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Dirty Little Secret.

I woke up and got ready like I usually would but today was an exception because I got up at 5:00am to do my nails, I decided that my outfit was gonna give some indication to Calum what this was about and if he makes fun of my outfit then I won't tell him at all, I put on my favorite blue crop-top and acid-wash skinny jeans along with my -Jeffrey Campbell- light blue leather lita boots I also grabbed my white horn headband and put it on my head I then put on my makeup and grabbed my favorite messenger bag ( this ) Aunt Liz had informed me last night at dinner that her and the twins had to leave early to catch their flight meaning I had to give Luke a ride to school as well, the whole ride I was thinking about how Calum would react, most of my thoughts being that he was gonna think I was a weirdo and not wanna be my friend anymore. I was jolted out of my mind half-way to school by Luke trying to start a conversation "so... you look different today." "what do you mean by that!?" I said defensively "it's just that you haven't worn colors since you woke up in the hospital." he said I could tell he didn't mean it the way it came out. "It's OK I dunno why I did I guess I'm just happier today." I said with a shrug trying to be casual about it, no-one knew that Calum and I met up yesterday or that we were gonna meet up every day in the future and I wanted to keep it that way I didn't want Brendon knowing I was hanging out with Calum behind his back and beat him up I wouldn't know what to do with myself if that happened. "Did Brendon do something nice for you yesterday?" he asked, "no he hasn't done anything for me in a while actually..." I trailed off as we arrived at school. I went to my locker to get my stuff and just as I was about to close my locker when someone came up and slammed it, if it wasn't for my quick reflexes I would've probably broken my hand from how hard they slammed it. "When were you gonna invite me to your pool party?" Brendon said he looked really scary to be perfectly honest, "Oh sorry I forgot to invite you... well your invited to my pool party tonight." I paused "you can bring someone as well if you want, like a friend or something." I finished "Oh... so I can bring my cousin... Um Ashley?" he said "Yeah I guess... listen babe I gotta get to class bye." I said and walked off. I don't think Ashley is his cousin... I know for a fact that she isn't...

*skip to 4th period*
I sat through 3 classes wondering what Calum would think of my outfit we had agreed to meet by my locker and walk to the oak tree together. What I wasn't expecting to see at my locker was a very pissed off Brendon. "SHIT! I hadn't planned for this" I said under my breath. "Babe what the fuck I've been waiting for you to get here for 10 minutes I got my free period changed to 4th so we could hang out." He said SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! act natural act natural my phone buzzed letting me know I had gotten a text *I see the situation your in so I'll just meet you by our tree HURRY -C*
"sorry babe I have plans already I'll see you at lunch" I said grabbing Lucy from my locker I started to walk away from him but he grabbed my wrist HARD. "Oh with who?" he asked innocently, I didn't want anything to happen to Calum so I resorted to lying "no-one I'm just gonna go practice guitar and you know I work better alone ." I said hoping that would make him drop it "Oh okay, bye." He snarled at me and walked away. I sighed in relief before running outside making sure he didn't see me and heading towards Calum and I's tree when I arrived Calum was already chilling on one of the branches so I handed him Lucy and climbed up after him. "OK now you are my favorite person in the world it's official!" he said "wha- what do you mean?" I said confused he took my hand and studied my nails before looking at my shirt and then my bag "that's what I mean!" he said pointing at my shirt my bag and my nails "Monsters inc and monsters university are my two favorite movies!" he said freaking out so bad I thought he would fall out of the tree. "Wait that's not what I wanted to talk to you about today it's off topic why did you yelp or whatever when I hugged you?" he said I thought I could have some fun and play with him a bit "Why tell you when I could just show you?" I said as seductively as possible and started lifting my shirt his eyes instantly got as big as saucers. "You can't do that Violet you have a BOYFRIEND." he said freaking out and trying to pull my shirt back down. " JESUS CHRIST CALUM I AM OFFENDED IT'S NOT LIKE I WAS GONNA SHOW YOU MY BOOBS!" I said laughing "unless you want me to?" I said and started reaching for my shirt again earning me a glare and a swat on the arm from Calum that was so funny I almost fell out of the tree I was laughing so hard. "No but seriously there is something under my shirt I need to show you and I PROMISE it isn't my boobs." I say "Okay... what isit?" I