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Michael Fanfic (AU)


Amelia yawned as she pushed the covers off her body, feeling the bed beneath her until she found her phone. She fumbled until she pressed the unlock button, sighing as she realised she'd have to get ready for school soon. Which would mean seeing Michael again, and that was the last thing she wanted. She didn't understand what his problem was, she hadn't done anything to make him not like her. He'd just immediately taken a disliking to her, for no apparent reason, and then to ambush her in the skate park? That was not on. She refused to let him belittle her. He could think again if he thought she was going to just hide herself away quietly. If there's anything she learnt from Ashton, it was to not let anyone fuck with you. She was not going to be bullied by her brothers mate.

She sat up, yawning again and running a hand through her hair, before standing up and heading to the bathroom. She looked in the mirror, picking up a cotton bud to clean her piercings before turning around to switch the shower on. She pulled her vest top over her head, hooking her thumbs under the waistband of her underwear and sliding them down her legs before stepping under the hot stream of water. A tiny yawn escaped her lips as she run her hands through her hair, dampening it. She watched as the water turned lilac as it pooled around her feet, and she giggled. She washed her hair and body before stepping out of the shower, turning it off and wrapping a towel around herself, brushing her teeth before heading back into her bedroom. She opened her wardrobe, pulling out a black skater skirt and a grey "The Clash" crop top, placing them on her bed. She dried herself, throwing the towel into the hamper by her door and sliding fresh underwear on, before placing her clothes for the day on too. She slipped her feet into black combat boots and sat in front of her dressing table, removing the towel turban from her head. Running a brush through her hair, she switched the hair dryer on and began drying her hair. Thankfully for her, she had thin hair so it didn't take more than 10 minutes to dry. She pushed her hair out of her eyes and started doing her makeup, which consisted of a thin layer of foundation, powder, a small amount of blush, winged eyeliner and mascara, with a hint of black eye-shadow. She chucked her leather backpack over her shoulder, grabbed her phone and headed downstairs. Ashton was sat at the breakfast bar, eating a slice of toast whilst tapping away furiously at his phone.

"Who're you texting?" She inquired, popping a grape into her mouth.

"The boys, they're meeting us here and we're all gonna walk together," he replied.

"Aw, how sweet," she laughed. "Who exactly are the boys?"

"Luke, Calum and Michael."

She groaned, rolling her eyes. Ashton raised an eyebrow inquisitively, and she just shrugged, eating more grapes.

"Amelia Isabelle Irwin you better tell me what’s going on-" he was cut off by the sound of the doorbell.

"I gotta get that," she laughed, running away to answer the door. Her laughter came to a halt when she opened the door and saw Michael standing there. He smirked, looking her up and down and she groaned.

“Looking good, Princess,” he smirked, winking at her.

“You’re foul,” she remarked, clenching her jaw as she let him pass her. His hand fell to her waist and she rolled her eyes as he whispered in her ear “You love it”, pushing his chest to move him away from her. Once he was out of her way, she grabbed her denim jacket off the coat hook and slipped it on, slinging her bag over her shoulder once again. Ashton and Michael walked to the door, and Amelia left first, followed by Michael, then Ashton after he locked the door. Just as they started walking down the pavement towards school, Luke and Calum caught up to them. Amelia stayed slightly ahead of the boys, wanting to stay unnoticed by them. Of course, that never happens.

“Hey,” she heard Luke mutter breathlessly as he jogged to catch up with her. “My sister said you guys talked yesterday, and that she’s going to show you around.”

“Yeah,” Amelia replied, pushing a few strands of her behind her ear. “But tell her not to worry about it, I’ll figure it all out, it’s cool.”

“Millie,” Luke stated firmly, placing a hand on her arm. “You’re not gonna wiggle yourself out of this. Ash has told me how you tend to refuse help, but with us around, you’re not gonna get out of this. We want to help you.”

