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He's Got Too Many Faces

Chapter 4 :)

Just as Antonio reaches Luke and his friends I use all my strength to push him to the other side of the hall. Luke, Ashton, Calum, and Michael all turn around with confused looks on there faces.
"Antonio, don't worry about it he's just a jerk. Just forget about it." He slowly nods.
When we get to our usual lunch table I notice its only Maite and Danielle.
"Where's Becka and Leo?" I ask
"Leo is probably sucking some girl's face and Becka I have no idea." Maite answers. Leonardo is known as the school's bad boy/player.
"Becka might show up later but Leo who knows." Says Danielle
" Did Vana tell you about what Luke Hemmings did to her?" Antonio asks
"No. What did he do?"
" Antonio I told you to just leave it it's no big deal. Im over it now." But the truth is that im still a bit mad about it.
We change topic to talk about band practice. Suddenly I feel a poke at each of my sides. I let out a small scream. I turn around to see Leo laughing.
"Leo! I thought you weren't coming to lunch today?" I say
"Why would you think that?"
"Well you were probably too busy with another victim." Says Antonio " Have you seen Becka?"
Lunch comes to an end and Becka never made an appearance.
I enter my last class which is Pottery & Sculpture and sit at my table. Everyone is soon in the classroom and class begins.
"Today we will be starting paper Mache dragons. You will to start the body of the dragon by using plastic bags, newspaper, wire, and, masking tape. After you finish the shape you will paper Mache after you will paint it. The groups you will be working with are posted on the wall"
I quickly go see who is in my group and I'm surprised to see one person in my group...


Sorry I haven't updated in so long but I finally got the chance to. I was writing this chapter kind of rushed since I had little time but I did it! I might edit it later. Thanks for reading and sorry for any mistakes :)
- Monse



MalumThePenguin MalumThePenguin

ohhhhhhh update

Omg this is awesome UPDATE pls

oo whats gonna happen next!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!

cake_Mashton cake_Mashton

WOW... can't wait to see what happens next :)

Beta_Cairrotine Beta_Cairrotine