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Dreading the rows of lockers.

*Violet's P.O.V*
My alarm clock went off at 5:00am in the morning as usual, when my parents were still alive they left for work around 4:00am and didn't come back til' 7:00pm so I always had to take Lilac and Iris to preschool before school, and yes all our names are flowers my mom was like the biggest hippie known to man so our full names are Violet Rebekah Hemmings, Lilac Amelia Hemmings and Iris Jennifer Hemmings but we all loved our names, after all they were basically the only thing we had left of our parents. Anyways I just couldn't think straight and whenever I have trouble thinking I just like to take long showers so I finally got up the strength to get up and off my bed. I grabbed all my clothes and makeup as well as accessories and went into my adjoining bathroom which I was so grateful for I went straight to the shower and turned it on not really caring what the temperature was and just started thinking, I don't know why I ran out of there crying yesterday I mean I thought I had gotten better since the funeral but I guess I still couldn't hear his music. I felt so bad for that boy I could hear Luke yelling at him from all the way upstairs, I mean it's not like he could've known. I resolved to try and say sorry to him without crying at school today hopefully he went to the same school as Luke and I, we were both in secondary school year 10.

I looked at the waterproof clock that I had in the bathroom and remembered I still had to get Lila and Is up and get them dressed yes their full names are Lilac and Iris but Lil and Is ( pronounced iz) are the nicknames I gave them. I realized if I didn't get out now to get ready they would have to go to preschool in their pajamas. So I rushed out slipping and hitting my head on the shower "OMG I'm SUCH A KLUTZ" I scream trying to dry myself with a towel while also putting my clothes on at the same time it was difficult but I'm used to it by now I drag a brush through my ratty hair I decided to put on makeup to hide the bags under my eyes and decided to do my normal look which isn't natural at all more dramatic (A/N MTI1NjQwOTE5MzY1MDU0NDM0 like this but the eyeshadow is black, grey and white.) when I get done I decide to wear something cute so I chose my Nirvana crop-top, some high-waisted black skinny jeans, my hoodie, one of my many backpacks, my favorite 5 inch Jeffrey Campbell 'Kinsley' platform sandals and a butt-load of accessories ( www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=16510.... ) I looked at my phone and realized that it was almost 6:00am and so I had to hurry if I wanted to get the twins to school before 7:00am so that I could get to school on time. I grabbed my guitar and went into their room. For those who don't understand let me explain, my sisters don't respond very easily to alarm clocks so every morning I grab my guitar and go into their room and play guitar and sing them awake. (A/N this is the song she sang. youtu.be/vHh-6f59hxQ )

After I got the twins up and in their clothes we went downstairs to eat breakfast. Me being me whenever I'm depressed I don't eat EVER, so I just sat there while the twins stuffed their faces with lucky charms their favorite. I heard someone run down the stairs and into the kitchen so I spun around on the stool I was sitting on to see Luke bent down trying to get his breathing back to normal, "hey Luke," I said "VIOLET...can...I...get" he said in between gasps "what Luke?" I said trying to hide the amusement in my speech but he caught it " can I get a ride to school mom had to go in earlier that usual and couldn't drive me." he finally said normally "yeah sure doofus" I said getting up "c'mon girls, Doofus lets go or we're going to be late." I said laughing as I grabbed my keys and started walking towards the door. " THANK YOU VIVI!!!" Luke practically screamed in my ear while hugging me.

