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Michael Fanfic (AU)


"Party at mine this Friday," Luke spoke excitedly, eyes wide and shining like a child in a candy store, a huge grin on his face. "You both better be there."

"I'll definitely be there," Ashton smiled, looking at Amelia waiting for her answer.

"Uhh, I'm not sure," she said truthfully, shrugging her shoulders. She didn't fancy being surrounded by drunken teenagers acting ridiculous and being immature. She'd much rather chill at home with a bottle of red wine watching Gossip Girl. Unfortunately, that made her sound like a middle-aged women with no love life, so she refused to share that fact.

"Aw come on," Luke pouted, giving her puppy dog eyes. "Lola will be there."

"I don't know man, I'll think about it."

Seemingly not happy with her answer, the boys returned to their conversations without any other word and Amelia sat quietly, weighing the pros and cons of this party. I mean, she had an excuse to drink, and relax a bit after the first stressful week in school, and she'd feel less awkward and actually join in with party games and dancing. On the down side, Michael would be there. And he would no doubt be drinking, and that would make him even more irritating, and who wants to deal with that when they're trying to have a good time?

As if Michael could read her thoughts, he leaned in close from her side (much to her dismay he sat right next to her).

"Are you scared to go to the party because of me?" He smirked, his hand moving to behind her head to twirl her hair around his fingers, but his eyes were locked on the boys to be sure they didn't catch him.

"Pfft, why would I be scared of you?" She replied, looking at him innocently as she let her hand fall on to his lap, dangerously close to his crotch. This was wrong, so wrong. Her brother was right there, and they were in the middle of the school cafeteria, but she had established (after discussing her problem with Lola) that the only way to stop Michael being annoying, was to play him at his own game.

She looked up at him through her lashes, taking her bottom lip between her teeth before moving away from Michael, unlocking her phone to ignore him completely. He sat there, unable to comprehend how forward she was. Didn't Ashton say she was shy and awkward?


"I don't want to go," Amelia whined, looking at Lola with pleading eyes as they entered Lola's house. They knew the boys were in the basement, planning the party taking place in merely a few hours, so they decided to work out what they would be wearing.

"Tough, you're going," Lola ordered. "Now move your arse, we're gonna find you a killer outfit." Lola slapped Amelia's bum to usher her up the stairs. They entered her room, and Amelia dropped her bag and stood awkwardly, wondering what kind of outfit Lola had in mind. Wasting no time, Lola headed straight to her wardrobe and began searching through her clothes.

"Hmm, what colours look best on you?"

"Black, red, definitely not pink," she laughed. She heard Lola hum in deep concentration, pulling out dresses and throwing them on the bed. Once she was done, she turned around with her hands on her hips.

"We need you to look hot. I mean, you're already hot, but you need to look jaw droppingly hot. You need to turn heads."

Amelia just nodded, not used to receiving this much attention, or instructions for that much. She watched with intrigued eyes as Lola threw the different items of clothing around her room, until she let out an "aha" in achievement.

"You can wear this two-piece," she instructed, passing a black lace long sleeve crop top and pencil skirt to Amelia. She nodded, turning around to remove her current clothing and slip on the new clothes. When she turned back around, she saw Lola adjusting the royal blue strapless dress around her boobs. She immediately felt insecure, Lola had the best figure. It wasn't like she had a bad figure, she just wasn't as curvy. She quickly shook her head; she needed to stay focused on looking good.

"Can I still wear my Vans though?" Amelia asked, not wanting to struggle in heels all night.

"Of course," Lola laughed. "I'm wearing my Converse so it's cool. Now, take a seat, I have a plan."

Amelia had never been pampered before, and she hated to admit it, but it was nice. Lola curled her hair, before pulling it back into a messy ponytail, with a few stray bits hanging down. Amelia agreed to let Lola do her make-up purely because the only makeup she could master was the grunge style, and decided she wanted to try something different. So when she looked in the mirror after Lola had finished with her, she was pleasantly surprised to see a nice purple Smokey eye with a dark red lipstick. Her cheekbones looked prominent and her lips looked full, she felt good about herself. Lola straightened her own hair until her full fringe and shoulder length hair was pin-straight, and she had blue Smokey eye makeup to match her dress with a nude lipstick. Amelia glanced at her phone to see the time, smiling when she realised there was still 45 minutes until people started arriving.

Lola jumped up from her seat on her bed to the mini fridge in her room, pulling out a bottle of wine for the two of them to share in the meantime. They could hear the music playing downstairs, the bass vibrating through the floor, as they started drinking from the bottle.

"So do you like Michael then?" Lola asked, looking at Amelia.

"Not at all," she laughed, taking a huge gulp from the bottle and passing it back to her already slightly tipsy friend. "He's like incredibly rude."

"But you have to admit he's fit, right?"

"He is pretty fit, but his personality sucks."

"But he has a charm that makes girls fall to their knees for him, and if you get in too deep, well, you're screwed," Lola laughed. "Oh! I love this song, let's go downstairs!"

With the bottle in one hand and Amelia's hand in her other, she began dragging Amelia downstairs to where the house was already pretty packed.

"I'm gonna go dance, wanna join?"

"I'm gonna go find my brother," Amelia replied.

"Okay, have fun!"

Planting a kiss to Amelia's cheek, Lola disappeared into the mass of dancing bodies leaving Amelia to laugh, heading into the kitchen. She saw Luke and Ashton talking, and she headed over to them, wrapping an arm around their shoulders when she reached them.

