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Chapter 3

Amber P.O.V

Ashton and Luke showed us the kitchen, living room, Ash's room, Luke's room, Calum's room, Michael's room, and the music room. "This the the game room" Luke said and opened the door. "Michael you cheated!!!" "No I didn't you are just really bad at this game!" "No it is because you cheated!". Ashton walked in the room sighing.

"Stop!" everything got quiet "Come in" we walked in Calum and Michael are sit the couch. "Now whats wrong" Ashton asked "Michael cheated" "I didn't cheat" "Calum what game was it?" "Call of duty" "And you know the you are bad at that game" "I know but-" "NO buts now apologize to Mickey" Calum sighed "I'm sorry Mickey" "It's ok I'm so good at it looks like I cheat" then they bro-hugged. Me and Camryn 'Awwwed' "Ok, now who are these ladies" Calum asked pulling out of the hug.

"Hi, I'm Amber and this is my friends Camryn"I said with a smile. When Calum was about to ask another question Ashton said "They are hanging out and sleeping over with but Amber wanted to come get you guys so we can do the special thing that she has in mind so hurry" they nodded and ran off "AND BE OUTSIDE" Luke yelled.

"Come on" We followed Luke outside and waited. So I took my time to get a good look at them both. Luke and Ash really look hot. "Ready!" Calum and Michael walked out of the house.

"So where are we going Amber" Calum asked "It's a surprise, now get in the car I'm driving Ash give me the keys" I said holding out my hand "But I have the be careful I don't want to die, ok?" I nodded. He gave me the keys. "Shot gun!" Michael ran to the car and jumped in the passenger side.

"Um...Camryn you can sit on my lap if you want." Ashton said/asked "Um...Sure" Ash smiled so wide I thought he was going to break his face. "Ok lets go" We all got in the car with Camryn on Ash's lap. Before we left I pulled in my phone and pushed play on 'Something's Gotta Give by All Time Low'.

"Wow you like All Time Low?" Michael asked "Yeah me and Cam do and alot more" I said making a left turn. "Really like what?" Luke asked this time "Um...Like Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, Falling In Reverse, Blink 182, and some others" I said stopping at a red light. "Ok, How old are you guys" Calum asked "We are both 19" Cam answered. "Um.....What is your Favorite person in 5 Seconds of Summer?"

Luke asked "Um..I'm a Michael girl" I said "Ashton" Cam answered "Wow so nobody likes us" Luke and Calum said at the same time. "Well, I have a sister and she like you Luke" I said "And we have a friends that LOVES you Calum" Cam said

"Um.....Is it ok that we go get them because I feel lonely because you guys have girls." Calum said "Um...I don't know" I said "PLEASE!!!" Luke and Calum said making the puppy dog face.

"Ok fine Cam can you called Kailey and tell her to meet at my place?" Cam nodded and got out her phone which was hard since she's sitting on Ash but I don't think the he is complaining. "So your sister lives with you right?"

Michael asked, I nodded "But how are we going to fit in one car?" he asked "We'll take my car, too." He nodded "You can pick a song if you want" he took my phone then 'A Love Like War by All Time Low' came on well we drove to my place.


I hope you like this chapter I worked really hard on it
I'm kind of sick today
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Luv u guys and Thx ~ Deep Penguin Nerd


Update please

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Update plsssss

PLEASE UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@Calum Netflix and Pizza
Well I made this story for my friend Amber. And she Loves Fall Out Boy, and her favorite song I think is Thanks For the Memories but she likes to spell it without the vowels.

Question... why does the title not have any vowals?