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He's Got Too Many Faces

Chapter 5 :)

Michael Clifford.
"Well Nirvana, looks like we're in the group together" i hear someone say behind me.
I turn around to see Michael smiling widely.
"Yeah we are. Hayley and Meagan are too." I say sounding a bit annoyed.
"Nirvana, listen i know things aren't great between you & Luke but that doesn't mean we cant be friends." He runs his hand through his dark black hair. "I apologize about Luke being a fucking jerk but all he cares about is his image and i want you to know that im not like him. So please could we at least try to be friends?"
"Sure" I say. what could go wrong? Michael seems like a good guy.
He immediately smiles. "Great come on lets go sit."
We head over to the table where Hayley and Meagan are already sitting next to each other.
"Hi! Im a giraffe named Meagan!" Everyone loves Meagan because of her humor. They also tease Meagan because of how tall she is by calling her a giraffe. She doesnt mind because she knows everyone is just playing around.
I laugh at her introduction and i say " Im Nirvana."
Me and Michael sit down and see that Hayley who has been very quiet was drawing a plan for our dragon and is finished.
"Wow that is amazing!" Says Michael and Hayley blushes slightly. "Thanks"
It really is the dragon is very detailed and muscularwithh a pair of wings.
"Well we better get started!" Says Meagan


YAY update!!! My laptop broke yesterday so i had to write this on my phone. I got a call while half way of writing this and when i finished with the call everything was erased! I was so mad but anyway thanks for reading and sorry for any mistakes (which i bet there is a lot of) :)
- Monse



MalumThePenguin MalumThePenguin

ohhhhhhh update

Omg this is awesome UPDATE pls

oo whats gonna happen next!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!

cake_Mashton cake_Mashton

WOW... can't wait to see what happens next :)

Beta_Cairrotine Beta_Cairrotine