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And then there were three...

The next couple days I had to stay in the hospital so they could watch me to make sure my broken hand healed correctly. The day that I finally got to leave I was sitting in the lobby with Aunt Liz and Luke "Lucas can you go get the car please?" Aunt Liz said to Luke as she handed him the keys I I tried so hard to hold back my laughter but it just caused me to snort making me laugh even harder Luke just glared at me, he hated that name he much preferred being called Luke but my Aunt insists on calling him Lucas "Yeah mom" he said not too nicely as he walked away mumbling some choice words "I HEARD THAT!" I screamed in his ear before walking back to my seat holding my sides and laughing like a mad woman "heard what," I turned around to see Aunt Liz filling out my release forms in the chair next to me " oh... nothing" I said "Okay" she mumbled and continued to fill out my paperwork " Aunt Liz.." I said cautiously not really wanting to know the answer to the question I was about to ask "are we going to my house?" I said quickly "yes sweetie..." she said giving me a small sliver of hope "but... only to get your stuff and a few of your sisters things we forgot." she finished, she took all my hope away with one sentence "we aren't going to live there anymore are we?" I said suddenly crying she saw this and turned me so I was facing her "no honey I'm so sorry." which just confirmed my worst fears and i just hugged her with all the strength I had left crying hard and sobbing so much that my body shook I probably looked quite the sight but at this point I didn't care. Luke pulled up and I quickly tried to turn away and hide my face which was no doubt stained with tears by now but it was obvious I wasn't fast enough when he jumped out of the car before sprinted over and hugging me and I just clung to him and sobbed harder he brought me over the car and opened the door letting me get in before scooting in after me the second he closed the door I sobbed so loud it shook the whole car and I just sat there hugging him for a while telling him how sorry I was and how embarrassed I was that I was crying all over him as we drove to my house. "Vivi," he said as I smiled at the name he had given to me when we were little you see Luke and I were born 3 days apart him being the older one and neither of us could say the others name correctly so I called him Lulu it was my first official word and as a counter his first word was Vivi "you have nothing to be embarrassed about your grieving this is a perfectly reasonable reaction." I thanked him and we sat in silence on the long ride to my house where I started sobbing again as I asked him to help me get my clothes and thing, and that's when I realized "Aunt Liz," I said "yeah sweetheart?" she said softly are Lilac, Iris and I going to have to go into foster care?" I asked scared for the answer " Oh heavens no sweetheart I am your godmother and therefore you guys are going to live with me!" she said as we packed the last of the stuff in her car and got into the car as we headed to her house when we got there I realized how thankful I am that Aunt Liz's house is so big that she has 4 guest rooms she points to my room and I go inside. I'm too tired to put on pajamas let alone unpack so I just lay on the bed and cry myself to sleep. The next few weeks I slowly got better but i didn't leave the house for anything I just felt depressed overall and since we still had 2 1/2 weeks of holiday I didn't have to school either, the only thing I looked forward to was listening to Luke's band play from the garage even though I wasn't aloud in there so I just sat outside the door and listened trying not to make any noise. The reason I wasn't aloud to be in there during their practice was because Luke thought that I would fall in love with one of his friends or something which is so irrational I mean they are probably not good looking anyways even though their voices were beautiful but I don't blame him for being super overprotective it means that boys will leave me alone.

*2 ½ weeks later*

I woke up and looked at my phone, realizing that it was 2 in the afternoon on a Saturday and it was hot outside so I decided I wanted a Popsicle I completely forgot that Luke's band had practice today so
I walked into the garage in my pajamas looking for Popsicle's in the deep freeze I was about to walk out when I heard someone clear their throat behind me I jumped and spun around to see four boys sitting there one was sitting at a drum kit two were sitting on stools holding guitars one of which I recognized immediately as Luke and the other was sitting on the couch holding a bass guitar I squeaked really loud dropping the Popsicle I had been eating onto the floor immediately realizing

