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FreeCard (Continues from last account)

Chapter 7: Calum the sorta cheesy, not really, romantic

“Who’s there...?" Michael groaned from the couch

"It's-" I was about to answer Michael, but then Calum butted in. pushing right pass me and towards the couch.

"What the hell? You’re supposed to be ready to go an hour ago!" Calum confronted Michael who was still lying down.

"Awe shit! Fuck, I totally forgot to set up my alarm!" Michael scratched the back of his head frantically and stood up

"I bet you forgot to set up an alarm because you were fucking around with Julie last night" Calum spit

Michael looked at him with a questioning glare. I quickly reacted to Calum's words and walked right up to him.

"Honestly, what the hell? Don’t make such drastic assumptions about last night. I'm telling you now, we didn’t fuck or anything." I expound furiously. I absolutely hated the way Calum was reacting to the whole situation. He never stopped to question; he just jumped to the quickest conclusion.

"Calum, I know it looks bad. But I know you two have something....I mean why would you introduce us to her in the first place right? I’m your bro, I won’t do anything so rash like that" Michael patted Calum’s back

"it’s hard to believe you when she’s wearing your fucking shirt man" Calum itched his neck

"trust me, nothing went on Calum" I spoke

"hell. I barely even know you" he shook his head at me

"isn’t that why we are talking? To ‘get to know each other, isn’t that what you wanted?"


There was a brief silence in the room until Michael broke the ice, "dudes’ we literally have 20 minutes before time. I need to get ready"

"Okay" I nodded at Michael then turned to Calum, "want to talk in the hall?"

"Yea, sure" he shrugged.

I followed him out in front of the door to my hotel room and we faced each other.

"Alright, so tell me why you were in Michael’s room last night? I thought you were going to talk to Tori?"

"I know I know...it’s just… last night Tori was doing it with some guy in my bed and I walked out. So I didn’t get to talk to her. Michael stepped out of his room right across from me and he let me sleep there. He just lent me a shirt to wear to sleep....I'm really not trying to fuck anyone. After you and what happened... I’m really trying to avoid having sex..." I bit my lip nervously.

"You promise me that is what happened?"

"Yes Calum! Ask Michael for goodness sake. ”I stressfully ran my fingers through my hair.When is he going to let up?

”Alright...well message me when you know if you can stay or not....I’ve got to go"

"okay" I nodded, "have fun"

Calum gave me a weak smile, turning around and walking away. Just when Cals figure dissipated from my view Michael popped up beside me, huffing and puffing like he just finished a run.

"Did Calum leave?" Michael panted, and closed his door behind him

"yea, he just left. Oh, before you leave, can you explain to Calum again what happened. I don’t think he is taking my word seriously. He's sort of acting doubtful towards me"

"yea. Don’t worry about it Julie, I’ll re-explain to him once more. Although I doubt it would make a difference."

"Oh... well if it’s a waste of time, than you don’t have too" I sighed

"don’t fret man" he put a hand on my shoulder. "Cal's just being weird. I know it's only been a couple of days since you two met. But the fact that Cal has already introduced you to us, and he is being all frisky about seeing you with me, it has to mean something...”

"alright Michael...your right. I won’t hold you up now."

"Alright, thanks Julie. I'll catch you sometime?" He winked

"yea" I smiled and watched him leave as well.

It was nice of Michael to try and cheer me up about Calum. But what really sucked is that the only reason Calum was acting like that towards me is because he thinks he has gotten me pregnant...and it’s a bummer because how am I supposed to know if he is actually being sincerely nice, or he just thinks he as too...

"Julie!" Tori's voice chirped through the voice of my thoughts. "Why are you standing here in the hall way! We need to check out soon"

"hey! Don’t ask me why I'm standing in the hallway...and why I’m not ready. I know what you were doing last night...." I gave her a death glare

"oh stop it! I'm sorry Jules...did you see a lot..?" she bit her lip

"I saw enough man-butt to make me want to cry in a dark corner for weeks...you could’ve warned me or something"

"I'm sorry Jules...but you must’ve had a fun night yourself...taken by his shirt your wearing, Cal didn’t mind having you over" she winked

"fuck Cal!" I cursed, "This is Michael’s shirt. He lent it to me to sleep in while I roomed with him for the night. and we didn’t have sex fyi"

"gosh Julie, why are you so damn tense?" she rubbed my arm

I gave out a huge exhale, "I’m sorry you have to see me this way Tori, I'm just still so frustrated about everything."