*30 minutes later*

After taking the twins to pre-k we pulled up to the school blasting Nirvana out of my car
( Car vw-van ) Jazzy was my baby and she was a vintage my dad gave her to me for my 15th birthday and helped me paint her. As we pulled into my usual parking spot I saw an unusual amount of glares, I thought it was just because I had been blasting my music too loud until Queen Bitch (Aubrey Davidson) walked up to Luke and I glaring at me like it would make me go away. "So Violet first it's just your dad that's famous but now it"s your FUCKING BOYFRIEND TOO" she said while eyeing daggers into me and flirting with Luke at the same time (BLECH) "No Aubrey" I said "Luke isn't my boyfriend he's my cou-" I was about to say he was my cousin before she interrupted me "Oh yeah right don't try any lame excuses I FUCKING KNOW YOUR DATING HIM IT'S PRETTY FUCKING OBVIOUS" she screamed at me "DUDE I'M NOT DATING HIM I'M DATING BRENDON!!!! I'M NOT THAT LOW..." I spat back "unlike you."
" Bitch did I give you permission to talk to me!?" she said taking a step forward. "Doesn't matter because I will have him dump you soon enough so I can go out with him." she finished. At this point I was so done I was seeing stars "yeah whatever QUEEN BITCH!!" I mumbled while walking towards Luke and practically dragging him inside. The last thing I heard from Her majesty Aubrey was " WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST CALL ME YOU LITTLE SLUT." so I just figured she was talking to herself. I laughed at my little joke probably looking like a crazy person but I didn't care because I thought my joke was HYSTERICAL (JK). "Okay well I have to go to my locker to grab my science book before class are you gonna be okay?" Luke asked "yeah I'll be fine I just need to find my friends and I'll be okay." I said sniffling sad that he had to go "? I'll see you at lunch then, yeah?" he said as he started to walk away " YEAH AND MUSIC, ANATOMY, GEOMETRY AND ART DOOFUS" I screamed as I started to walk away. I thought I would just grab the book bag I kept in my locker and head to English so I started heading in that general direction. I was almost at my locker when I heard screaming coming from behind me. I turned around thinking I would see a dead body or something but instead I just saw my five best friends running at me like really hungry zombies, or most fans of Luke's band anywhere other then school. "Oomph" they tackled me and we fell to the floor in a heap of laughter my five best friends Gabe, Sahara, Kalia, Valerie and Chloe the only difference between my friends and I is that their hair is all crazy different than mine I decided for their sake to pretend I was doing fine so I plastered a fake smile on my face and started laughing. "Hey guys how was your summer!?" Gabe giggled "OMG I met this boy over the summer and we have been dating for almost 2 and a half months now!!!" She gushed "OMG WHO?!?!?!" all of us said at the same time causing us to giggle hysterically and forget what we had said. "Well my aunt is going out of town with Lilac and Iris for a field trip or something which is weird because their school only started a week before us but whatever, anyways she insisted that Luke and I have a pool party tomorrow after school and your all invited! and Luke is inviting his friends too." I said getting super excited "OMG YES" they all said at the same time "Oh and Gabe you should bring your boyfriend I'm sure we ALL would love to meet him." I said and we nodded in agreement "Oh and Chloe you'll be bringing a date? You too Valerie?" I said with a smirk "I'm pretty sure I could find one," Valerie said laughing and turned towards Chloe "Babe... will you go to Violet's
pool party with me?" she said laughing "OMG OF COURSE BABE!!!" she said and they fell back on the floor in a fit of giggles when they both got back up the Val gave Chloe a quick peck on the lips before the bell rang and we all hurried to our first class.
*skip to fourth period*
"Apparently fourth period is free period for me what about you?" I said walking down the hall with Brendon, I had already had English, Anatomy and Geometry that morning. "Nope, right now I have Physics." he said "Oh... okay well since none of my friends are free either I guess I'll just go read." I said kind of sad he hadn't had a single class with me yet, "yea I gotta go see you at lunch." he said and started to walk away "Yeah see you then" I mumbled and went to my locker to grab my book so I could go read. I went to my usual Oak tree at the back of the school and started reading.

