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English Love Affair

Chapter 4- Elaina's POV

Chapter 4- Elaina’s POV
We popped popcorn, grabbed the last of the pizza, and grabbed sodas out of the fridge to bring back to the living room.
Maria, with two pieces of pizza, plopped down next to Michael. Handing him a pizza, she said, “Have you seen this before?”
“Yeah,” he answered. “I went to the movies and saw it with my mom. It was her birthday.”
“Don’t spoil it,” she said jokingly.
“I won’t,” he promised. The rest of the night, he didn’t stop looking at her.
We had these awesome beanbags that my mom made during the divorce she had with my step-dad. Who, at the time, I thought was my real dad. They were huge and big enough to fit 3 people comfortable. They were my favorite chairs and sadly, we only had 2. And Luke was laying straight out on one, looking half asleep. And Ashton was sitting on the other one. I could sit by him, but it was intimidating to be by him.
Deciding, I sat by him, with a soda and popcorn.
He looked nervous for a moment. But changing his expression, he grabbed some popcorn out of my bag. “Michael has seen this before, just warning you.”
“Why would I need warned?” I asked.
“He has a history of ruining movies for us,” Ashton laughed.
“I’ll make sure to ignore him,’’ I said, smiling.
Throughout the movie, Ashton and I kept bumping elbows and knees. And hands whenever we shared the popcorn. When it was over, Michael let out a very loud breath.
“You know guys,” he said slowly. “It was very hard to keep some comments to myself.”
“So?” Calum said, questioningly.
“I think I deserve a treat,” he said happily. “And that treat will be to play the Xbox for as long as I want.”
Everyone remembered how he was upset when we took the T.V. from him and we all laughed.
“Ok,” I said. “That sounds fair.”
Maria swept her long dark brown hair into a ponytail. “Will you teach me to play?” she asked and playfully fluttered her long, black eyelashes at him.
“Of course.”
Ashton and I didn’t move. In fact we seemed to only get closer together. Calum looked like he was about to say something, but held his tongue. Luke finally put down his phone. “Hey Michael, put it on 4 players, will you? I want to play.”
“Who else is going to play,” Michael asked, looking around. Deciding that Calum was, he threw the last controller at him.
For a while watched Maria trying to kill Luke and failing horribly. And Michael protecting her with the big guns he bought. And Michael keep killing Calum.
I checked the time on my phone. It was 11:36. Seeing the numbers I yawned. Ashton looked at me out of the corner of his eyes. I pulled my knees up to my chest and laid my head on his shoulder. He smiled a small smile. But sadness hinted at the corners of his eyes.



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