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Chapter 2

Amber P.O.V

Do you want to guess what, but if I were you I would guess that I fell or something to embarrass myself then your wrong. This is what happened and what is happening now.

I was at the table setting the pizza and milkshake on the table. "Um, can I have your autograph?" I asked "Yeah sure are you a fan?" Luke asked while Ashton signed a piece of paper "Yeah, but I don't want your autograph my friend and I think her favorite is you Ashton"
Ashton handed Luke the paper "Well can I meet this friend of your?" he asked, I nodded "I'll go get her" I walked away to Camryn. After a quiet argument that she didn't want to embarrass herself, she agreed.

We both walked back to the table "Ash, this is my friends Camryn, Camryn you know Ashton right?" she just nodded. "Hey do you two want to hang out with us?" Luke said handing me the paper. "Yeah my shift ends in like a few so can you wait here?" They both nodded and went back to work for the last few minutes. After that I went to the locker room and change into something different. After I got dressed I went back to the guys and girl of course.

"Amber, I like your style" Ashton said "How do you know my name?" I asked "Camryn" Was all they said "Camryn, your so fucking urgh whatever, lets just go ok" They nodded Ashton and Luke lead the way to the car and we all got in. "Is where do you two want to go?" Luke asked

"Can we go get Michael and Calum? I have something in mind that will be pretty fun."
"Ashton you heard the women TO THE CASTLE OF BAND" Luke said pointing out the window. It was silent for a few seconds then we started laughing. "Ok lets go" Ashton said starting the car. We rode in the car for before we stopped at this house. "Wow you live here?" Camryn asked

"Yup" Luke said popping the 'P' "We are going to show you ladies around" Ashton said "But Why?" I ask because I'm confused. "Cause after the fun thing you have in mind you two are sleeping over" Ashton answered "REALLY!?!?!" We all said even Luke. Ashton nodded "YAY!! GIRL POWER!!!" Luke yelled before striking a pose.

I think this day is going to be great. I smiled to myself and we all went in the house.


Sorry This chapter is short
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Update please

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Update plsssss

PLEASE UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@Calum Netflix and Pizza
Well I made this story for my friend Amber. And she Loves Fall Out Boy, and her favorite song I think is Thanks For the Memories but she likes to spell it without the vowels.

Question... why does the title not have any vowals?