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Less Secrets


A world tour, a big scare, less secrets, but a big secret, and a big surprise.
The Sequel to Keep Your Secrets


5 Seconds Of Summer

5 Seconds Of Summer

Andie Carter

Andie Carter


Astaire Gwyneth Williams

Astaire Gwyneth Williams


Charli Ginny Sanders

Charli Ginny Sanders


Ella Rae Johnson & Wally Decker

Ella Rae Johnson & Wally Decker

23 & 35

Jozzie Marshall

Jozzie Marshall





Zemorah Gisele Knight

Zemorah Gisele Knight

19, Narrates


  1. One

  2. Two

  3. Three

  4. Four

    Trigger Warning

  5. Note

  6. Five

  7. Six

  8. Seven

  9. Eight

    Slight TW

  10. Nine

  11. Ten

  12. Eleven

  13. Twelve


I love your comments!
Tara and Ashton????
Also, the issues with the grammar are on purpose as English is Tara's second language.
I appreciate all the attention you've given my story so so much, and I hope to get back to writing it soon!

Let me first start this off by apologizing for not seeing this sooner! I've been coming on less because this site is going downhill with logging in and I'm running out of sites to use as my log in. So if I mysteriously vanish for more than a year, you know it's because this site wouldn't let me log in.

Alright, onto the actual chapter content! :)

I honestly had to reread old comments because I had forgotten a bit since it's been a while. But it all came flooding back with each comment and I remembered what happened previously.

Which brings me to this next reaction, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUUU?!?!?!?

Something is clearly going on with Tara and Ashton, either that or they were just smooshing booties again. >.> Which is plausible, [see Story One for reference] xD

I'm like, depressed, scared, shocked and excited all at the same time! If she's still pregnant, what does this mean for the twin still in the womb? Is it going to go through trauma during the growing process without it's other half? I've heard so many horror stories about surviving twins. The hell they go through because the other twin isn't there, or being born only to die because the lack of their other half. It's frightening to think about and what is Zem gonna do?!

Meanwhile, she needs to stop ignoring Luke and leaving him out of things. I'm also fearful he's going to be so done with her walls that he'll distance himself from her. Dx

You have to fix my fears, hun. Get to writing that next chapter!!

Also, I noticed your grammar is a bit off in this one. Almost like you're writing this after you've lost the memory to speak English. There's an actual word for this and it's escaping me. >.> But yes, that needs fixed and you're missing words again! :)

(But please update! Please! Only if you're doing alright yourself!! <3)

InValid InValid

@Carol Clifford
Finally! I know, lol

Anger is a secondary emotion, and it really came from her being sad and scared about the whole thing. And yeah, lol, wouldn't we all?

Thank you!


Like, I get her being mad at them. In her place, in her head...I would be too. But honestly? I would've done the same if I were them.

I'm just so happy she finally told him and they're together through it. Like, physically there when this moment happened. <3

Hopefully things start to get easier on her and we can get back to that small moment of happiness they had.

(Also, please get better author. Your mental health is just as important as your character's.)

InValid InValid

@Carol Clifford
I know! All stories have their downs! And she is a down person!