  1. I had not one speck of makeup on
  2. I wasn’t wearing my contacts but instead my incredibly thick glasses
  3. I was wearing my pajamas which was a spaghetti strap tank top and shorts that were SO short that they looked like underwear
they all started laughing except for the boy sitting on the couch he just stared at me, I have to say he was REALLY cute but it was kind of weird that he just stared at me . I just gave a small smile to them and a little wave and Luke got up and walked over to me laughing with his friends. "Well I guess this is as good a time as any to introduce you to my band" he said laughing. I just giggled a little bit when I looked over at the boy who’s name I still had yet to learn I started blushing like mad when I noticed that he was still staring at me. Luke started off by introducing me to the other guitar player with the crazy colorful hair even though I couldn’t really judge since I have purple hair and snake bites “Violet this is Michael” Luke said laughing as he walked towards the boy with the colorful hair now known to me as Michael. “Nice to meet you Violet.” Michael said as he reached his hand out which I gratefully took “we seem to have some thing in common” he said pointing at our hair which made me laugh “ I like your snake bites,” he said laughing “thank you they’re my best feature!” I said as I burst out laughing

“ I don’t mean to be rude but how do you know Luke?” he asked “Oh you mean Lulu I’m-” I was about to say I was Luke's cousin when Michael burst out laughing “ DID YOU JUST CALL HIM LULU!!!!” he said in between trying to breath normally I was about to say yes but Luke spoke before I had the chance “no she didn’t.” he said shooting me a look that said ‘don’t call me that in front of my friends or else’ “I’m his cousin,” I said “ but you guys look like you’re the same age how old are you?” the boy behind the drums spoke up before I got a chance to answer on my own Luke said “yeah we are 3 days apart in age I’m older.” he said it like he had just won the war or something.

Next I walked over to the boy behind the drum-kit and introduced myself “I’m Violet its nice to meet you!” I said as I extended my hand out towards him and he shook it “It’s nice to meet you Violet I’m Ashton” he said with a warm smile and we chatted for a bit before Luke grabbed my arm and brought me over to the boy sitting on the couch with the bass and introduced him as Calum. I thought he might say hi or something but he just sat there staring at me again but before long Michael came over and whispered in Calum’s ear “dude stop staring at her like she’s the last piece of pizza.” I know I probably wasn’t meant to hear that but I did.
I giggled a bit before I felt my whole face turn red and I didn’t know what to say so I just looked at Luke and I could tell he was about to rip the guys head off by the way he glared at him. I waited a while before I decided to break the awkward silence, “you play bass?” I asked him My dad played bass in a band that was famous and when the crash happened it was all over the news so I have a big emotional attachment to the bass. “yeah I do,” he said with a shy smile finally talking to me “do you want to hear something?” he asked I nodded and he started to play and sing along with it and the others, except for Luke who just stared at him in shock started to play as well. He was really good at playing bass and the song was so familiar I loved it but then I realized that the song was Lullaby by NickelBack (www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OjiOn5s...)and I burst into tears and ran out.
Calum’s p.o.v
I stopped playing when I heard crying and looked up to see her bolt out of the garage.
NICE GOING GENIUS!!” Luke yelled as he ran after her. “What did I do?”I said? Looking at the other two, they didn’t know either and looked just as confused as me.
*20 minutes later*
After they ran out we just sat there for a while talking quietly and we were about to leave when Luke ran in pulling at his hair. He looked straight at me andI swear if looks could kill I would be dead right now, he stomped over and looked like he was about to punch me before Michael jumped in front of him and grabbed Luke’s raised hand and brought it down “DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU’VE DONE!!!” he screamed as he pointed at me “no I honestly don’t,” I said staring anywhere but at him “you know how the bassist of Nickel-back died in that car crash last month,” he started slowly “yeah…?” I said as the realization dawned on me “NO, that's not possible I did not just-” I stammered running around the room freaking out “yep you did that was her dad.” Luke interrupted “ OH MY GOD I have to go say sorry I have to apologize” I started heading towards the door that led to the kitchen but Luke blocked me “ DUDE get out of my WAY I have to go apologize I FEEL SO BAD.” I yelled at him “dude she just wants to be alone you can talk to her tomorrow at school...” Luke said "If she even wants to go anymore” he mumbled meaning I was clearly not supposed to hear, and so that's exactly what I decided to do and we finished band practice. That night I couldn’t sleep I felt so bad about what I did.



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