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English Love Affair

Chapter 9

Chapter 9
The only part of the fight between Calum and Ashton I heard was when Ashton yelled, “Just because you have some stupid crush on your SISTER, doesn’t mean that you can keep her from everyone else! She’s her own person!” then the front door slammed.
My eyes went wide. Maria’s plum red mouth formed an “oh”. Luke didn’t look the least bit surprised. When we all looked at him, he said, “What? None of you see the way that Calum looks at her?” Now that I think of it he does stare at me a lot. But he’s never pulled a move or anything. And he was obsessed with my voice. But we had the same blood. He wouldn’t try anything.
My door flew open slamming into the wall. “Get out!” Calum said addressing everyone but me. Everyone hurried out and that left me scared standing in front of a very angry Calum.
“You heard what Ashton said?” Calum asked, glaring.
“Y-yes,” I trembled. I have never seen Calum mad. It scared the wits out of me. I wanted him to leave. “Explain,” I said bravely.
“Well I don’t like you. I do think your beautiful and funny-,” he cut himself off. “But we blood siblings. I would have gotten over it and you know that I would never try anything. And I wasn’t keeping you to myself. Ashton is dangerous.”
“No,” I said slowing, understanding. “You were. You hated Zach. You’re fighting with Ashton about us dating. It’s not about Ashton at all. It’s about me. You like me. And you hate anyone that does too! I understand now! Your so fucking selfish, Calum!” I said, barreling out of my room and down the stairs. I paused at the bottom of the stairs and yelled up them, “I am NOT staying here tonight, you creep!” Then rushed out the door.
Maria was outside. “I have a brilliant idea,” I said, still raging from Calum. “Let’s go on a road trip. To Melbourne. I need to get out of here,” I said, referring to how I hated Sydney in this moment.
“Um, ok?” she said. “Don’t you need clothes and stuff? How about I will meet you back here in an hour?”
“Ok,” I said.
I spent that hour getting a weeks’ worth of clothes and snack to last two days. When Maria pulled up I saw all the boys crammed into her small. I brought my bags out and stood near the.
“Well Michael decided that he and Ashton were going to come with us,” she said getting out. “So I guess we need to take your ram.”
“What about you?” I asked Luke.
“I’m staying here with Calum. We’re going to talk about his, uh, problem, and other stuff,” Luke said, then went inside to explain what was happening and why to Calum.
We loaded all the bags into the bed of the ram and Ashton hopped in the driver’s seat of the truck. “What do you think you’re doing?” I asked him.
“I’m driving,” he said. “Oldest gets to drive first.” Then Maria and Michael got in the back, leaving me to sit in the passenger seat. My favorite. “I get to control the radio though,” I said.
Towards the end of the day, everyone was laughing, and Michael had eaten everyone’s share of food for the day before I had to confiscate the bag from him. “Were going to need to stop to eat,” I said
“Ok,” Ashton said pulling off on the next ramp which advertised a Sonic. “We should probably get motel rooms too.”
We got cheeseburgers and milkshakes from Sonic then stopped at a Marriot to sleep. I looked at Ashton. We’re going to be gone for like a week. We can’t sleep like this every night.”
He looked at me pointedly. “Do you really think that money is a problem for us?”
“I guess not,” I laughed. “But this is so not a motel.”
Ashton went in and got two rooms and we moved our backpacks and bags into the rooms. Ashton and Michael had one, and Maria and I had one.
“Were going to get pizza or Chinese take-out or something,” Ashton said, he and Michael said getting back in my car.
“Ok,” I said, Maria and I going back to my room.
We got into more comfortable clothes. Me wearing a batman shirt with black shorts with the batman symbols all over them. Maria was wearing the same, but red superman instead, since it was more appealing to her olive skin.
As we were painting our nails, I asked her, “What’s with you and Michael?” trying to sound casual.
She laughed. “Nothing, really. At least I don’t think. But, you know, I fall for him harder every day,” she said her voice getting sad.
“Talk to him,” I said.
“Ugh. I can’t do that. It’ll just be- if we broke up- Well let’s just say it be even more awkward between you and Calum,” she said blowing on her hot red toes.
I tensed up. “We will not be talking about Calum this whole trip,” I said.
“Ok, ok,” she said.
Soon Ashton and Michael were back with Panda Express and a Walmart bag and a brown paper bag.
They put the food down on a table in the kitchenette of our room, put the brown bag in the mini fridge and the Walmart bag in the cupboard.
We dug in to the food. “What was in the bags?” I asked as soon as I was full.
“Oh, just a game that we’re going to play,” Michael said mysteriously.
While we waited for the food to settle and to play the mystery game, we listen to 5sos’s new album.
When English love affair came on I freaked out. For a minute I stood there with wide eyes taking in how hot Michael voice sounded and the guitar and drums at the beginning at the beginning. Then I just started laughing. Ashton took my hand and we started dancing.