I had been reading for about 20 minutes basking in the sunshine when a shadow engulfed me making it nearly impossible to read my book. I looked up to see that boy from yesterday standing in front of me, staring... AGAIN. "Um...hi?" I said when he realized I noticed him he opened his mouth a couple times like he was going to say something but closed it right away. After what felt like a year I realized he didn't want to talk so I decided to go first and apologize but apparently we had the same Idea "I wanted to say sorry for-" we both said at the same time "oh sorry you can go first." we both said in sync "okay I'll go first" we both said again I was getting incredibly shy for some reason and I felt as if I had butterflies in my stomach so I quickly got up and covered his mouth so I could speak."I'm-really-sorry-I-ran-out-of-the-room-yesterday-and-I'm-sorry-Luke-yelled-at-you-there-is-no-way-you-could've-known." the words tumbled out of my mouth so fast I could barely understand them but I really hoped he did because I didn't really want to repeat myself. I sat there trying to breath normally because of how fast I had talked when I realized that my hand was still on his mouth, I quickly removed my hand and started blushing hardcore and I just looked at my feet, "I was gonna apologize for playing that song it was really insensitive of me and I felt really bad" as he said this he just continued to stare and it was getting really awkward "oh it wasn't your fault and I don't blame you I just get really emotional when it comes to anything having to do with my dad because we were really close." I said not really knowing why I felt so comfortable around him. "Oh and by the way why were you staring at me yesterday and," I gestured to him "right now?" I said rather quietly starting to feel even more awkward, "oh... erm I was doing that?" he said his cheeks turning pink as he looked anywhere but at me. "Yeah..." I said I don't know how he couldn't have noticed so he must be lying so he doesn't feel super awkward. "Don't worry about it though." I said trying to make it less awkward which at this point seemed impossible, "so... um you have free period as well?" he said staring AGAIN does this boy ever stop? "yeah but none of my friends do not even Luke... so I'm stuck alone to read," I said staring back, TWO can play at this game. This is when I noticed what he was wearing (-Calum-calum-hood-37460215-357) he had black skinny jeans, a bunch of bracelets on his arms and a black Nirvana shirt on just like me but mine was a crop-top so you could see my stomach, no-one at school cared about the dress-code so I usually didn't care either. "I see we have something in common," I said gesturing at our shirts and giggling a little. I guess this is when he noticed most of my stomach was showing,which doesn't make sense because he had been staring at me almost non-stop for the past twelve minutes but anyway he noticed and his eyes got as big as saucers and he just looked really awkward and started blushing really bad "yeah.. that's cool." he said and he must have noticed that I saw him looking and he just started blushing even more. "Do you want to sit with me?" I said trying to make him feel less awkward he accepted my offer and sat down although he sat down like 5 feet away from me, I was feeling daring so I walked over and sat right next to him and we talked about our likes and dislikes until we realized we had missed 5th period and it was time for lunch, "Thanks for hanging out with me today Calum maybe we can make this an everyday thing since none of our friends have a free period before lunch." I said as we started walking back to the front of the school 'yeah that would be fun." I was glad he agreed so that I would have a friend to talk to so I wouldn't be alone and get depressed like I usually do when I'm alone. then all the sudden I did something I didn't expect to do I HUGGED him he looked surprised but he hugged back and he touched me on my right side on my rib-cage and I let out a little yelp as my secret was still sore. He looked concerned and he asked me what happened and I figured he would think it was embarrassing and not want to talk to me so I told him I would tell him during 4th tomorrow he still wouldn't leave it alone so I decided to do something to shut him up that he wouldn't expect. Since I was in 5" heels it was pretty easy to do but since I'm only 4ft 8" it was still a little hard so I got on my tiptoes in my platform heels and kissed him on the cheek, I didn't wait for his reaction I just walked into the school and lost him in the crowd that was headed towards the cafeteria. I sat at my usual table with my friends and we chatted non-stop about our summers and how everything had went they kept asking why I wasn't in 5th but I just kept quiet whenever they asked about it, my lips tingled from where I had kissed him on the cheek which confused me because I never felt like that with Brendon even when I kissed him on the LIPS. I looked around trying to find Luke and his friends and found them over by the main entrance I also saw Brendon walking towards my table so I tried to make it look like I had been staring at Luke and that I hadn't been in a staring contest with Calum for the last 5 minutes. "Hey babe'" he said as he came over and kissed me "Oh... hey" I said and looked over at that table to see Calum looking at me shocked before getting up and running out of the room, I felt SO bad for leading him on like that and I wanted to go after him and apologize for being a bitch but Brendon is a very territorial person and he's the captain of the football team and would most likely beat Calum up and I've only known him two days but I already couldn't bear to see him hurt.