"Hey Mills," Luke grinned, his eyes glassy. She detected a slight slur as he spoke, and she assumed he'd been drinking since they arrived at his house. "You look, wow."

"Hey, keep your eyes off her," Ashton warned, flicking Luke's forehead. The childish grin on his face showed that he wasn't serious. Ashton knew Luke would never do anything like that with Amelia, they were too close, and Luke honestly felt like her big brother, too. He was there when she was born, and Ashton always talked to Luke when he was worried about her, so Luke felt like he was closer to her than he actually was.

They conversed for a while, Amelia dancing slightly as she drank a beer. She was disappointed when someone called the boys away but continued to sway her hips. Her eyes fluttered shut as she lost herself in the beat, until she felt a presence behind her.

"Princess," that all too familiar voice purred, hands finding her hips straight away. "You look so hot right now."

Amelia ignored him, instead opting to move her hips more against him, a smirk landing upon her face when she heard him groan.

"You're torturing me," he whispered in her ear, spinning her around to face him. When he saw the smirk on her face he furrowed his eyebrows, was she doing this on purpose? She let out a flirty laugh, and Michael frowned, grabbing her hand and dragging her outside. The cold air hit her face and before she had time to comprehend what was going on, her back hit the wall and Michael towered over her. He watched intently as she swallowed harshly, eyes dropping down to the floor. His signature smirk was instantly back.

"Do I make you nervous?" He purred, leaning in closer.

"N-no," she stuttered, not meeting his gaze in worry that her eyes would give her away.

"Look at me."

She shook her head, bringing her arms up to cover her chest when his hands caught hers, holding them above her head. She looked up, and wanted to slap herself. She wasn't supposed to be the nervous one here.

Michael held her arms with one hand, moving the other to trail his fingers lightly across her exposed stomach. She breathed in sharply, not knowing how to get out of this situation. And Michael knew that. He leant down so his lips were inches away from her, and her own lips fell open slightly, her eyes wide as she struggled against his grip.

"Do you want me to kiss you?" He asked, his warm breath fanning her lips. She knew she should say no, but being in this situation made her want to say yes. His hand moved down to her thighs and he gripped them, placing his knee between her legs to move them apart. "Say it."

"Say what?" She mumbled, her breathing falling heavier by the second.

"Tell me you want me to kiss you. Tell me you want me."

She stayed quiet. She knew this was a mistake. Such a big mistake. But having Michael so close to her, she was losing all her rationality. In this moment, she wanted him, and that was all that mattered.

"I want you," she whispered, looking into his green eyes. He smirked, leaning in and closing the gap so their lips were attached, but only slightly.

"I knew you wanted me," he whispered against her lips, dropping his left eyelid into a wink before standing back and walking away. Amelia stood frozen, breathing heavily with eyes wide. She turned her head to look at him as he left her, only to notice him adjusting his skinny jeans around his crotch.


"Lola," Amelia said as she got back into the lounge. Lola turned around and noticed Amelia's desperate expression. She excused herself from the guy she was dancing with and they both walked silently to the kitchen.

"What happened?" She asked, assuming the worst.

"Michael happened. He cornered me. He made me say that I wanted him, he's won," she rushed out. Lola stared at the girl; she thought that Amelia would be able to handle Michael. They had to up their game. Lola noticed Michael looking at Amelia with a smirk, and an idea popped into her head.

"He's staring at you, I have an idea."

"What?" Amelia asked, looking somewhat more hopeful. Lola's eyes said 'just go with it' as she leaned in. Amelia gulped. She'd never made out with a girl before. But this was to play Michael, so she looked directly at him before closing the gap between them. Their lips met and Michael's jaw dropped as he repeatedly hit Calum's arm.

"Look," he managed to say, pointing in their direction. Calum looked and his eyes widened to see Lola backing Amelia into the counter with Amelia's hands in her hair. Michael couldn't look away. Lola was undoubtedly pretty, and Amelia was gorgeous, and this was doing things to him. Things he knew would surely make things difficult for him. The boys watched intently as Lola pulled away, moving to Amelia's neck. They couldn't believe this. Although what they couldn't see was Lola just simply resting her head on Amelia's shoulder, laughing at the boys. Amelia let her head fall back before looking at Michael, sending a wink his way like he had done to her mere minutes ago. He stood with eyes wide, biting his lip and Amelia knew she had him where she wanted him. She pushed Lola away slightly, grinning at her before heading over to Michael and Calum. Lola laughed, going back into the living room to continue dancing.

"Quite drooling, you'll make a mess," Amelia smirked at Michael, watching as his eyes trailed up and down her body in complete awe. He soon regained his posture, sending his all too familiar smirk in her direction.

"Maybe you could help me clean myself up?" He questioned, biting his lip again. She grabbed his hand, grinning happily at Calum before dragging Michael upstairs. They stumbled into the bathroom and Amelia pushed him against the sink, trailing her hand from his shoulder to his thigh before letting out a laugh.

"What's funny?" He asked, furrowing his eyebrows.

"How easy it is to fuck with you," she giggled, turning around and leaving, slamming the door behind her.

"You're such a bitch!" She heard Michael shout from the inside, hitting the door. She laughed and headed downstairs, continuing to drink and dance to her heart’s content.


i was writing this chapter and it ended up being super long so i split it in half and yeah, here's the first half

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