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Michael Fanfic (AU)


Amelia walked through the yard with her brother, Ashton, looking around nervously at all the new people. She was pretty annoyed that they'd had to pack up and leave England, to move to the other side of the world because her parents wanted a change. They'd decided they were sick of living in England, and wanted to move back to Australia. Ashton was ecstatic about this, knowing he'd get to see his old friends again after so many years. Amelia, on the other hand, wasn't so thrilled. The family had moved when she was about four, meaning she didn't actually know anyone here. Ashton, being two years older than her, was being reunited with his old mates, whom he'd kept contact with. He had people to hang out with, and friends to spend his weekends with. All Amelia ever really knew was England, so she wasn't looking forward to this at all. Plus, she looked different to everyone over here, her pale skin being the main contrast. She could feel eyes on her, whispers scattering around the yard as she walked with her head down, biting her lip ring nervously.

"C'mon Millie," Ashton soothed, placing a hand on her back to guide her. Lucky for him, his Australian accent had stuck, so he'd fit straight in, but she had a very strong British accent, which meant a lot of awkwardness was bound to come.

They headed through the main doors and to the reception, Ashton clearing his throat to get the attention of the pretty young Secretary. She blushed, before stuttering out a,

"Can I help you?"

Ashton smirked, making the Secretary, who's nametag read 'Jenna', blush furiously again.

"Yeah, we're starting here today, and we need our schedules," he smiled, clearly flirting with her.

Jenna looked around her desk, eyes lighting up when she found what they needed.

"Uhh, Ashton and Amelia? Here you go, will you need any assistance finding your away around?" She asked sweetly.

"That's okay thanks, my mates are gonna show us around, but I'll be sure to come find you if I need anything." Ashton winked, taking the papers from her hands allowing their fingers to brush, before leading Amelia away to look at their schedules. "When the boys get here, I'll get them to take you to your room."

"No it's okay, I don't wanna be a burden. I'll find my way. See you later," Amelia smiled softly, touching his bicep before heading in the direction she hoped her class was in. She always felt like an inconvenience, instead opting to struggle by herself so no one would have to deal with her awkwardness. Ashton sighed, watching his sister slowly walk away, head down to the floor. He couldn't help but worry about her. They used to be so close, but recently she'd stopped talking to him. They still talked yeah, but not about half as much as they used to. She used to go to him for everything, any troubles she had with school, boys, girls, anything, and he was always there. He couldn't stress to her enough that he was there, but she still didn't talk to him. He couldn't control his worrying, and hoped that his mates would help reassure him that she'd be fine, and that they'd look out for her. A loud shout from across the hall caught his attention.

"Ashton!" Luke bellowed, running and tackling him in a bear hug, laughing as he ruffled his hair.

The other two boys approached in a more calm manner, laughing and exchanging a handshake with Ashton. Luke and Ashton's parents were very good friends, so they were brought up together. Despite the distance they still talked, not allowing their friendship to break. He recognized Calum, but couldn't recall ever seeing the other boy. He reminded Ashton of his sister, pale skin and dyed hair with his eyebrow pierced. He smiled at Ashton.
"Hey man, I'm Michael," he said, and Ashton nodded. He seemed nice enough, so he felt comfortable letting Amelia hang with them til she came out of her shell.
They started heading in the direction of their registration room, thankfully all in the same one. They all made casual conversation, Ashton's mind wandering away from his sister.


Amelia sat in the back corner of the room, eyes focused on her time table. There were only a few people in the room, and they paid no attention to her. She tapped her foot along to the music that played through her earphones, slightly relaxing as the sound of The Smiths travelled through her ears. She pulled her long, lilac hair out of the ponytail, allowing the waves to fall down her back. Too soon for her liking, the sound of the bell grabbed her attention. She pulled her earbuds out wrapping them around her phone and sliding it into her bag. She exhaled deeply, her stomach somersaulting with nerves. The class piled in, sitting in their seats having not noticed her, until someone headed to the back of the class. This boy stood before her, looking at her curiously. She glanced up, furrowing her pierced eyebrow at him, nibbling on her lip ring.

"You're the new girl, right?" He asked, sliding into the seat next to her.

"Uh, yeah, yeah," she muttered. He smiled at her.

"I'm Tyler." He held out his hand.

"Amelia." Her small hand shook his, and she wondered why he was actually taking notice of her.

"Tyler, stop hassling the new girl," a girl warned from the front, heading towards Amelia and Tyler, sitting in the row in front of them. "I'm Lola. Tyler, shouldn't you be with Grace?"

Tyler rolled his eyes, picking up his bag and slumping off to the front.

"Sorry about him, he likes to prey on new girls and I'd rather him not fuck with you. Your Ash's sister, right?"

"Yeah, do you know him?" Amelia asked.

"My brother's mates with him, Luke?"

"Ahh yeah, I know, it's all Ash has talked about since arriving here," she giggled.

"Can I see your schedule?" Lola asked, looking at the paper beneath Amelia's hands. Amelia nodded, sliding it over to her. "We have biology, health and social and maths together. I'll show you around if you want?"

