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Chapter One: The Freecard

The sun shined bright into my eyes and my lids couldn’t bear but flicker open. I squinted at the light blinding me in the eyes. I turned my back flat out onto the bed and blinked a few times at the ceiling.

What in the world did I do last night? I asked myself. I don’t think I remember a thing.
I then heard a deep snore quake from beside me.

My heart was beating fast hoping that the situation I was in wasn’t real—and hoping that I was still in dream mode. And that wasn’t a boy beside me, or anyone beside me. And That I was alone in my bed, sleeping in my hotel room in London.

My eyes slowly trailed down across the sheets as I braced myself. As I turned my head I then realized I was face to face with Calum. Fucking. Hood.


“Shit shit shit!” I ran towards my gate at the airport, dragging my carryon behind me. I quickly pulled out my passport and then I boarded onto my flight to London England.

This was my first time traveling alone. I wanted to travel a bit before I head back to university in the fall, just so I can explore a little bit of life before I can head back to studying my brains out.
I was planning on meeting my cousin Tori in London once I Land. She is going to be my travel buddy for the next two weeks and I can’t wait to see her! I haven’t seen the girl ever since she moved to New York to study Business which was about two years ago.

I prepared myself for the long flight by plugging in my head phones into my phone and turning up the volume to the new 5 seconds of summer Live CD that I adored.
Five seconds of summer wasn’t just any band to me, they were my idols, and my going to be lovers. However, the lover part did have to hold up. That’s because I do have a boyfriend back home that I do love and adore. His name is Andrew. My cute dark haired dimpled cheeked boyfriend that I have been dating for almost two years now, I admit it was a bummer he couldn’t come but what can you do right?
However me being the crazy fangirl that I am synced up the dates of our trip in London to sync up with the 5sos concerts there aswell…being hopeful to catch a glimpse of them. Honestly, I’d do anything. Eventually my boyfriend sorta caught onto my little scheme and of course he was concerned because he really did love me, and didn’t want to lose me to the four guys that ive been obsessing with for over a year. I mean I cant help it, 5sos was my guilty pleasure, and of course I didn’t actually take my love for them seriously because I knew I wouldn’t actually ever get into a relationship with any of them.

So me and Andrew made an agreement that if we ever met our celebrity crush we can get a free card. Of course his was Jennifer Lawrence and mine was Any of the 5 seconds of summer members, however there were constrictions. 1) the free card can only allow you to one make out session and 2) no sex on any circumstances (because that’s just for us two) And so we agreed on those two terms.

I found it silly that Andrew would think I was that desperate to be with 5sos that I would throw myself to them and have sex without questions, knowing that I do love Andrew. However, I guess I sorta feel where he is coming from, and I want to respect that.
Mid way through the Album my eyes started to close on their own, and I didn’t bother to do anything about them. I let Luke Hemming’s voice sing me to sleep.

I wasn’t sure how long I was sleeping for but by the time I woke up it was just me on the plane. I looked around in a panic, and nobody was in any of their seats. I then saw one of the Flight attendents spot me from down the isle, shaking her head with a smile.

“miss, you have arrived in Heathrow Airport, Come along, youre the last passenger.” She said to me in the most nicest tone.
I looked at her blankly for a moment, then realized that I need to get up now.

“oh! Im so sorry, let me just grab my bags and ill set off” I quickly shot up, “ouch!” I hit my head on one of the lights, I forgot how low the ceilings were on a plane

“watch where your going” the Lady laughed and I smiled back.
My carryon rolled behind me as I checked out of customs and set out to meet up with Tori.

“Julie!” I heard a familure voice shout my name
I turned where the voice was coming from and I could see my cousins bright eyes glow with joy. I quickly responded and ran into her arms.

“im so happy to see you! Were in London, together, can you believe it!” I grabbed her shoulders and shook her in disbelief
She chuckled and grinned widely, “boy, it’s been way to long. This is crazy, I can’t believe were here together aswell. This is freaking crazy…I can’t process everything at once!” She exclaimed

“boy, do we have a lot of catching up to do…” I let go of her and lifted my luggage off of the floor

“we can do that on the way to the hotel. I already got us a taxi, cmon!” she waved her hand for me to follow her and off we went.
We got to our hotel and it was great, this was going to be the one night we didn’t plan to stay in a hostel.

“So since our flights pretty much took our day already, what would you like to do tonight?” I pulled my luggage into our room

“we can roam the city? Maybe find a good local bar and get some cheap drinks” she suggested

“sounds like a plan” I smiled. But oh no, this wasn’t any smile it was a evil genius smile, becauase this will be not only hunting for good pubs, but hunting for 5seconds of summer…

“so I heard that new band five seconds of summer is in London too” Tori said as she walked out of the washroom in a towel, still dripping wet from showering

“haha, yea… I listen to them here and there” I tried to play it cool, but inside I despretly needed another girl to fangirl with.

