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English Love Affair

Chapter 5- Ashton's POV- Being Mad At Calum

Chapter 6- Ashton’s POV
The minute she stepped out of my arms, a piece fell out of my heart. Stupid Calum. Micro-managing her like this. She was free to make her own choices.
“Calum wouldn’t like this,” she said, turning away from me.
“Who cares what he thinks?” I said, and putting my hand on her shoulder. “I like you. And I think you like me too. You shouldn’t let Calum micro-manage your life.”
“I’m not. We promised to not fight about stupid stuff anymore. And what if he got so mad that it split up your band?” she asked worriedly
“That wouldn’t happen. But I want to be with you. Don’t you?”
“It’s a bad idea,” she said, stepping back inside.
I stared at all the houses. Calum. Stupid Calum. I needed to talk to him.
I went back into the living room. They were all still playing videos games. When Calum saw that I had come back in, he stared at me suspiciously then went back to the video games.
When I sat down on the same bean bag that I sat on with Elaina. Maria came and sat by me.
“What happened?” she asked worriedly. Did my face really give away that much?
“Calum’s rules,” I said sourly.
“Oh. Those rules,” she said knowingly. “I’m going to go see Elaina.”



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