can see him visibly relax and I pull shirt up on my right side just under my breast which makes Calum visibly squirm which I enjoy quite a bit and then I turn so that he can see a large tattoo on the right side of my rib-cage ( Sully tattoo ). "WOW that's beautiful who drew it for you?" he said staring at it and he kind of looked sad when I started to pull my shirt down, "Actually I uh I drew it myself." I said squirming "wow you did that it's amazing Vi." he said I start crying right when he says that and he freaks out "whats wrong Vi what happened?" he says obviously concerned " Oh sorry it's nothing it's just that's what my dad used to call me." then he does something unexpected he pulls me onto his lap and hugs me tight and I would jump off because I have a boyfriend, and I probably should but I need this and so I just snuggle into his chest and hug him back crying even harder and he continues to hug me and kiss my forehead while he whispers soothing things in my ear. When I feel better he puts me back on the branch rather awkwardly "well maybe I will actually wear a swimsuit at my pool party now, I mean I figured everyone would just laugh at me but since you like it you can have my back." I say with a smile a REAL smile "yeah I got you." he says and starts humming the tune to _Dirty Little Secret All American Rejects- and I believe that that is my cue and so I grab Lucy and begin to play and sing simultaneously. ( www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvQsyD4G... )
*later before the pool party*
"LUKE WHERE'S MY POOL BOY BAG?!" I scream across the hall. You see you might have thought our pool was in our backyard but no, we live on a VERY large expanse of land and our pool is on the opposite side from our house and so is the guest house which is actually bigger than our house but we have no use for so many rooms so we live in the slightly smaller one. It being on the opposite side we have to drive there, which usually takes about 15 minutes and then spend the night in the guest house so I needed my bag to pack clothes. "LUCAS!!!" I scream since he's still not answering and I know that will get his attention, "WHAT VIVI!!! GOD DAMN!!!!" he screams
"ha I knew it would work. WHERE'S MY POOL BOY BAG?!?!?!?!" I say AGAIN "IT'S IN THE KITCHEN!!!" he yelled back "fucking finally took you long enough asshat." I laughed as I went and got my bag to shove all my stuff in making sure to bring a spare swimsuit because I always seem to spill something on my clothes and I can't be bothered to come back to the real house to get a new one along with my hair dye since Mikey promised he would re-dye my hair if I did his too. I got dressed in my swimsuit, my batman shorts, my favorite tank-top, my favorite tan sandals and my vest.My swimsuit shows off a bit too much skin so I'm gonna have to keep my shirt on til' I get there so that Luke doesn't make me turn the car around and go home to change. The thing that scares me though is I don't care like at ALL what Brendon thinks of my swimsuit, I care about what CALUM thinks of my outfit... and that scares me… I shove everything in my bag before grabbing my heart glasses and my keys and heading towards the car.
( pool party outfit Vi )
Once Luke and I arrived at the guest house people start showing up, the last one to show up NO SURPRISE to anyone is Calum and I can’t help but stare at how sexy he looks without a shirt on
Calum pool party outfit.
and he notices me staring so I get embarrassed and stare at the ground, but I just can’t stand how sexy he looks and it makes me think he’s doing it on purpose. “Two can play at this game Mr.Hood” I mutter and make sure he’s looking when i slowly remove my shorts followed by my shirt I notice him staring at me and feel accomplished “HA I WON!” looking him straight in the eye before realizing what I said and staring at the floor, and a few seconds later Luke comes out of the house with drinks and tries to greet Calum, “Calum mate what are you staring at?” he says waving a hand in front of Calum’s face before following his gaze. By this time Luke has realized Calum is staring at me and he has also realized WHY seeing as my boobs are basically hanging out of my swimsuit.Luke then goes to Calum and moves him in front of the pool then kicks him swiftly in the nuts at which Calum curses and falls into the pool. “WHAT THE HELL LUCAS!!” I scream at him “WHY DID YOU DO THAT!?!?!” I continue to scream at him “ he was staring at you.” Luke replies sheepishly while rubbing his neck “SO!!!” I scream one final time before jumping into the pool to help Calum. "hey are you okay?" I whispered to Calum once I had gotten him back on solid ground, "yeah, I'm fine." he said coughing and spluttering from being pushed into the pool all of the sudden, "You are clearly not fine there is a giant gash on the side of your head c'mon we have a first-aid kit in the bathroom "Luke you are beyond stupid in my eyes right now." I said as I walked Calum inside. I find the first-aid kit