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The Son

Chapter nine

Noah's pov

"Mate seriously?" Junior said to me

"What?!" I asked

"You don't what to shower at lest just quickly?"

"Do I smell like a rotting dead body? A farm? A swamp?"

"No, no and no" he said

"Then what's the problem?" I asked "so I smell to you?"

"No, just, nevermind"

"Exactly" I said

"You've really never been on date" he said grabbing his coat

"What do you mean?"

"Usually people like to get cleaned up even if they don't smell or really need it"

"Whatever, it's not even important to me"

"I can see that"

"Whatever that means" I said following behind him out the door

My uncle agreed to letting us use his truck, didn't need a lie either, he seemed excited to hear we had dates. I sat in the truck quietly as Junior drove, we looked like opposites.

I had back tight jeans on, he wore tan khakis, his shirt was a very light gray tee shirt under a black light fabric coat, I wore a black tee shirt that had an old faded band logo under a dark blue jean jacket. Surprisingly Junior didn't criticize my outfit choice.

Junior pulled up to Cassy's house first and he told her how to get to who was supposed to be my date tonight, who's name I learned to be Esmeralda.

Cassy seemed to really like Junior, and seemed like a really talkative, friendly girl. The way she leaned up and had her hand against Juniors seat and spoke so excitedly gave it all away. Cassy was dress casual like Junior but with a hit of flirty cuteness.

We pulled up at Esmeralda's house and within a few seconds of the car being pulled up the door opened and she rushed out the house saying goodbye quickly. She got in the car beside Cassy and she greeted her with a hug. Junior and I both said hi as the car took off going. I was glad to see that Esmeralda was dressed more like me, more comfortable looking.

"Who'd you tell your father you were going out with?" Cassy asked her

"You, Josh and Dylan" Esmeralda answered

"Ew why'd you say them!?"

"Because he knows them! So he won't start with all his questions and possibly not let me go"

"Protective father?" Junior asked

"Kinda" she answered

"Her father is a cop" Cassy butted in "He hates when she goes out with guys, always thinks they are going to do something bad, what is it that he always says, something like 'can never trust young men, they are deceiving masterminds'"

"So what's the plan?" Esmeralda asked changing the subject

"Beach" Junior answered

The sun was almost down, the sky was dark as the remaining of the sun dropped behind the water. We had a blazing fire going with blankets over a sitting log and rocks. I stood beside Esmeralda drinking one of the beers I had no clue Junior had brought.

"So I never caught your name" she said turning to me

Internally me and my soul groaned, I had to speak to her directly. I looked at her, she was such a pretty girl. Her tan skin seemed to glow in the light from the rest of the sun and the fire, her dark hair fell over her face slightly as she looked at me. I took a sip on my beer staring at her buying some time. I reminded myself it wouldn't matter that I would make her not interested, I lived in Australia.

"It-It-it's N-No-" I began

"His names Noah" Junior said for me as he walked over, slapping me on the shoulder "he has a stutter" he informed her

"Oh" she said

I smiled slightly and then looked away taking a sip of my beer, already embarrassed from this night.

"Yeah, so Noah usually sings instead of talking" he said to her

I choked slightly on the beer going down and turned to him and stared at him who smiled at me. Esmeralda smiled.

"Oh really that's cool" she said

I smiled and looked away once more off to the water. Junior and Cassy walked away over to the shoreline to watch the rest of the sundown. I was left standing with Esmeralda in embarrassment, I was wishing the night would go by faster.

"So are you guys from around here?" She asked making an awkward attempt to start a conversation

I shook my head no and stared at the fire.

"Didn't think so" she said "there is only one high school close to here so I would have seen you guys, also your friend has an accent so I'm assuming you do too. So where are you guys from?"

"Australia" I sang and looked away behind me After a minute I looked back over to her and she was smiling hugely at me.

"What?.." I asked

"You have a nice voice" she said


"So Australia" she said, "that's pretty far, why'd you come down?"

"Looking for his parents and I'm looking...for my mother"

"Oh, so you grew up with just your father?"

"Oh no, I grew up in Australia with both my parents. My mother used to live down here and well I guess something happened to her and no one will tell me so I'm trying to figure it out"

"Any luck?"



"So..Esmeralda is it?" I asked looking at her


"Such a long and royal sounding name"

She laughed "well thanks I guess, I guess I'm kinda my dads princess" she scoffed "at least he wants to lock me up like one"

"The whole guy thing from earlier?" I asked

"Yeah" she said "every time I bring up something that involves a new guy he starts going off about how even though a guy can be the sweetest thing but he could be deadly. He's weird. I guess he's just a paranoid father"

"Maybe he was a guy like that before, and he realizes how much it hurt girls and he's making sure you are not hurt"

"I guess. It's annoying though" she said "honestly if I was to bring someone like you home he'd have a gun glued to him and every door in the house taken off its hinges"

"Like me?" She laughed

"not to offend you. I meant just from your style"

I laughed a bit "it's fine"

"So Esmeralda" I said

"Esme" she said


"Call me Esme" she said "it's my nickname"

"Okay, Esme. What would you like to talk about?" I asked

"I don't know, Noah" She smiled at me and I laughed.

