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Good For You


Fire lived within his kiss, he had a way of melting every part of me.

My heart skips a beat as I realize the praise Mr. Styles just gave me.. I just wish he’d praise me in other ways.

I throw myself on the couch, why in the world am I so tensed? Oh yeah, probably because you two haven’t even started discussing whatever is bothering her. It’s me that’s bothering her, she doesn’t like the way I touch her.. the way I talk to her. But, hell, I can’t stop for nothing. She’s like a drug, pulling me in further and further as the seconds pass – raising my temptations. More like a cigarette, which I can’t resist every now and then – she’s constantly forcing me to take a drag of her, I want her breath to fill my lungs, I want to taste her mouth, inhale her scent. Better yet, she’s alcohol – even though I’ve barely had a taste of it, I can’t stop. I just want to drown myself in her – I want to run my hands all over her. Touch her, feel her, taste her, smell her, everything.. I just want her. I need her.

She wanted to be touched by his hands, and he desired for his hands to be all over her body.

*31. If This Is Love - Ruth B
*32. Breathing - Jason Derulo

**WARNING::: Triggering content//Adult content & situations!**

©2017 Copyright. ♥


Charlie Styles

Charlie Styles

Gabriella Styles

Gabriella Styles

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Jennifer Murphy

Jennifer Murphy

Natalie Styles

Natalie Styles



Awesome update LOVE!!!
can't wait for more of this, i love this story

Thank You!

OF course!!! I live for your stories, now more than ever cus I’m in bed rest for another week and half from my surgery so I need something excellent to read my love :)

@PerciaxXXx @Historybrokemyheart
thank you for the feedback! be on the look out for updates:)

Please continue this story! I love all of your writing, but this story really stuck out to me! I would absolutely love to continue reading it!