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He's Got Too Many Faces

Chapter 7 :)

I was about to answer but Antonio beat me to it.
"No. You can not "talk to her for a sec'." He says angrily.

"Mate, calm down. Why are you so mad?" Luke asked.
I remembered that Luke's parents and him are from Australia and moved here when he was 4.

"Why am I mad?!?" Antonio laughs bitterly "Im mad because you kicked Nemo out of you car when you were the one that offered her a ride! Plus you called her an outcast!"

I see a small smile appear on Luke's face.
"Who's Nemo?" He asks
"Oh. Nirvana Elizabeth."
"Yeah. Nirvana Elizabeth." Antonio rolls his eyes. " Anyway, you cant talk to her. C'mon Vana" He starts to pull me away.

I yank my arm away from him. "But I want to talk to him, Tonio"
"Why?" He asks
" I just want to listen to what he has to say."
"Fine. But im staying here"
"Actually, I was hoping I could talk to her alone" Says Luke
"Antonio, just go get my puppies from your apartment and take them to mine. i'll be fine." I assure him and give him my keys.
"Fine." he says walking away

"So what did you want to talk about, Luke."
"I just want wanted to say sorry for this morning. I shouldn't have kicked you out of my car."
"Ok you said sorry now bye!" I say walking away but am pulled back by Luke.
"Do you forgive me?"
"Um, sure." I say
" And do you think we could hang out some time?" I was extremely surprised by this.
" Luke, like you said your popular and im not."
"Nirvana Elizabeth, I shouldn't have said that-" Luke starts but I interrupt him.
"That's what you say now, but tomorrow you might think same as this morning." I say. Then walk away. This time he doesn't stop me.

When I get to my apartment I see Antonio with someone I haven't seen in a very long time.




MalumThePenguin MalumThePenguin

ohhhhhhh update

Omg this is awesome UPDATE pls

oo whats gonna happen next!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!

cake_Mashton cake_Mashton

WOW... can't wait to see what happens next :)

Beta_Cairrotine Beta_Cairrotine