"Awe girl, do you want to vent while we pack up our stuff in the room?"

"Oh yes, before we do that actually...Calum is offering to pay for hotel fee's if we stay in this hotel for our week stay in London"

"soooooo no hostel?"

"No, it’s up to you. I honestly don’t care. I’d probably still be hearing from him from anywhere"

"well let’s go back into our room and talk it all out, okay jules?"

I nodded and followed her into our hotel room, where I told her about what happened last night and this morning. And I listen to her explain how she met up with James the Club owner.


"boy was that fun!" I jumped onto the linen sheets of my hotel bed, finally catching a place to lie down and get some rest after a long day of touring

"sure was! I'll be right back I’m going to skype with my family down in the lobby. You catch some rest" Tori headed out the door again after dropping some of her items

just when the door closed the hotel phone beside my bed started to ring. I slowly reached over to answer it.

"Hello?" I spoke into it
"is this Julie?" I heard his Aussie accent ring through

"yea, Cal?"

"You betcha...umm I’m just calling in wondering if your cousin agreed to staying in the hotel"

"yea, she agreed. I explained everything to her."

"K, cool. I also wanted to ask if your busy tonight...maybe we can meet up and grab something to eat, and not in my hotel room this time"

"that would be nice" I smiled though the phone

"awesome! I’ll text you the address and I’ll see you in two hours or so?"

"See you them" I smiled though the phone and hung up.
Calum seemed like he was warming up to me again.


I stepped out of the cab nervously, looking to see if anybody was around, but nobody was. I double checked my phone to see if I had the right address. I was starting to get cold while I stood waiting alone in front of an old theatre in the dark of the night. I stepped closer to the entrance reading the hours of opening and seeing that was already closed for the day.
“Is this some sort of messed up joke Cal planned…” I said under my breath
“You think I’m cruel don’t you?”
I turned around to see the tall Calum Hood, digging his hands through the pockets of his skinny jeans.
"eerrrr….ummm….no” I blushed in embarrassment “but you do realize that if your plan was to watch a movie, the theater is closed"

"You really think I’m that much of an idiot… that hurts yah know" he put his hand on his chest looking 'offended'

"alright, so what do you have planned then?"

"Well, let’s go inside and you’ll see"

"but it says it’s closed" I furrowed my brows as him

"or is it??" he then walked up to the entrance and pulled open the door. "wahhhlaaa! magic" he winked at me

I couldn’t help but let a smile show…I blame his cheesiness. I stepped into the building and the lights suddenly turned on, brightly shining in my eyes.
“Follow me” he waved
“Are we here alone?” I questioned as he lead me to one of the theatres'

“Well sort of, there’s just one guy around who’s helping me out with this”

“Makes sense” I nodded

“I hope you’re okay with watching monsters Inc.” he took a seat

“I haven’t watched that in forever!” I exclaimed clapping my hands
“That’s great it was my favorite movie growing up! I’ll be right back, I’m going to grab us some popcorn and drinks—can’t watch a movie without it!”

“Alright” I quickly nodded my head and watched him leave

Boy, who knew Calum could be such a huge romantic….bringing me to a closed movie theater and watching his favorite childhood movie, which of course I knew before he told me. Even though I know I shouldn’t take this on romantically…it’s still sort of sweet.

“I’m back!” Calum walked back in and plopped himself beside me. “I hope one large popcorn could suffice both of us, I don’t know how much you eat…I mean not like I think you eat loads of stuff but I didn’t want to waste a bag you know…” he blabbered on

“No no its fine, thanks for the drink” I took the cup out of his hands

“You’re welcome” he smiled, “the movie will be starting any minute now” he pointed at the screen.

And there we sat side by side laughing and joking and crying throughout the movie, like two friends.


heres an update guys! sorry i havent been updating quickly as i promised :( but im just in a slump. xx


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