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English Love Affair

Chapter 8- Alone With Ashton

Chapter 8
I spent most of the day in my room, on my bed, browsing Facebook. I heard the door open and assumed it was Calum. I was going to give him the silent treatment. I couldn’t deal with him anymore.
Soon someone came into my room. It was Ashton. “Our relationship has been denied,” he said with a sneer in his voice.
I frowned. “As I expected,” I said going down to the kitchen with Ashton following me.
He pulled a joint out of the breast pocket of his shirt. My eyes went wide. What the media informed me about him did not prepare me for this.
“What?” he asked, smiling innocently. “Can a guy have some fun?” he took a deep drag off of it, the tip lighting up like a maraschino cherry. He then passed to me. When I tried to deny it, he said, “Live a little.”
I hesitantly put the joint to my lips. I took a short breath in, and let it out with a horrendous cough.
That made him smile. God, I loved his smile. I went and pulled a pie out of the fridge. I made it last night with the last blackberries of the season from my garden. There was enough left for me and Ashton to share.
He took another drag. With every drag, his eyes became even glassier.
Within a few more drags, and half of the rest of the pie gone, I felt as if I was floating. I was faintly aware of my surrounding, but more aware the Ashton and I were home alone.
I walked towards him. With my finger, I scooped up a small amount of the goop from the pie and spread some on his lips and then mine, trying to be sensual.
He licked his lips, though not removing most of the goop.
He looked into my eyes, a deep stare that heated up my soul. “I love you,” he said slowly. “In the worst fucking way.”
He kissed me, managing to remove all traces of blackberries from our lips. He wrapped one hand around the back of my neck and grabbed my other hand with the other. At first his kisses were small and quick. But then they deepened. Long open mouthed kisses that left us gasping for breath.
He pushed me down on the table, the pie forgotten. He kissed my neck and giant tingles spasm down my back. He nuzzled his face against me neck and slightly moaned, “I want you.”
He reached up my shirt and felt every part of me. While he was gently caressing, I let out a small, helpless moan.
I ignored that small voice in the back of my mind, the Calum sounding one, the one that said, ‘this is bad. Stop this right now.’ But I didn’t want to stop. I wanted it to go further, so much further.
“Your good at that,” I sighed. “Further.”
He hurried to exceed demand. He picked me up and hurried up the stairs to my room, me giggling all the way. When he set me down on my bed, he shut me up with his deep kisses. In a matter of seconds our clothes were shed leaving us in our underwear.
When he pulled up for air, he looked at me, his gaze stopping at my bare breasts. “God, did it hurt when you fell from heaven, because you are. So. Fucking Beautiful.”
He went back down again and kissed me. My neck, hollow of my collarbone, stomach, chest, moving his tongue in pleasuring patterns.
Then at the worst possible moment, we heard the front door open.
“Shit,” Ashton murmured, jumping off of me. He threw my clothes at me then hurried into his own clothes. As soon as we were dresses we hurried to opposite sides of the room and tried to look busy. Then my door burst open, Michael standing in the door way.
“Calum’s pissed,” he said simply.
“Why Ashton asked, jumping up as if he already knew the answer.
“Because you’re here,” Michael said with barely enough time to get out of the way before Ashton came barreling past him.
It was only a moment before I heard yelling, Calum the Ashton. Soon Luke and Maria were in my room, hiding out from the two boys testosterone filled fury.



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