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Maria, Maria (Luke Hemmings)

A Perfect Life?

"Maria!" My little four year old brother Samson squealed as I spun him around in the air.
"Sorry, sorry!" I giggled, placing him on the living room carpet and ruffling his hair. "I just missed you at school today, little bro."
Me and Samson were really close for a brother and sister, which was weird considering the age difference (I'm sixteen, so Sam is a whole eight years younger than me!).
"Why? You never miss me..." He mumbled, furrowing his eyebrows. I gasped in fake offence as he giggled.
"Of course I do! I've just been busy with school work at home, so I never get time to tell you.With the their exams coming up in less than a month, I have to study! Revision, homework, etc. Its pretty boring though... " I protested, looking down at him. He was paying no attention to me however, but at the window, watching a snowy white cat by the name of 'Miss Paws' (how original) jumping up onto our fence. Probably been crapping in our garden again, how lovely.
"Why are you watching Miss Paws, Sam?" I asked, raising an eyebrow and peering at him weirdly. He hated that cat.
"Plotting my next revenge." He smirked. It was kind of hard to take a four year in spiderman pyjamas seriously , but if I could I would be kind of scared by his devilish smirk.
"Okay then..." I said, patting his head in a fond manner. "I'm going to call Kaylee on Skype, want to say hi?"
Kaylee was my best friend from nursery, I've known her all throughout primary as well but then she moved away to attend a posh boarding school in France when it came to our secondary years. We kept in contact a lot though, mainly because I had no friends at Lakewood High So she was the only person I could talk to if I had any problems or bothers. My parents were both out of the picture as they had busy working schedules. I was pretty much a loner, a sixteen year old girl who hasn't even had her first kiss yet or any nearby friends. I know, that's pretty bad. But no one has really clicked for me, you know? It's not like some prince charming is just going to show up at Lakewood High, its full to the brim with stereotypical nerds and jocks.
I quietly closed my locker door, not wanting to attract any unwanted attention. I leaned against the hard surface, textbooks piled high in my arms. I watched the groups of freinds walk by, pursing my lips as some called out insults. This was Lakewood High for you if you weren't a popular bitch with a group of admirers. I sighed, looking down at my battered black and white converses, eyes brimming with tears. I'd skipped lunch again, I didn't want to be caught up with more problems. School was the only thing that bothered me, everything else seemed perfect. Maybe that's why people hate me, because I always used to be happy and they can't take seeing one soul enjoying life. I kicked loose litter that seemed to have come from the canteen, counting down the minutes to the bell in my head. Three...two...one. Freedom. I let out the breath that I didn't even know I was anxiously holding in, pulling my parka coat on and quickly heading towards the exit, head hung low. The air was bitter, hitting my exposed hands and face like piercing daggers. I looked up through the icy winds towards a group of girls from the year above me. I recognised them instantly, the divas of the school. Lindsay, the leader of the gang was looking almost identical to Regina George, in her tiny pink skirt and rather exposing top. I didn't know how she could wear something like that in the middle of one of the most harshest winters of the decade. Idiot.
They were all gathering around a shiny object, sqealing and clapping.
"ohmygosh, he's SOOO hot!!" Sadie shrieked dramatically, putting a hand over her heart and swooning. Jesus, boy obsession or what?
I rolled my eyes as I walked past them, hearing a lot of things they wanted to do to him that I really hadn't wanted to hear. I sighed, stepping onto the school bus and shaking the light snow from my wavy brown hair. I showed the driver my pass before making my way to the back, finding only five deserted seats. I sat down awkwardly next to Ralph, also known as the school 'creep' other than me, of course. He wasn't actually that bad, maybe a little boastful, but oh well? At least he gets good grades and succeeds in a lot of things. I mentally face palmed as Lindsay and Sadie sashayed onto the bus, earning countless wolf whistles from the jocks. Lindsay smirked, flipping her hair over her shoulder and making her way to the back. She hesitated before sitting in front if me, taking the window seat. I tried to ignore them both during the irritating bus journey, but I couldn't help but peek at their phones to see who this "blue-eyed hottie' was. He actually looked...kind of cute. Wait, what? No he doesn't! No matter how striking those blue eyes are, how adorable that dimplke is, how hot his lip ring-shut up shut up shut up! You are not going to fancy a guy that has anything to do with Lindsay Gillan or Sadie Jones, no matter how irresistible he looks. I blushed to myslef, staring out the snow coated window, smiling slightly. Snap out of it! I shook my head, standing up and staggering down the bus as it screeched to a halt at my bus stop. I thanked the driver, pulling my hood up and stepping out into the even more strong and heavy snow. I trudged through the heaps, keeping my head low too avoid being hit in the face or swallowing mouth falls of snow. Yum, not. I peered through my eyelashes, meeting a pair of oddly familiar blue eyes. I furrower my eyebrows as he turned awsag, making his way across the busy road quickly. I shrugged it off, opening mg gate and making my way up the driveway. I knew that I had seen those eyes, but I couldn't quite remember where. It felt quite recent that I'd seen or heard of them, but many people had blue eyes. It wasn't the 'blue-eyed hottie' Lindsay and Sadie were talking about...right?

a/n sorry its so rubbish :( its quite late so I'm sorry if it makes no sense or the spelling is bad lol



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