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English Love Affair

Chapter 7- Wise Luke

Chapter 7- Elaina’s POV
The next day, I woke up to see Maria still next to me. She was sleeping, with her eye make smeared all around her eyes from being up all night comforting me. I needed to talk to Calum. That rule is ridiculous. I was 17. He didn’t need to control my life.
I went downstairs hoping to see Calum on the couch with his note book trying to write songs like he usually was after he had breakfast, it was almost 9 so I imagined that he would be up.
Instead I found Michael, Ashton and Calum all asleep on the couch. Michael’s lips had pizza sauce smeared all around the edges and he still had his remote control in his hand.
I went in to the kitchen thinking that I would make pancakes or something. Sitting at the table was Luke, writing in a notebook.
“Hi,” I said going to the fridge to get out eggs and milk for the pancakes.
“Good morning,” was his reply. “So about last night.”
“Did Ashton go and brag about what happened?” I asked.
“Well he seemed pretty messed up. I don’t think that anything happened that was worth bragging about. But I know it had to do something with a rule that Calum made up yesterday,” Luke said knowingly.
“Yeah, I’m not allowed to date Ashton. Or like him. Or anything like that,” I said angrily mixing all the pancake ingredients.
Do you want to know my opinion? I think you should talk to Calum. And if he doesn’t see your side of things, do what you want with Ashton. He isn’t your dad. He can’t control you. And he isn’t going to split up the and over something stupid like Ashton dating you,” Luke said, wisely.
“When did you become so wise?” I asked smiling. “I don’t know. We’ll see.”
I finished cooking the rest of the pancake batter. When the last one was almost near perfection, Michael came in, rubbing his eyes. “What is that delicious smell?” he asked, groggily.
“Pancakes,” I said giving him a plate with buttered pancakes with maple syrup and peanut butter on.
“Thanks,” he said, his words muffled by the food in his mouth.
I gave Luke his next then sat down and ate my own. The next person to wake up was Maria with all the makeup washed away and newly replied. She ate carefully to avoid messing up her perfectly done dark red lips that matched her dark tan skin perfectly.
Then Calum woke up and Ashton. All of the said that my cooking was excellent.
Soon after, everyone left, leaving me and Calum to clean up.
“So Calum,” I said.
“Elaina,” he said.
“I need to discuss something with you. I don’t like what you told Ashton about not dating me. And I don’t like how you are controlling my life. I have been hurt plenty of times, I’m strong and I appreciate that you are trying to protect me, but I would like it if you would tone it down a bit,” I said quickly.
He looked surprised. “You don’t know what I know about him. I can’t.” he said them went out to talk to Ashton.



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