*Skip to end of lunch and start of music*

Like usual I went into music and was about to sit down next to Luke but I saw Calum sitting there and he looked crushed and I couldn't do that to him so I decided to sit by myself at the front of the class. After Mrs.Holiday took role she looked straight at me and asked me to perform a song I didn't know why But I got up anyway and grabbed Lucy (her guitar www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=16576...) and went to the front. I was about to start playing the girls wake up song when the teacher whom I had had as a teacher ever since I started going to this school gave me sheet music and told me I had to sing as well, and that was fine with me until I realized what song it was "NO please," I begged "you absolutely can't make me do this." I said on the verge of tears "Miss Hemmings I can and I will now DO IT. I didn't understand how she could be so cruel but I had to get good grades in this class so I did as I was told, I hadn't sung any of his songs since he died and the second I started playing I let the tears flow freely ( this is what she sang www.youtube.com/watch?v=gd2o-9uA... ) the second I finished I put Lucy in her case carefully and fled the room. I hit my back on the lockers and slid down sobbing loudly.I heard footsteps and felt someone slide down the lockers next to me and put their arm around me, " Go away Luke I just want to be alone" I said still crying, "I'm not Luke" the unknown person said.Wait WHAT
and that's when I passed out.

*Calum's POV*

I didn't understand why she was making such a big deal about performing a song, that is until I heard the first couple seconds of the song and I understood I felt so bad for her when I saw her crying while singing, but she was such a GOOD singer and she was so pretty when she cried I kept telling myself that she had led me on and that I shouldn't feel sorry for her, but it wasn't really her fault I just assumed she didn't have a boyfriend. I shouldn't be mad at her at all while I was thinking about this she ended the song stood up put her guitar back in the case rather delicately and ran out of the room. Luke and I looked at each other shocked "you go talk to her and I will talk to the teacher." Luke said as he got up and ran over to Mrs.Holiday looking rather pissed I got up and walked out of the room to find Violet on the floor leaning against the lockers crying.; I didn't know what to do so I walked up and slid down the lockers to sit beside her before putting my arm around her and pulling her close to me, " Go away Luke I just want to be alone" she said still crying "I'm not Luke." I said and then all of the sudden she went limp I freaked out and picked her up and brought her to the nurse, the nurse asked me to stay until she woke up so I sat on the bed opposite her and drifted into a deep sleep.
*2 hours later Violet's POV*

I woke up in the nurses office with a killer headache I went to sit up when I heard a boy talking to the nurse freaking out he didn't notice I had sat up but I didn't care all I cared about was how I got here and why Calum was sleeping on the bed across from me. I got up and asked the boy what had happened and found that it was Luke, "thank god your okay" he said hugging me "what happened?" I said confused "and don't talk so loud I have a killer headache" I added, "well after you sang that song you went in the hall and calum found you but a few seconds after he did you passed out, I suppose it was from stress that's what the nurse thinks too. "Okay... that makes sense for the most part but why is Calum still here." I asked I doubt he would want to stay here after the way I treated him "because I refused to leave." Calum said from behind me making me jump, "Why...?" I said "I thought you would've hated me after what I did" I added trying to be quiet I didn't want either of them to hear... no such luck,
" what did you do Vivi?" Luke said giving both Calum and I a look, "It's not important just forget about it," Calum said 'thank you' I mouthed to him "and Luke and I started to leave but Calum ran up and asked for a minute alone with me once we were far enough away from Luke he started to talk to me "Don't think this means your off the hook you still have to tell me whyyou freaked out when I touched your side during 4th tomorrow. Okay?" he said "dammit I thought you had forgotten..." I trailed off "Nope I didn't I'll see you at the tree tomorrow." and then he did something I didn't think he would he gave me a kiss on the cheek and walked out the front doors.

*Calum's POV*
"WTF DID I JUST DO!" I scream once I'm in my car "she has a boyfriend you complete IDIOT!!" but I am so happy I did it and at that moment I was so happy that Luke invited me to their pool party tomorrow."



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