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Icing on the Cake

Chapter Two


It was the last class of the day, and the only class that I had with Calum. It was a cooking class and him and I were always lab partners.

That day we were cooking English toffee. It was a complete fail, however, because we waited too long after it was boiling in the saucepan to move it over to the cookie sheet to cool/harden. We basically had a saucepan of hardened toffee in it with a wooden spoon stuck in it.

Our teacher didn’t really care if we messed up the cooking. We didn’t get an F or anything, but the group in the kitchen next to us started making fun of us.

“I thought gay guys would be able to cook.” A guy who was a total “manly” athlete said to us. He wasn’t necessarily saying it in a homophobic, I hate gay people way. He genuinely thought we were gay and open about it. He simply meant it as it was in face value. It was upsetting that so many people thought I was gay when it was becoming alarmingly true.

After class (and staying about fifteen minutes late to try and clean the pan) Calum asked me if I wanted to go swimming at his house after school. He had a pool in his backyard.

“Yeah!” I said. “That’d be great! I’ll just need to go to my house first.”

“I’ll walk with you.” Calum said. “It’s Friday, you should spend the night.”

“Okay!” I said. “I’d love to!”

As we were walking to my house, I tried not to think about how I was liking Calum more and more. His lips were always so…kissable. I really wanted to kiss him. I really wanted to know what that was like. Everything about him was adorable. I always felt secure when I was around him. Ironically, just as I was thinking that, I tripped and fell, but my body was spared from slamming onto the sidewalk by his strong arms catching me.

“You okay man?” He asked me, half laughing, pulling me up.

I cringed every time he called me that. “Yeah.” I said. “Thanks for always being there to catch me when I fall!” I said dramatically.

“Always!” He said back.

A few minutes later, we were to my house.

“Want to come in?” I asked. “I’ll probably be a few minutes.”

“Yeah, sure!” Calum said.

I then ran into my house, leaving him behind. I ran in the front door and locked him out. I started at him as we locked eyes through the door window, initiating the game.

Ever since we were best friends at age eight, we would play this game. I would run in my house before he could get in the front door. He would then run (since he was a super fast runner) to the side door. I would then run inside my house to the side door to lock him out of there as well. If I locked him out, he would have to admit that he’s at my mercy. If he got in before I could lock it, he would break in and tickle me (yes, tickle me) until I admitted that I’m at his mercy. This was something that was super cute at age eight, but border line creepy as teenagers. Nevertheless, we still did it.

After initiating the challenge, I saw him dart towards the side door. I ran to the side door to lock him out, but he ran in before I could. He then tackled me to the ground and started tickling me.

Laughter poured out of me, along with the panic associated with being ticked.

“Say you’re at my mercy!” Calum ordered. I so easily could’ve kissed him. I wanted to so bad, but I resisted.

“I’m at your mercy!” I echoed out.

Right as Calum was about to accept my surrender, my mom walked in, tsk-ing us. “That is so inappropriate!” she said. “I can’t believe you still do it!”

“What’s inappropriate about it?” I asked.

“If a man lies with a man the way he lies with a woman, he shall be stone. Leviticus 20:13.”

“Is this how I lay with a woman?” I asked.

Calum started laughing. “Mom, I’m going to Calum’s tonight.” I said.

I quick gathered some clothes and a toothbrush in a bag before leaving my house with Calum.


Is this how I lay with a woman? My favorite line of the chapter :D

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My heart, Oof.

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I'M SORRY I DO THIS TO YOU BUT thank you for reading!

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