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Im In Love With My Bully: Series 1 Book 1

Should Of Never Gone: He Loves To Hard

Ten minutes passed as I was waiting for Kayla to come. I began twiddling my thumbs waiting for her. I stood up as I walked by the pool taking my shoes off. I sat on the edge of the pool dipping my feet in.

"Hey, what did you want to see me for." Kayla said. "Dip your feet in." I told her. She took her shoes off and dipped her feet in. I began to teasingly shove her. She laughed as she shoved me back. I shoved her harder as she almost fell in.

I caught her pulling her back on the edge. Still holding her waist I pulled her closer kissing her and pulling her in the pool. She refused as I held her closer not letting her go. Everyone came running outside as they began to jump in the pool too.

I let go of her as she took off running out of the pool and into the front yard. I jumped out of the pool trying to follow as Aston stopped me. "Dude why such in a hurry?" He said to me. I pushed him out the way as I turned the corner.

I saw Kayla with Michael as I hide beside a bush trying to listen.

I ran towards Michael still devastated from what happened. I jumped on him as he began to hold me. "What happened?" He said to me. "Luke." I said. I hugged him more as he pulled me away. "Lets go get you some clothes on." He said to me.

We walked in the house then into his room. He took his long plaid flannel and some shorts and told me to put it on. I took it as I went into the bathroom to change.

I came out and put my dress in a big bag. "You alright?" He said to me. "Yeah, just a little dizzy." I said. He put one hand on my waist and the other in my hand guiding, me to the bed. He layed me down and covered me in his sheets. "I'll be back." He said to me kissing me on my forehead.

He left the room. I curled up in the sheets tossing and turning to try and get comfortable. I started to doze off falling asleep.

I walked up to Luke as I shoved him into a corner. "What happened to Kayla." I said getting angry. He took a big gulp as he started to talk. "I kissed her." He said. "But she refused."He said putting his hands up and getting afraid.

I walked away as I yelled, "Party's over." Everyone walked out the house as I walked into my room. I saw Kayla sleeping on my bed as I sat beside her. "What am I going to do?" I said whispering to myself.

I grabbed my hair, combing through then starting to yank. I curled up on the other side of the bed with my face facing hers.

She started to wake up as she moaned. "I love you." She said to me. I kissed her as I got up out of bed. "You got to go home. Your moms gonna be worried." I told her. I helped her out of the bed as she struggled to get up.

She grabbed my hand as I picked her up into my arms. I walked out of the room and into the kitchen putting her down in a chair. I picked up the phone calling her mom to come get her. "Kayla?" I said turning to look at her.

"Yah?" She said to me. "Are you ok?" I told her. She nodded as she got up from the chair and touched my arm. I grabbed her other arm as I told her," You need to sit down, you're drunk." She pulled me close as she kissed my lips.

She grabbed hold of my hair and I held her hips, pulling her closer too. She kept at it until the door opened. It was her mom. I pulled away as I got nervous. "Hi Mr. Clifford. Kayla lets go." She said in such a delicate voice.
Kayla hugged me, kissed me on the cheek and walked out the house. "I love you." I whispered as she walked out. A paper flew out from her hand landing on the floor as the door closed. I picked it up reading it. Love you Mikey -Your Bae-


Kayla and mickey. cute couple or nah?


Hey for all you guys that read this the next book in this series is "Married To My Bully : Series 1 Book 2" Thanks for reading my book. Love you guys

Babyboo1011 Babyboo1011

please update soon this is amazing!

fivesos_muke fivesos_muke

I feel bad for luke now :(

Hoodbear13 Hoodbear13

Michael and Kayla yassss ❤❤❤

Hoodbear13 Hoodbear13

Lol sorry for the slow updates. I'ma try to update today. chapter 22 is going to be "BIG" just to let you guys know.

Babyboo1011 Babyboo1011