in the bathroom and clean and bandage the gash on Calum's forehead, once I had finished we started to walk back outside but I heard giggling coming from the second door on the left in the hallway so I got suspicious I opened it slowly expecting to see one of my friends but instead I see something that breaks my heart in two, Brendon and Ashley his "cousin" are on the bed making out. I douldn't even think straight so I ran up to them and pushed Brendon off the bed HARD. he deserved it anyways... "What the hell who the fuck-" Brendon starts to say before he see's me "Oh shit." he says " Violet it's not what it looks like" he says trying to play it off " Oh really because what it looked like was you making out with your "cousin" I said putting quotations when I said cousin "I fucking trusted you you know what." I said and I smacked him as hard as I could " GET THE FUCK OFF MY PROPERTY, BOTH OF YOU!" I screamed getting angrier by the second "no we were invited we have a right to be here." Ashley says with a smirk on her face " Bitch FUCK YOU I invited you and I can kick you out." I said pointing my finger at her "So... GET THE FUCK OFF MY PROPERTY!!" I said through gritted teeth trying to stay calm. "No... I think I'll stay in this room and get, Better acquainted with Brendon here." I had finally lost it, I lunged at Ashley and started clawing at her, pulling at her hair and yelling at her. Someone pulled me off of her and I started screaming because I thought it was Brendon "hey I'm fine with you screaming but please don't hit my head I have already had enough damage done there for one day." Calum said when he pulled me out of the room and back out to the pool.the second I got outside I turned around and hugged Calum like he was my lifeline I don't understand why Brendon would do this to me, I wasn't hooking up with anyone else. I'm a virgin he should KNOW that. Wait what if it was because I wouldn't have sex with him!That would be SO low
the second Luke saw me crying he came over and asked me what was wrong but I just clung to Calum tighter and sobbed into his chest. Luke finally got it out of Calum what happened and by the time Calum had finished explaining Luke looked like he was about to murder someone.He told Calum to watch me and he went inside, I felt so bad because I thought I had ruined this party for all my friends and all of Luke's friends but in reality no-one had noticed I was crying. Sahara was busy flirting with Ashton, Gabe was M- M- MAKING OUT WITH MICHAEL?! I thought she had a boyfriend well whatever and Valerie and Chloe were making-out in the pool the only ones to notice I was hurt were Luke and Calum. Maybe that says something about him. I think I passed out at one point of my crying because only Luke's friends were still here when I woke up. I decided to pretend to be asleep to listen to the conversation they were having, which was obviously about me. "G- guys," Luke said his voice shaking "We can't leave Vivi alone tonight I'm afraid she may hurt herself again." how did he know about that!? "what do you mean?" Calum said he was holding my hand while I slept, "well before the car accident she got bullied alot at school and one day we were at the pool and I saw she had cuts on her arms, all up and down them and they were really bad guys, like REALLY bad." Luke said as he started to cry "I'm afraid she's gonna do it again." he added "but this time... she won't have any reason to stop." he finished crying so bad he had hiccups. Calum just gripped my hand tighter. That's when I decided I should "wake up" but before I got the chance to announce that I was awake Luke said something I never expected "Calum I want you to sleep in her room tonight there are two beds so it's not a big deal but she seems to trust you and since you were there when it happened I think you should stay with her." Luke said "Um...Er...okay." Calum said. "Okay so that's settled then, but I still think we need reinforcements so I'm calling her brothers," Luke said finally 'OH MY GOD YAY I CAN'T WAIT!' I screamed internally. "AND their friends Matt, and Cam." he finished 'YES' I screamed again in my head but I didn't want to get up and do my signature 'snoopy happy dance.' because then they would know I had been listening. "WAIT... WHOA WHOA WHOA there she has brothers?" Calum, Ashton and Michael all said in unison. "Yeah?" Luke said a bit confused "I figured since you all love NickelBack so much you would know about Nash and Hayes?" he said confused "OH I've heard about this." Ashton said "her mom and her dad got a divorce and she got Vi's twin brother Nash and her younger brother Hayes and Vi's dad got her, and then they married different people and now her mom has a little girl named Skylynn who's the same age as Vi's little sisters Lilac and Iris. Right...?" he said "Holy shit" Calum, Michael and even LUKE said. "WHAT! there is such a thing as wikipedia." he said laughing, and that's when I "woke up".



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