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Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

Chapter 1

Amber P.O.V

Hi, I'm Amber Fierce . 19 and depressed teen that works V's Cafe in California. I live and work with my best friends Camryn Sing. I love and I mean LOVE Fall Out Boy. Favorite color black. I like to sing. My friends call me puck rock. I have a nose ring, lavender colored hair.

Right now, I'm working. "Amber, can you take table 6" Camryn my best friends said, I nodded and grabbed my notebook and pen. I walked to table 6. There sitting at the table was two really attractive guys one with kind of dirty blonde hair swiped to the side and greenish eyes and the other one has blonde hair, blue eyes and a lip ringbut they look familiar.

"May I help you" I said in the happiest tone I had. "I'll have a banana milkshake" the one with green eyes said "Can I have a slice of pizza" the other one asked "Sure what kind?" I asked looking at him "Pepperoni" I nodded

"Coming right up" then walked up to Camyrn "Do you know who they are?" she whispered "Maybe, they look familiar" I shrug "It's Ashton and Luke from my favorite band" I squinted my eyes at crazy best friend "How do you know?" Camryn scoffed

"Girl Ashton is my baby daddy, I want to have his children" I whined "Your so weird, tell me why I hang out with you?" I said with a smile "Um, because I'm great, amazing, sexy-" I interrupted her by laughing "WHAT I'm sexy" Camryn said pretending to be hurt "Sure" I said still laughing a little

"Got back to work" I grabbed the things Luke and Ashton ordered "Wait, come you get Ashton and Luke's Artograph"










"I hate when you do that" I said rubbing my temples "I wuv wou" she tried to say in a baby voice. I nodded meaning 'Love you too' and walked to the table where 1/2 of the band called 5 Seconds of Summer was and you will never guessed what happened.


I hope you like the 1st of my new story

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Update please

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Update plsssss

PLEASE UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@Calum Netflix and Pizza
Well I made this story for my friend Amber. And she Loves Fall Out Boy, and her favorite song I think is Thanks For the Memories but she likes to spell it without the vowels.

Question... why does the title not have any vowals?