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English Love Affair

Chapter 1- They Meet

Chapter 1- Elaina’s POV
“I would like you to meet, the band,” My brother Calum said dramatically.
Calum didn’t even know that I existed until 3 months ago when my mom came out about having a “One night stand” with Calum’s dad. We were first mad about it especially when they decided to get married. We were always at each other’s throats about something. A lot of times it seemed to be about toothpaste. But we made a vow that we would ‘become’ brother and sister as best as we could.
So that’s how I wound up meeting Luke, Ashton, and Michael.
“It’s nice to meet you,” I said politely.
“We’re going to go practice. Do you want to come?” Calum asked pointedly. He wanted them to all hear how good of a singing voice I had. For some reason, he seemed strangely proud of it.
“Ummmm,” I looked at the clock. “Maria’s going to be here soon. I can’t, were going out.”
Michael cat called me and then Calum hit him. “That’s my sister, mate. And they’re not going to a bar or anything, right?” he asked.
I giggle. “Yeah, we’re just going to her house and then skate-boarding.”
“Can’t you come up for a little?” Ashton asked. “You know, she’s not here yet.”
“That’s a good idea,” Calum said. “You can hear a little of our sucky band.”
I laughed. “Ok.” This was going to be awkward. He was going to have me sing, ‘Hey Everybody’ which was my favorite, and the song that I was best at.
“Let’s do ‘Hey Everybody’,” Calum said enthusiastically. “Luke, just play guitar. You guys have to listen to Mckayla sing this! She’s an angel,” he was very eager to have me sing.
Luke looked a bit hurt. “Ok.”
After I sang, everyone started at me in awe. “You’re even better than I am,” Luke said, in awe.
“Which is saying a lot,” Michael snickered.
Ashton laughed. “Yeah, Luke is just full of himself.”
“Real funny guys, but really, she’s amazing. She’s like Adele, but better,” Luke said.
I blushed. “You know-” I was cut off by Annmarie coming up the stairs. I stood up but before I could walk toward her, I saw her face. It was hilarious. She was so confused. But pleased.
She pointed at Calum. “It’s no surprise to see you here,” She was the first one I told about Calum and all the other stuff. “But you three are a total surprise.”
Michael smiled. “You are Michael Clifford,” she said breathlessly.
“Thanks for telling me. I almost forgot for a moment,” he said with mock seriousness.
I just burst out laughing. “Smart ass,” I said directing it toward Michael.
“Thank you.”
“Come on, Maria, let’s go,” I said walking out of the room. “Calum, I’ll be back by 10.”
He frowned, “I don’t think-”
“Byeeee!!!” I yelled drowning out the rest of his words and dragged Maria down the stairs.
When we got outside into Maria’s brand new SlugBug, she looked at me. “You forgot to mention that I would see the love of my life today,” she said referring to Michael.
“Calum forgot to mention that I would be meeting his band today,” I retorted.
“Fair enough.”
We talked for a few minutes, talking about Calum having me sing for the guys, before we drove by her house. “Hey aren’t we going to watch Jurassic World?” I asked. She had just bought it and I was dying to watch it.
“Yeah, bad idea,” she said slowly. “Mom and dad had row. The tension is so thick in there it’s like walking through soup.” Her parents were always fighting.
“What about the movie?” I asked.
“After we get coffee and skateboard a little, I’ll sneak in and get it and we can watch it at your house,” Maria said.
I grimaced. “The guys might not be gone yet.”
“What wrong with that,” she laughed pulling into the Starbucks parking lot.
“They- they’re just- I don’t know. They’re just a little annoying and bothersome.”
“And the fact that they’re your brother’s best friends has nothing to do with that?” she asked. “You used to have the biggest crush on Ashton. And Calum.” She added.
“Ew!!!” I squealed getting out of the car. He is. My. Brother.”
She laughed. “You still think that Ashton is cute though?” she asked.
“Well, dur… And it’s obvious that you still loooove Michael,” I teased her.
“Well, it would be hard not to,” she giggled. “He is soooo cute!”
I laughed. “Well, he’s practically my brother. So if you start dating, don’t cause any drama. Heaven only knows there’s enough without everyone coupling up too,” I said lightly.
“Yeah,” she said as we walked into Starbucks. “Will you order for me?” she asked seeing how short the line was.” I need to go to the bathroom.”
The line went quick. When I reached the counter, I told the emo girl behind it, “A quad Venti on ice, light on the ice, white chocolate expresso and mint chocolate chip Frappuccino.” A lot to remember, I know. But I’m the one that likes the fancy coffees. Maria will settle for anything.
While I waited for the coffees I saw someone walk in. My ex. Zack Smith.
At first he didn’t see me. Then the horrible moment came when we made eye contact. Leaving his new girlfriend to order, he came up to me. “So are you dating Luke Hemmings now or something?” he asked cruelly.
I dumped Zack when I found out about Calum. I told Zack a little but not much. It was too much to deal with a boyfriend, especially one like Zack, and deal with living with a teenage boy as messy as Calum. But it’s a good thing that he’s not as messy as Luke.
“No,” I said slowly. “All those boys are practically my brothers. That’d be gross,” I said feeding him the lie about not dating any of the band members.
“Yeah well you all could do-” he started before Maria came up behind him and cut off whatever perverted comment he was about to make.
“You are done talking to her,” she said sternly.
He smiled sweetly at her. “Just a friendly chat,” he said before going back to his new girlfriend.
“What an asshole,” Maria said, glaring at him while taking her coffee, which had come.
“Ignore him. And whatever you do, don’t mention this interaction with Calum! Just imagine what he would do!” I said while picturing my protective brother beating up Zach Smith.
Just before she was about to get in the car, Maria looked up at the sky. It was six and the sun was going to be setting soon. “We should hurry over to the park so we can skate a little.”
We drove the 10 minute drive to the park and got our boards out of the small backseat. The back of them was made fancy by skeleton and zombie stickers.
It was fun to skate at this park. We were usually the only girls, unless you count the skater boys girlfriends. We were usually better than most of the guys there too, so it was fun to see their expressions when we did trick that they could only imagine to do.
We skated for about 2 hours until the sun crested over the mountain. Then we went to Maria’s house to get Jurassic World. And, of course, watch it at my house.


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