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English Love Affair

Chapter 2- The Start

Chapter 2
After the quick stop for Maria to run into her house, we returned to my house. And to my horror (and happiness) found that they guys were still there. But not practicing music. They were eating pizza (Michael) and playing videos games (all of them).
Michael had a piece for pizza hanging from his mouth as he was quickly and repeatedly tapping the buttons on the remote control fighting Calum for some kind of egg. Must have gave them ultimate power or something.
“Calum!” I yelled over the sound of guns.
He quickly looked over his shoulder at me. Then paused the game. Michael was very disappointed. “I was just about to kill you,” he whined.
“For the millionth time,” Ashton added.
“Your back extremely early,” Calum said, surprise all over his face.
“Well, we wanted to use the T.V. and watch Jurassic World here. But I see that it’s, uh, occupied,” I said eying the game consul.
“Oh we’ve been playing for a long time, you can watch your movie,” Ashton said quickly.
“Hey-” Michael started.
“But you got to let us watch it with you,” Calum said. “Luke and I have been dying to see it.”
I sighed. Maria giggled. “Ok,” I said sounding as pained as I could. “We’ll be right back, we’re going to the kitchen to get snacks.”



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