“oh really?” Tori raised a brow at me. I saw her questionable face through the reflection in the mirror while I was doing my make up for tonight

“why…is that a bad thing?” I turned around to look at her

“oh nothing… its just that I don’t think you listen to them ‘here and there’” shec crossed her arms
I sighed, knowing what was going on, “did Andrew tell you all about this?” I fiddled with the ends of my hair

“he told me everything.” She shook her head and laughed, “He’s actually really worried about it, or atleast that what he says. But from what I see, he’s just terribly jealous” She said

“well, I guess I cant blame him. I mean we love each other…and Ashton, Luke, Cal, and Michael are pretty hot and talented” I put my hand on my hip, “when did he tell you this anyways??”

“when we were planning our trip on skype and you went for a washroom break. He quickly spilled the beans on your obsession and showed me your shrine of them in your closet”

“Fucking Andrew! He knows that shrine is a secret..” I cursed under my breath

“well anyways babe, no cheating on Andrew!”

“Clearly he doesn’t trust me” I rolled my eyes and resumed to my makeup.
I admit, I was pretty pissed off. And The fact that Andrew didn’t seem to trust me on our agreement made me want actually want to break rule number two. It sounds horrible, but he should trust me.

“Anyways Julie, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about all this before. To be honest it didn’t occur to me until right now”

“oh its fine Tori, let’s just get ready and head out”


“I know that im definitely not going to survive the night in these” I commented about my soon to be painful heels

“oh don’t worry, theyre still cute” she patted my back as we walked down the dark streets on London. The architecture was so beautiful that I honestly didn’t even care to look where I was going, my eyes were so busy looking at the spaces around us.

“The place ahead looks pretty packed” Torie said, pointing what looked like a club.

“you want to check it out?” I asked

She shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know. it seems, like, super busy…lets see how the Line up is” Tori started to walk towards the entrance and what I saw took my breath away

“holy fuck, no way will we ever get into here…” I shouted to Tori as the Music from the inside was loud enough to be heard outside

She shook her head, “yea…I don’t think theirs hope for us in this place”

Then something very unexpected happened.

As myself and Tori stood near the entrance, looking in awe at the line up that wrapped around the building, to our surprise a silver audi whipped up beside us, onto the curb. To our unfortunate surprise there was a rather big pool of water that resided where the car drove through and pretty much soaked the two of us in the faces.

“are you fucking kidding me!” I cursed at the sky. I could feel the embarrassment start to grow as I felt pairs of eyes from everywhere.

“youre such a jerk!” Tori Shouted at the Silver sports car

“woah waoh there little lady” One of the bouncers took both of us by the arm, “don’t talk to Mr. James like that”

“are you a fucking idiot? Did you just see what happened, were both drenched in dinosaur pee!” I shook my arm out of the bouncers hand

“its okay Randal, you can let go of the ladies” A man in sleek Navy suit stood before us. I’m assuming he was James

“do you care to apologize?” Tori asked James

“I’m very sorry ladies, I should be more careful where I parked. How about you too join me in the VIP section inside, just to show how terribly sorry I am to wreck your beautiful clothes” James said in his fancy British accent.

“we will be happy to join you” Torie responded and linked onto Jame’s arm that he was giving us

“wait, wait…but I look like a wreck, I cant go inside lookimg like this” I lifted my dress a bit

“don’t worry little lady, it’s a club. Everybody is sweaty in there anyways” James smiled and I have to say, he wasn’t lying…its so hot in sweaty and dark in clubs anyways.
I shrugged and followed Tori and James inside.

The Music was thumping into my ears so loudly I couldn’t even hear my own thoughts. Everywhere my eyes looked I either saw a pole dancer or somebody getting it on. It was pretty dark inside the venue, and I was afraid I was going to lose James and my cousin who looked to be heading upstairs.

I locked my eyes on the back of James shiny slicked blonde hair head and went towards every step they took, eventually leading us to another level of the Club where their was another bouncer waiting to let us in.

The tall bouncer started to smile when James arrived, “James my man!” they gave each other a bro handshake

“hey B-man, stamp these two wonderful ladies and let them in as VIP” James patted his back
I looked at James in awe. I finally got a good look at the young fellow. His face was sharp and his slicked back hair made him look older. But he didn’t look bad in the suit he wore, His figure was tall and slim, but filled in the right places. He definetly looked like he could be a model.

“whooo are you?” I asked James

“You can.. sort of say I own this Club” he chimed in his heavy British accent

“wait! Hold up, you own this” Tori pointed at the floor

“sure do” he winked at her then whispered something into her ear.
I gave them the eye as Tori giggled and nodded what the fuck is he telling her…?