Amelia sighed in defeat. “I guess you’re right, none of you are gonna let me refuse help. You’re all stubborn little shits, at least Ash has described you like that.” She let out a giggle and Luke smiled. He’d promised Ashton that he’d look out for Amelia as if she was Lola, and he’d protect her if Ashton couldn’t be there. They fell into a comfortable silence until they reached the school gates, and Amelia quickly managed to get away from the boys, not wanting to speak to Michael. She headed straight towards her registration class, and sat quietly in the back like she did yesterday. She was slightly disappointed when Lola didn’t walk in after the bell went, and she realised she had to find the English room by herself. She followed a group of people in her year, hoping at least one of them was in English with her. When she finally found the correct room, she was thankful it was only half full, meaning she could find a seat she wanted without being stuck next to people she didn’t know. The rest of the class poured in, the teacher following behind. He shut the door and turned to the class with a smile.

“Alright guys, settle down. Some of you already know me, but for those who don’t, I’m Mr Pearce. You’ll have me for half of your English lessons. I’ll be teaching you Literature, whilst Miss Grey will be teaching you Language. Today we’re just gonna go over the syllabus and I’ll hand out all the books you’ll need, after I’ve marked you all in.”

Amelia smiled, he seemed quite nice and laid back, and she was relatively good at English, so she knew she wouldn’t have a problem. He began calling out the class’ names, only to be cut off by the door slamming open.

“You’re late Mr Clifford,” Mr Pearce stated.

“Sorry Mr P, I had shit to do,” Michael laughed, walking towards the back of the classroom towards Amelia.

“Language, Michael,” he warned. “When are you gonna pass English?”

“Dunno,” Michael grunted, throwing himself in the seat next to Amelia, much to her dismay. Mr Pearce continued with the register and began handing out books.

“This year we’re going to study The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Color Purple by Alice Walker. The main element is how well you can compare the two novels. However, you’ll be the ones to decide what the comparison is going to be, after we’ve read both novels.”

Amelia was quite happy with the syllabus for the year. She’d read The Great Gatsby before, and had thoroughly enjoyed it. She knew she was going to enjoy these lessons, if it wasn’t for the fact Michael was there.

Michael groaned, letting his hands fall to his sides in annoyance.

“What’s your problem?” Amelia asked, although she didn’t really care. He was just irritating her.

“I’ve already done this syllabus,” he whined, and Amelia rolled her eyes.

“Well you should’ve passed two years ago then.”


When she finally got home, she headed straight upstairs to change into a pair of comfy shorts and her slippers before going back downstairs to make something to eat. She pulled out two slices of bread, and the sandwich fillings she particularly wanted and began making her sandwich. She heard the front door open and multiple male voices as the boys all piled in.

“Mills, are you here?” Ashton called through the house.

“Kitchen,” she shouted back, placing the knife in the sink. She took a bite of her sandwich as the boys all entered the kitchen. Ashton sent a mischievous smile her way before picking up the other half of her sandwich and eating it. She rolled her eyes, sticking her tongue out at him.

“We’re all gonna play on the X-Box, wanna join?” Ashton asked, silently pleading her to say yes. He didn’t like her being alone all the time.

“Sure,” she smiled softly. “Anyone want a drink?”

All the boys said yes before leaving her to go set up the games in the living room. She reached up to try and grab some glasses from the cabinet, but was unfortunately too short to reach.

“As much as I love seeing your arse stick out, it’s pitiful watching you not be able to reach, so move out of the way.”
Amelia groaned at the sound of Michael’s voice, stepping away so he could grab the glasses. She went to the fridge to grab the bottle of Coke and returned to the counter that Michael was leaning against, looking smug.

“Move,” she commanded. He was in the way of the glasses and quite frankly was pissing her off, merely with his presence.

“What do I get if I do?” he smirked. She stepped closer to him, standing on her toes so her face was near enough level with his. She leaned towards him, biting her lip before whispering,

“I won’t cut your bollocks off.”

She leaned back, thinking she had won but was taken by surprise when Michael grabbed her hips and backed her against the counter, leaning down to her ear.

“Don’t play me, Princess. You’ll regret it,” he breathed, smirking as she stood there blushing, hanging her head down. He reached his hands behind her, taking hold of the glasses and turning around to leave.

“Bring the Coke,” he ordered, laughing to himself.

She groaned, throwing her head back. This was going to be a lot harder than she thought, especially if Michael could turn her to jelly. She wasn’t expecting him to have this effect on her. But he clearly knew how to make her nervous, so she needed to up her game and reverse the roles, so he was the one getting nervous. Or at least, nervous enough to leave her alone.


this is chapter two and it kinda sucks and its short but yeah
let me know what you think pls x


Please update :)

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