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He's Got Too Many Faces

Chapter 6 :)

I waited outside of the building for Antonio. In art class my group barley got anything done! All three Hayley, Michael and Meagan were making very perverted jokes. I didn't expect this kind of stuff from Hayley (she's a super good girl with straight A's) but I guess I didn't know her that well. I didn't get much work done either since I kept laughing at their jokes uncontrollably.

I saw Michael with Ashton and Calum. I guess Luke left already. Michael saw me looking his way and sent me a smile and a small wave. Both boys immediately turned around to see who he was waving at and started teasing him.

I turned back around and was attacked into a hug from Antonio. I patted his back and said "Okay Tonio I think that's enough hugging. What's up with all the hugging?"

I saw him quickly glaring behind me. " Nothing. Let's just get walking."

"So your birthday is in two weeks what are you planning to do?" He asks as we were walking.

"The same thing we do every year. Have a party in the middle of the neighborhood, invite everyone, cake, piƱata, get everyone drunk." Antonio chuckles. "Well you know it's true! Last time you and your brother had to drag your parents home!"

"True. But why make it so big. I don't think I remember one time the police hasn't came." He says

"Haven't you ever heard the phrase 'Go big or go home'? We try to avoid someone calling the police by just inviting everyone. But I swear every time we throw a party a cop is passing by!" I explain

" Well you could avoid the police by not making it so big."

We spend the rest of the walk arguing over the parties. But we were interrupted by someone clearing their throat. (we were already in front of the building)

"Nirvana, could I talk to you for a sec?" Luke asks




MalumThePenguin MalumThePenguin

ohhhhhhh update

Omg this is awesome UPDATE pls

oo whats gonna happen next!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!

cake_Mashton cake_Mashton

WOW... can't wait to see what happens next :)

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