“well anyways, I’ll see you Later Tori, go on girls…. Have some fun”
And from there we got stamped and headed into a more spacious, yet still crowded area… but at least somewhere im not squeezed in between two butts all the time

“This place is freaking amazing!” Tori smiled and started to dance to the beat

“James is freaking amazing” I raised my hands and started dancing as well
A few songs went by and then I realized we haven’t drank any beverages yet…what the hell?

“Hey! Lets go take a couple of shots and get our buzz on” I shouted into Tori’s ear

“Sounds like a plan”

We weaved our way through the sea of bodies and arrived at the bar, and from there I quickly lost count on how many shots me and Tori took.

After an hour or so being buzzed was already screwed over, I was hella drunk and didn’t know in hell where Tori went. I already lost her.
But on the other hand, good thing I was drunk because If I wasn’t, boy would I not be alone. I would probably be walking back to my hotel and wait there till Tori shoots me some sort of message or hint of where she is.

I started dancing in the middle of the tiled floor, flaring my arms here and there and swaying my hips left to right. Then I instantly stopped. A pair of hands clasped down onto the sides of my waist and there I froze.

“Cmon baby, keep on dancing!” I voice shouted into my ear an I could feel the hands try to
move my hips side to side against whoever’s groin was on my behind.
I honestly felt like this guy was trying to move a brick, because of how frozen I was.
Even though I was drunk I still had Andrew in the back of my mind, keeping my sexual tendencies tame.

Although I still had my mind working, my body wasn’t functioning the way I wanted it to. I weakly took the strangers hands away from my waist and turned around to see how ugly this guy was going to be compared to my Cutie pie back home, Andrew.

Unfortunately this stranger wasn’t at all ugly, in fact he was light-years away from ever being ugly.

“C-C-Calum?” I almost choked on my mini barf that came up my throat. The tall, Aussie looked at me with his brown smiling eyes.

“Yeappp, datsssaaa me!” he then placed his hands back onto my waist and started moving me back and forth, and as he did I still looked like a brick being moved back and forth due to the total shock I was having.

One of the biggest crushes I ever had in my whole life is dancing with me. This is the best night of my life, I sincerely hope I do remember it. Dammit Julie! Why did you have so many shots. So so so soooo stupid!

“hey whats with the stiffness. You were grooven it real nice before” Calum pushed my sides a bit more

I shook my head, man I gotta show him my moves! I quickly resumed back to dancing more freely.

I wasn’t so worried about dancing with calum…I do have a free card, the most harm I can do it kiss him. And that’s alright, because that follows rule number one.

I turned around and wrapped my hands on his nape and continued to dance.

“You smell wonderful” He shouted into my ear. I could smell the scent of alchole linger in his sentence. Calum Definiently had plenty to drink aswell that night, by the way he danced and slurred his words he was definetly drunk. And sadly, I don’t think he would ever remember me.

“well, thank you” I smiled and pushed his head deeper into my neck.
I closed my eyes and laid my head back onto his shoulder. Then a bolt of electricity shot though me as I felt a pair of lips hit the skin of my neck ever so gently. Calum playfully kissed my neck, and around my ear, giving me mini heart attacks with every plant.

At this point whatever spell Calum poisoned me with his neck kissing made me go insane and once he reached the bottom of my chin I swiftly took my hand into his cheek and sent his lips crashing into mine.
His warm tongue pressed against my lips, asking for access and I welcomingly let him explore inside. Up and over was the movements of his tongue. I breathed heavily through my nostrils as Calum didn’t let go of my lips for me to breath. He strongly pressed my body closer to him as my butt rubbed against his hard groin placed between them. I could feel him growing against me, and each time he bit my lip made me want him even more and more.

“wow” I finally exhaled out my mouth

I felt Calum’s wet, swollen lips rub against my ear, “how about we head onto one of the couches?” he traced my navel with his fingers. I could feel him form a smile against my blushing cheeks.
I licked my lips and nodded.


Hello lovlies, its me, Zombiexx and ive written up another story. i was so excited to publish it that i got lazy with finding characters haha. hope you guys enjoy! let me know what you guys think aswell!


aweee, haha im glad im not alone. you have no idea how mad at myself i was when i realized what i did! and i just updated :)) and thank you for the support!!

zombiexx1 zombiexx1

hahaha sound like something I would do!! anyway I'll subscribe to your stories when they come out :D

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hey guys so this is zombiexx communicating through my new Zombiexx1 account. being the idiot that i am i locked myself out of my old account because i forgot to switch my account off google and now i cant log back into it. So ill be updating on this new account (Zombiexx1) with both of my stories! im sorry if this is a hassle for you guys :(.


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Me has me has! :) sorry for the wait, I'll be updating quickly next week when I'm done school! Hopefully you guys stick with me haha. And thank you :))

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please update soon!! this is amazing!!!

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