that she did like me. I got up opening my room door and walking towards the kitchen. I watched my mom put up decorations as the door began to ring. I ran to open the door.

"Hey Michael" Said Ashton coming in. Calum and Luke followed him in as I closed the door behind them. "Where's your sister Calum?" I said to him. "She's hitching a ride with my mom." Calum explained. I walked outside looking if she was here yet.

Not a sign of her. Lots of people join us as we started to gather the food and the drinks. A car pulled into the yard as I ran outside to look who it was. It still wasn't Kayla . I was starting to get worried. I walked back inside getting A drink. I started giving up, thinking that she was just going to turn it down. Telling her mom not to drive her.

I felt a hand touch my shoulder as I turned around. "Hey Michael, where's the towels?" Ashton said. My happiness turned to stone as I realized it wasn't her. "In the bathroom cabinet." I said to him. "Thanks bud." He said walking away.

I turned back around looking down at the table counter. She's not coming.. Is she? I kept telling myself. Everyone began to gasp as someone came through the door. I didn't bother to look, knowing that it wasn't her. Another hand touched my shoulder as that person started to speak. "Are you going to welcome me?" Kayla said.

I stood up from my seat and turned around to look at her. "You're.. finally here! " I said giving her a hug. "Whoa, hold back on that. The party just gotten started." She said. I stopped hugging her and offered her a drink as she took it. I turned the couple music up as me and every couple began to dance. Minutes past by as I began to think.

I have to do it.. Now. I decided not to hide, but to show that I truly do. "Kayla would you.. go out with me?" I said letting go of her hips. She covered up her face with her hands, as her hands began to tremble. "Yes." She stuttered to say.

I hugged her as our hands began to take grip. I raised our hands up as everyone began to cheer and clap. I gave her another hug as I wiped her tears away. "I got to go do something real quick, ok." She said to me.

"Yeah." I said letting her go. She took a couple drinks of liquor that was in her cup, put it on the table and walked away as I began looking for Ashton.


Hey start commenting below and subscribe. I also have my book posted on Figment.com Its the same book title.


Hey for all you guys that read this the next book in this series is "Married To My Bully : Series 1 Book 2" Thanks for reading my book. Love you guys

Babyboo1011 Babyboo1011

please update soon this is amazing!

fivesos_muke fivesos_muke

I feel bad for luke now :(

Hoodbear13 Hoodbear13

Michael and Kayla yassss ❤❤❤

Hoodbear13 Hoodbear13

Lol sorry for the slow updates. I'ma try to update today. chapter 22 is going to be "BIG" just to let you guys know.

Babyboo1011 Babyboo1011