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Icing on the Cake

Chapter Fifty-Eight


I decided that I would meet with Megan. Alone. Because I knew that Calum wouldn’t want me to go. But I wanted to.

I wanted to finally be able to come face to face with that bitch and figure out what I ever did to her to make her hate me so much.

Calum was going to have lunch with his sister that next day, so I had the opportunity to meet with Megan.

We met for lunch, and when I sat down at the same table as her, every angry and depressing memory came back to me. All the things she said. All the things she did. How she made my life a living hell.

“Why did you do it?” I asked immediately. “Why did you make our lives a living hell? Why did you try to make us be something we weren’t?”

Megan’s desperate and almost apologetic demeanor from the day before was gone, and she seemed to be viciously defensive.

“Because I can’t market two gay men that are with each other.” Megan said. “Fan girls want to date you, not see you date each other.”

“Why should that matter?” I asked. “That doesn’t change our music.”

“Stop being so naïve.” Megan said. “You’re no Blink-182 or Nirvana, as much as you think you are. Despite your denial you guys were, in fact, a boy band. You opened for freaking One Direction for God’s sake. And a boy band has to be marketed as such. Music doesn’t sell albums when you’re a boy band. Faces, bodies, sex appeal to horny fourteen-year-old girls sells albums.”

“So many people are openly gay in this industry!” I screeched. “That only helps make them more popular! Look at Troye Sivan!"

“Yes, but they’re solo acts. You guys were a boy band. Fans want to date you.”

“That doesn’t excuse all the horrible things you did to me. You made my life a living hell and you used the threat of my friends against me!”

“If you sucked his dick on stage like you wanted to there would have been no band and no more living the dream for you guys.”

“We had NOTHING but support from fans when we came out and they were heartbroken when we were disbanded.” I said. “This is all on you. And how dare you try to turn it around on me you stupid bitch. You fucking ruined all of our lives. You stopped my parents from contacting me. You ruined my relationship with my long time friends.”

“How dare you, you ungrateful prick.” Megan said. “I made you a sensation. I made you a heartthrob. I made you a damn millionaire! And none of that wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t do my job!”

“Get out of my life you stupid bitch!” I snapped as I stood up to storm away.

As I stood up, I saw Calum walk by, with his sister, leaving lunch, seeing me with Megan.


ANNOUNCEMENT! (I seem to do this a lot nowadays, don't I?)

Chapter 60 is going to have an exciting little flashback in it! As some of y'all know, I like to intertwine this story in with real life as much as possible, and I did a lot of research about what 5SOS was doing when in terms of the beginning of their careers and I did a lot of stalking of their social media pages from five years ago. And I came up with a flashback that I think has a pretty, need I be dramatic as, chilling, connection with real life. And it will help lead to a broader and bigger one I have planned.

But with that being said, I'm leaving for a family vacation in like a few hours and my access to wi-fi is unreliable at best, so I will try to post like normal, but no promises. It may be three-four days before I post again, but I will try my hardest to post before that.

And as promised, here's a little preview of my new story, The Assistant, that is coming out August 15!

Roman Pinter doesn't know what he wants to do with his life now that he's done with high school and looking for a fresh start. 5 Seconds of Summer needs a road assistant for their tour during the Summer of 2016. Getting away from it all seems like a good new start. 5SOS secrets will come out in this thriller, and this band will stop at nothing to keep their secrets out of the public eye.

Thank you all so much for reading, I love you all! Mwah! <3


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I'M SORRY I DO THIS TO YOU BUT thank you for reading!

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