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The Thing We Have In Common


Rachel and Lily have always been polar opposites despite having the same face.
However, their differences have always helped them get along rather than push them apart.
Now that they're both attending University of Birmingham they're closer than ever.
Though the girls have never had many similarities they soon develop one huge thing in common.
They both have fallen for the same guy.
Neither have realised how the other feels and so they both are attempting to win his heart.
Will they realise they're both chasing the same guy?
And if they do, will it threaten their tight-knit bond?


Lily Thorne

Lily Thorne

Lily has always been very shy around people. The only people she's really comfortable around are her close friends. She's very focused on her studies and doesn't often party or drink. She has very little experience with guys and is a virgin. She's an amazing listener and is incredibly sweet. She's always willing to help out her friends when they need it and will always put other people first. Has feelings for her friend Luke.

Luke Hemmings

Luke Hemmings

One of the most popular guys on the campus. Though he is popular he can often be very shy aroundc girls and finds it hard to get comfortable. Good friends with Rachel and Lily.

Rachel Thorne

Rachel Thorne

Rachel has always been the charismatic one of the two. Though she's attending the same University as her sister she's nowhere near as studious. She's always up for some fun and loves to be the centre of a party. Making friends is second nature to her and with her flirty nature and charms she finds it easy to get on with anyone at all. Has only been in one serious relationship but has casually dated other people. Recently finds herself falling for Luke.


  1. Chapter One

    Rachel's P.O.V.

  2. Chapter Two

    Lily's P.O.V.

  3. Chapter Three


Really good xxx

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