The sky was pitch dark with very little stars, back home in Australia the sky was full of much more stars. The last little but of the sun had gone down, and the half moon was glowing brightly, shining on the smooth surface of the calm water. I sat down on a sitting log we covered with a blanket with Esme and listened to the soft with and crackling of the fire for a few minutes.

"I knew that was gonna happen" she said

"What?" I asked looking at her

She pointed over to the waters edge where Junior and Cassy were making out.

"She has to make out at least two times with her date every time" She said "had a feeling Junior was the kind of guy to go along"

I laughed "yeah he really is"

We stared at the too making out for a few short seconds before looking away. We started a conversation that took us away from the other two at the waters edge, our conversation brought us all the way to mysteries then right back to what me and Junior are doing here.

"So he thinks your mother was insane?" She asked

"Yeah" I said "honestly wouldn't surprise me"


"Crazy stories I've heard" I said "which is also why I wouldn't really be surprised if the marks on her back are from her being too drunk and falling into a fire"

"But why would it be such a big deal to make her cry and not tell you?"

"Exactly" I said "it's the only thing she gets emotional over. That and when I ask about why she thinks I have a stutter"

"Any mother having a child with a stutter would hurt" she said

"Yeah but like, eighteen years is enough to get over it and get used to it"

"Seems like you haven't gotten over it.."


"From what you've told you it sounds like eighteen years hasn't been enough for you to get over and used to it"

"She's not the one having to speak like this and deal with all the problems" I said sharply with annoyance. I softened up feeling bad about my tone "just- it bugs me and had caused a lot of problems, and I don't know why but I'm a person who feels like they have to have an answer for everything, even if there is no real answer"

"You want an answer to why you stutter?" She asked

"Yeah.." I said "I mean, there has to be an answer to that right?...just- I would like one at least"

"You know it could be a lot of things, but it could also just be something that happened"

"Yeah" I said "I feel like I can live without that one more than knowing what happened to my mother, it's killing me. All they need to do is just tell me and I'll shut up"

"That one is one I can expect anything for" she said "I want to know the answer now too" she said with a small laugh

"Welcome to the club" I said with a smile

She laughed more "thank you"

She he looked down at her hands before tucking her hairs behind her ear.

"but, don't you think there is a reason why they are not telling you?" She said "maybe they have a real good reason to not tell you"

"I know my mother wants to forget, but I believe whatever happened to her is unforgettable" I said " of just to dive me crazy" I said

"maybe she wants you to be like her" she said with a joking tone

I smiled at her and she smiled back. We watched as Junior and Cassy came back to finally sit with us.

"You know, I could help, maybe even Cass can" Esme said

"Help with what?" Cassy asked "Find out this whole mystery with his mother, and maybe help more with finding Juniors parents" Esme said

"Oh no, yo-you don't-" I stuttered

"It's honestly fine with me, it's summer and there is nothing to do, I would love to help" she said

I looked at Junior and he smiled encouragingly.

"Uh-well yeah-yeah sure you guys can if you want" I said

Junior smiled at me then tipped his head back finishing off his beer. We sat around the fire for awhile until Junior got up clapping his hands together before going into a stretch.

"We should get you girls home now" he said

Esme checked her phone then stood up joining Junior.

"Yeah, if I'm home too late I'll get in so much trouble"

Junior patted her on the back as me and Cassy picked the blankets up.

"Don't worry daddy's girl, we'll get you home" he joked

She laughed "whatever"

I sat in the back seat with Esme on her ride home. All the windows were open and the nights damp air blew into our faces, Made me think of the car rides with my father. To be herd over the rushing wind we ha to yell our words to each other, conversation from the beach to the way home had died down over time. There wasn't much talking except for Esme's yelling of directions.

We pulled up to her house and she unbuckled from her seat, gave Cassy an awkward hug with the car seat being in the way and said thank you to us. She opened her door then shut it right away and turned to me.

"let me give you my number so you can call me and I can come and help"

I handed her my phone and she tossed it back, said bye once more then left. We drove Cassy home and once she was gone I crawled into the front seat with Junior.

"So mate, if you never find anything in your mum you might have just scored yourself a girlfriend out of this"

"I live in Australia" I said

"long distance"

I rolled my eyes and laughed "yeah whatever mate"


HEYO hope you guys are not too mad I've been gone for so, sorry about that. Kinda long chapter to make up for it (it's not really that long lol) anyways I hope you liked it!


you are not a shitty author , thats what I'm here for , so stop being so hard on yourself already cause you are great , and no , I'm not saying that just cause you are my best friend , i say it cause its true , okay? So chill on yourself

Calums_Puppy Calums_Puppy

Lol I'm trying to update tonight don't worry. My internet is still really shitty

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Calums_Puppy Calums_Puppy

Thank you so much!! Love you! Next chapter should be soon! <3

Mikey's babe Mikey's babe

Oh my gosh!! I cannot explain how much and how long your comment made me fangirl! Just I can't believe it! Thank you so so much! It really means a lot to hear that and it makes me feel so great about my book(s) now! Just thank you so much and I love you! The next chapter should be coming soon! <3

Mikey's babe Mikey's babe