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The Arranged Wedding


My name is Annabeth Victoria Haines. Unlike most girls, I wasn't given the opportunity to marry for love. I was to marry for money, and power. I came from a fairly wealthy family, but like everyone else in our class, my parents thrived for more. For me to marry a man of a higher rank than my family, would be marvelous publicity for them. My parents would sky rocket in class, and their business would be unstoppable. Just as the Styles family was...

The Styles family was practically royalty. They owned well over half of England, and could make a man disappear in the blink of an eye. The four of them reeked of charm, and money...

Anne Styles, a widowed woman, always made me feel like trailer trash compared to her elegance. Gemma Styles, the second eldest of the Styles children, was like a queen. The paparazzi were always chasing her, and stalking all of her trending clothes. Riden Styles, the eldest of the Styles children was by far my least favorite. He was also the man I've been forced to marry, and share the rest of my life with. He is shellfish, and uncaring. He seeks power, and will destroy anyone who gets in his way of obtaining it. Last, but not least, Harry Styles. I don't have much to say on him, he's fairly quiet. He tends to shy away from the spotlight, and only talk to his small group of friends. He's by far my favorite. I don't feel intimidated by him, it's almost as if he's a normal guy...


Story Theme Song (One Ed Sheeran)

'cover by: natalrac'

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Annabeth Styles

Annabeth Styles


Anne Styles

Anne Styles


Gemma Styles

Gemma Styles


Harry Styles

Harry Styles


Riden Styles

Riden Styles



  1. Chapter 1

    The Wedding

  2. Chapter 2

    We're Different From Them

  3. Chapter 3

    I Don't Need A Wish

  4. Chapter 4

    My Beautiful, Nightmarish, Dream

  5. Chapter 5

    I should leave, but I don't want to...

  6. Chapter 6


  7. Chapter 7

    "Happiness is only real when shared." ~Christopher McCandless

  8. Chapter 8


  9. Chapter 9

    She Lost Her Place

  10. Chapter 10


  11. Chapter 11


  12. Chapter 12

    The Princess Ball

  13. Chapter 13

    I'm Not Dead

  14. Chapter 14

    As any brother would and should...

  15. Chapter 15

    Doesn't feel too good does it?

  16. Chapter 16


  17. Chapter 17

    Halloween Special!!!

  18. Story

  19. Chapter 18

    That's all you have to say!?

  20. Chapter 19

    Dark and Cold

  21. Chapter 20

    I cried out to the sky cause I was lonely and scared...

  22. Fanfic Awards 2017!!!

  23. Chapter 21

    The Crow and The Dove...

  24. Please Read...

  25. Chapter 22

    The Butterfly Effect

  26. NEW STORY!!!

  27. The Arranged Funeral?

  28. Coming Soon!!!!

  29. Some one stoll my story...


They have been reported by me and Allie Miller for stealing our stories... thank you all so much for you're support.... I've been writing on here for years now and I never thought this would happen to me... I'm going to start keeping an eye out for everyone's stories...

This is becoming so common that it sickens me

I am going to BREAK THEM

This is so disgusting. I’m sorry. Maybe message them and ask them to take it down? This is your work and plagiarism is a crime still

I'm so sorry girly!!! And yeah I know at least two of them are stories from this site but unless the author reports them Wattpad won't do anything.