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Arkham Asylum // 5SOS

♠ The Arkham Police ♠

*Luke POV*

"Boss, we killed him" Calum and Michael said as they walked through the doors of the abandon werehouse we stay in so we don't get caught or tracked by the police.

I held up a hand signal telling them to wait since i was talking on the phone with someone who is wanting to buy drugs off us and is willing to pay as much as we ask.
I tell him i will talk to him soon and i hung up to turn my attention back to Michael and Calum.

"Did you get all of his stuff? How much money did he have?" i asked

"He had $20,000 in his bank card and $1,000 in his wallet" Calum said holding up the cash while smirking.

"We also sold his body to a mob on the street and got an extra $2,000." Michael added with a grin.

They came over and put all the stuff on my desk while i looked at the money and smiled with delight.

"This is fucking great!" i said sorting the money on my desk.

I was just about to speak until i saw Ashton run through the big doors of our werehouse, almost breaking them to bits, with sweat beads on his forehead.

"Sir... they're here...the cops" Ashton said between breaths.

Without a word said, we got up and hurridley started packing all the money in bags and putting them over our shoulders.

We were about to leave via the back door until we heard sirens and a lady on a megaphone.

I turned to look back at Michael and Calum who had a guilty looks on their faces.

"DUMBASSES! They followed you here! How could you be so FUCKING STUP-" I yelled at Calum and Michael until the woman with the megaphone rudely interrupted me.

"YOU HAVE 5 MINUTES TO SURRENDER YOURSELVES OR WE WILL GET YOU THE HARD WAY" She said, her voice was much darker than the first announcement

"So, what do you wanna do boss?" Ashton asked with fear laced in his voice.

"Ugh fine, we will surrender BUT once we escape Arkham once again, i will beat THE SHIT out of you two. Got that?" I said as i wiggled a finger infront of Calum and Michael's faces.

"ONE MINUTE LEFT, BOYS. OR WE ARE STORMING IN" the woman said over the megaphone.

"lets go" i grumbled underneath my breath, loud enough so they can barely hear my voice

We stepped out and a bunch of Arkham police pounced at us and brought us to the floor while they put us all in straight jackets that were so tight so we couldn't escape.

"Ouch," i heard michael wince, and he turned his head to look at the lady officer who was doing his straps "could you loosen it up a bit or my wrist will break off" i saw him smirk and wink at her.

"Shut up, asshole. You have no right to talk to me like that" She said angrily as he backhanded him hard on the cheek that there was a clear hand print.

"ugh, crazy bitch..." he muttered as we all entered a huge black van that had 'CAUTION, DANGEROUS VILLANS' written on the side of it.

We were all shoved in and the commanding officer strapped us in and put duct tape over our mouths.

"There, now you assholes won't make up some crazy plan in the back of this van like you did last time when you escaped" he said with a smirk as he shut the door & it all became pitch black.


Ok, i know this is a short chapter BUT ITS

I have another story called spring break, so check that
out as well, my angels <3


- Emily <3


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