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He's Got Too Many Faces

Chapter 9 :)

~Nirvana's POV~
I ran to my older brother and jumped on him. "ZANDER!"

"Hey little sis."
"Where's Brandon? Did he come? Why haven't you came to visit? Has Lux visited you? Have you two talked? Why don't you call that much anymore?" I ask.

Brandon is Antonio's older brother who lives with Zander. Both of them don't go college and work instead. Lux is Zander's and my older sister. She lives in Durham to go to college.

"Brandon is still at work. I had the day off today. I haven't came to visit because of work. Lux has not visited nor talked to me. I guess she's too busy with college. But she has to come today since we are planning your birthday party!" he explains

"We are?"

"We are. Of course Antonio and his mom are going to help. Also when our mom called she said Liz Hemmings will be helping too this year. Along with her son Luke"

"Wait so Luke will be coming here today?" Antonio asks.

"Yeah. Why?Is it a problem?"

"Kinda. Him and Nirvana had a bit of a problem this morning. Also I think you remember that our friendship ended a few years ago."

"What kind of problem did you two have?" Zander asked me.
I shot a glare at Antonio for telling him. Does he seriously have to tell everyone?

****Luke's POV****
I heard the door open. Which kind of scared me because my parents weren't supposed to be home for at least another hour. My mom walked through the door.

"Why are you home so early mom?"

"Did I forget to tell you?" I nod. " Roxana invited us to help plan Nirvana's party. She thought it would be a good idea to have another teenager help. So you better get a bit cleaned up" (A/N: Roxana is Nirvana's mom)

I immediately became super excited. This could be my chance to show Nirvana that I want it to be like it used to be.




MalumThePenguin MalumThePenguin

ohhhhhhh update

Omg this is awesome UPDATE pls

oo whats gonna happen next!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!

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WOW... can't wait to see what happens next :)

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