“Let’s play the game now!” Michael said loudly. He went to the fridge and pulled out a glass bottle of tequila. And in the Walmart bag was small Dixie cups.
“We are playing 2 truths and a lie,” Michael said.
“How’d you get the alcohol,” I asked.
“I’m 21,” Ashton said smugly, taking a shot before the game even started.
I laughed and held my cup out to Michael, who was holding the glass bottle. I took a shot and swallowed quickly and coughed. The stuff was vile. Maria laughed. “Haven’t you ever had tequila before?” she asked. When I shook my head, she said, “Wow your teenage hood been a disappointment.”
I then realized that when Maria and I went to parties the stuff in her red plastic cups must have been alcohol.
After a few rounds of the game, I was totally tipsy and couldn’t stop giggling.
Then it was Ashton’s turn, who was even drunk then I was. But not as much as Maria and Michael, who weren’t even playing the game anymore, just taking shots.
“Ok, so, I am still a virgin, I will probably go to college within the next year, or that I am deeply in love with Elaina,” Ashton said, some of his words slurring.
That got everyone’s attention. Maria laughed. “That’s soooo ovious,” she said, slurring.
“Hey Maria, come’re,” Michael said pulling Maria up by her hand and walking out of the room.
“So even when you’re drunk. You still love me?” I asked. I was drunk but not so much to be oblivious to what just happened. In fact, when that happened, I mostly sobered up.
“Well yeah,” said Ashton, who seemed to have sobered up also. “Why wouldn’t I?”
“Well, I thought you just wanted sex,” I said truthfully.
He scoffed. “No. I have never met anyone like you. You are amazing and beautiful and just- wow.” With each word his voice got deeper. We were sitting in front each other with our knees practically touching. He grabbed my hands. Then leaned over and kissed me.
He slowly laid me down till he was on top of me. He grabbed my wrists and with one hand pinned them above my head. With his other hand he gently run his fingers up my left side, which ticked and made him laugh more then it made me laugh.
He rolled off of me, and pulled him me on top of him. He wrapped his strong arms around my waist. “We don’t have to worry about Calum anymore.”
I started crying. “This is so messed up,” I sobbed.
“Shhhh,” Ashton whispered, stroking my temples down to my cheek. “It’s ok.”
I buried my face in his chest. In a few minutes I calmed down and I looked up at him. “You are so beautiful,” His voice deep and husky, but soft. I smiled and he kissed me again. Deep and gentle, but begging for more. One hand drifted down to my lower back and he cupped my cheek with the other one.
He rolled over and got on top of me again. He kissed me harder and grabbed my hips. I don’t know why we were still on the floor. As if reading my mind, he got off of me and pulled me to my feet. “To the bed,” he said smiling.
I didn’t think we were in danger of being interrupted today. In fact, Maria and Michael were probably doing what we were doing.
He sat down on the edge of the bed and I sat on his lap, one of my legs on either side of him. He grabbed the hem of my shirt and tugged it over my head. “Wow,” he said looking and me and I giggled. He tugged his shirt off and laid down with me still on top of him. We kissed some more, our tongues moving against each other. I laid my hands on his bare chest and felt his strong muscles expand and contract with each breath.
He rolled me off of him and took his pants off. I followed suit and was glad that my underwear matched. White bra and white underwear with lacey designs down the sides and a small bow in the front.
He got on top of me his eyes shining. You are a virgin, right?” he asked smiling, like he was planning something.
“Yeah,” I said worriedly. I was going to be terrible at this and he would leave me then.
“You are going to be so sore in the morning,” he said smiling mysteriously.
He grabbed my hips and kissed me again. He leaned into me, his bulge pressing into me was very obvious.
The rest of our clothes were shed off and we scrambled under the blankets.
He kissed my neck, and tingles went down my back. His hand drifted down my front, and I gasped, and I leaned my head back. He then rolled off of me and grabbed a condom out of his pocket of his jeans.
Once he put it on, he got in between my spread legs and kissed me again, softly. He thrust himself inside of me, and I moaned and clenched my fists. He kept doing what he was doing and nuzzled my neck. Finally, I died a hundred tiny deaths with my toes and fist clenched. A moment later he came, I then rolled off of me, both of us breathing. “I’ll be right back,” he said going to the bathroom.
I closed my eyes till he came back and laid next to me. I laid my head on his chest and he wrapped one arm around my waist. I yawned. “We should probably get dressed, before Michael and Maria find us like this,” I said.
He nodded and we quickly got dressed back into pajamas then laid next to each other again. We fell asleep like that, him spooning me, and I in total happiness.



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