Amelia went to turn down her offer but realised she could use a hand getting the hang of things.

"Thank you," she smiled.


Lunch time rolled around quickly, and Amelia was very thankful, as she had no more lessons after lunch. She was so glad she could just go home, change into bum clothes and probably nap before binging on Netflix. She headed to the cafeteria, immediately seeing her brother and walking straight towards him.

"Hey Mills," he smiled, shuffling over so she could sit next to him. She took her rucksack off, placing it on the table before sitting down, keeping her head facing the floor. She slowly glanced up, tucking her hair behind her ears and she looked at everyone sat at the table. Ashton began introducing everyone.

"This is Luke, that's Calum, and that's Michael," he started, pointing at them to make sure Amelia knew who was who. They all smiled at her, except Michael, who looked at her with hard eyes. She felt uncomfortable under his glare, so she turned towards Ashton more.

"Do you have any more lessons?" She asked, hoping his answer would be no.

"Uh yeah, I'm in til the end of today."

"Ugh bollocks," she whined, retrieving laughs from all the boys.

"You're so British," Luke grinned, trying to imitate her accent. She giggled slightly, feeling more at ease with his joking. "Are you finished now?"

"Yeah, I'm done."

"Well Michael has finished for today, too. He can walk you home," Luke suggested, clearly not noticed how unhappy he seemed to be.

"Oh, no, it's fine. I'll find my way, it's cool," Amelia babbled, only to be silenced by her brothers finger on her lips.

"Mike, will you walk her home? She doesn't know her way around yet." Amelia rolled her eyes, Ashton's finger still silencing her.

"Yeah sure, no problem," he muttered, less than happy to have to spend much more time with Amelia. Of course, no one except Amelia noticed this. Ashton text Michael their address, and
Amelia sat quietly for the rest of lunch. When the bell rang, she tried to get up and sneak away, only to be stopped by a hand on her arm.

"You're walking with Michael, end of. I'm not letting you walk alone," Ashton stated firmly. She rolled her eyes at his over-protection, but nodded nonetheless, waiting for Michael to father his things. With a half hug to Ashton, they began parting ways. Amelia fiddled with the frayed edges of her jean shorts nervously, wanting to arrive at her house quicker than ever.

The walk was silent, the only sound being the rustling of the numerous bracelets adorning Michael's wrist. It was too awkward, and Amelia desperately wanted Michael to say something to at least take the tense atmosphere that had surrounded them. Unfortunately, he stayed quiet until they reached her house.

"You gonna be alright?" He asked, seemingly disinterested in her reply, so she just shrugged.

"Sure," she muttered, turning around and and unlocking the door, shutting it almost instantly when she was inside. She leant against the door, exhaling deeply before looking through the window, seeing Michael still standing there. He kicked a stone across the path before setting off, head down and shoulders tense. What was his problem? She shook her head, going to grab a bottle of water before dragging her tired body upstairs. Once she was in her room, she kicked off her Dr. Marten's, wiggling her hips until her shorts pooled around her ankles and went to her wardrobe, picking out her ripped black skinnies and sliding them up her legs. She decided on going out on her skateboard before relaxing for the evening. She slipped her feet into her converse, tying them up tight before grabbing her board and jogging down the stairs.

Once she was outside and the door was locked, she put the key in her bra to keep it safe and started skating. She had no idea where she was going, but she knew that if she was lost she could just phone Ashton.

Skating was her release, it calmed her down and made her think logically. She always skated to school before her exams, finding them less stressful if she had her fix. It was Ashton who introduced her to skating, when she was about 10. He took her out on his board, helping her get the hang of it. That was one of the things they first properly bonded over. For her 11th birthday, Ashton bought her a skateboard, her own skateboard. She was so happy, and they went out together every evening skating. Although he stopped skating after a few years, she kept it up,
Amelia found herself heading towards a skate park, and she picked up her pace until she reached it, thankful it was near enough empty. She skated for a while, ignoring the burn-ache feeling in her thighs until she decided she needed a break. She sat on the floor, knees up to her chest as she closed her eyes and breathed deeply. She was enjoying the peacefulness until she heard footsteps coming her way.

"Didnt know you skated," Michael said, a cigarette hanging from his lips. At least, she thought it was a cigarette.

"Whats it got to do with you?" She questioned, narrowing her eyes. He repeated her gesture, crouching down so he was eye level with her. He took a long drag before blowing the smoke in her face. She realised that it wasn't just a cigarette, and raised her eyebrow.

"Well sweetheart, this is my skate park, and I don't like you being here."

Amelia stood up, leaning down and taking the half smoked joint from Michael's lips with her nimble fingers and placing them between her own.

"Shame you don't get to decide where I go," she bit back, winking as she skated away taking a long drag. She looked over her shoulder, clocking Michael's bewildered expression. He clearly hadn't expected her to be so bold, especially after how quiet she was earlier. But no one fucks with her skate time.


So yeah, this is chapter one of my first fanfic on here.

If there's any suggestions for the title or anything, let me know:)

I hope you enjoy x


Please update :)

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