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English Love Affair

Chapter 3- Calum's POV

“What the heck was that about?” I asked Ashton.
“What?” he said with mock innocence.
“Giving the T.V. up?”
“He has a crush on Elaina, mate,” Luke said not looking up from his phone.
Ashton turned a funny shade of red.
“So it’s true then,” I said smiling. I was not going to drop this. Ashton was going to be tease. “That’s ok. But you are NEVER allowed to touch her, got it?” I said, playing the over-concerned brother card.
Ashton sighed. “Whatever.”
Michael and Luke smiled at each other. And I knew why. Whoever Ashton liked, he would not stop, no matter the costs, to get them. And it worried me. I hated to see girls get hurt. And Elaina was my sister. I would never forgive Ashton, if he broke her heart. Even though he is one of my best friends.



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