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Good For You

Chapter 14



It’s nearing one in the afternoon now, and Mr. Styles has an interview to get to at one thirty. Niall has left with all three kids, leaving Mr. Styles and I alone in the suite, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve seen him since they left. The kitchen is lonely, and the room is harshly silent. I insisted that I’d go with Niall to help, but Mr. Styles protested saying that he needed me for other things today. Being the good person I am, I didn’t further argue with my boss.

“Jenny.” The raspy, deep voice fills the cold space in the room – sending a few chills down my veins. “Yes.. s-sir?” I ask with a soft voice, my eyes wondering over to find him without a shirt. However, the lower portion of his body is clad in a pair of tight black jeans and black boots – typical for his casual appearance. “I laid your clothes on the bed for you.. if you need to take a shower go ahead and do so, we have limited time.” He informs me with a sigh leaving his soft lips. I don’t have to imagine them being soft anymore, because now I know they are soft.

“Okay.” I murmur as I stand from my chair, walking in his direction. We basically switch places, he enters the kitchen and starts his coffee in the coffee maker. I shut the bedroom door behind me, I took a shower last night before he did so I’m fine for now – I’ll jump in to clean myself later on tonight I assume. My eyes widen as I see the multitude of items laying across the bed. Mr. Styles refused to let me pack my bags for this trip, he took care of all of it – leaving me just to make sure it got on the plane.

The day before we left, he came into the bedroom he gave to me and went inside the closet, which he fully packed with clothes, shoes, jewelry, and he even filled the vanity with makeup and other beauty products. He told me, quote, “If I’m giving you a room, I’m going to give you nice things. You deserve some praise, and it doesn’t bother me to buy you stuff. It actually makes me feel better about myself.”

I didn’t want to argue with him, I just thanked him a billion times before he left. And now, of course,it’s a tad weird to have this grown man – who is my boss – lay out my outfit for the day. He claims he wanted to let the pressure off of me, after what happened earlier. I’d rather not discuss it.


“I prefer rentals over taxis.” Mr. Styles mumbles as he gets in the car, shutting the door and adjusting the seat. I bite my tongue, just stay quiet and maybe he will do the same. “You look cute.. That shade of pink looks wonderful on you, Jenny.” He tells me, I can feel his eyes burning into the side of my head. “Th-thank you.” I softly reply, not sure if it was okay to do that or not. “Mhm.” He hums in response to me, the car soon on the road and headed to wherever he needed to be.

“Won’t be a long drive, five minutes maybe.” Mr. Styles sighs out as we continue on the road. I don’t say anything back, I just focus on him and listen to whatever it is he says – which most of the time is just random things to break the silence.

“Can we discuss.. something?” He asks me curiously. I glance over in his direction, his eyes are steadied on the road, for now at least. “I suppose.” I say in a soft voice, I don’t intend to get any louder than that either.

“Was it.. okay?” He questions, looking over at me before his eyes become fixed on the road once again. “What.. d-do you mean?” I say, slightly confused on what he’s referring to.

“The.. kiss. Was it.. okay?” He answers my confusion. I gulp gently as I watch him closely, his left hand is gripping the steering wheel and his other is clutching his knee – he’s nervous, I can clearly tell that. His eyes dart in my direction, catching my gaze, before staring back at the road in front of us.

“Mr. Styles.. I don’t.. want to talk.. talk about it.” I stammer out, tripping over my very own words. He lets out a frustrated huff, his hand suddenly clamping down on my jean covered thigh.

“Please just answer me.” His voice is coated with a stern tone and I have to say it frightens me a tad. “I.. I already.. t-told you.. how I.. f-felt about it.” I nervously state, my hand
brushing his as I adjust my position in the passenger seat.

“So.. you liked it? It was alright, yeah?” Mr. Styles’ grip on my leg eases up and he lets me go. However, he doesn’t move his hand from my body. His thumb rubs against my jeans roughly, I can feel it through the fabric – perhaps that was his intention. “Okay, good. I.. I wanted to.. to make sure it was okay.” His voice still sounds worried and concerned, I wish he’d calm down some.

My mind starts to drift off, nothing particular in my thoughts though. A sigh softly fell from my lips as I press my temple against the cold glass of the window. Mr. Styles’ touch on my leg doesn’t decrease, only continues at a steady speed. I like it though, it feels nice – his touch is so comforting and sweet, I really do adore it. But there are a few things I adore slightly more than his touch, maybe a bit more or perhaps the same – I don’t know, all I’m certain of is that I absolutely love them.

His laugh – it’s so contagious. I can’t help but smile or chuckle to myself when I hear him laugh. His dimples go deep into his cheeks, his pearly white teeth show and his pink lips just look so cute when he’s laughing. His eyes squinting lightly, as a result of his wide grin. It’s a marvelous sight to witness, and a beautiful sound to hear.

His eyes – I nearly get trapped and lost in them every time I look at him. The color is one thing, what they show is another. I can tell everything about his emotions just by looking at his eyes, I don’t know how I can, but I just do. When he’s happy they’re so bright and sparkling. But when he’s upset they’ll be brimming angry tears and the shade of emerald turns slightly dull.

His voice – the accent swoons me and I don’t need to get myself started on the raspy, scratchiness of it. When he speaks to me, millions of shivers race through my body – but they’re the good kind of shivers. The butterflies erupt into a frenzy mass, making my stomach churn and my heart nearly stops – especially when he says my name.

“Jenny.. are you alright?” Speaking of that beautiful sound, it fills my ears suddenly and I look over to him – pulling myself out of my deepening thoughts about him. He’s stopped in traffic, it appears that there’s been an accident on the road ahead and the cars are backed up now. Those emerald orbs are looking all over my face, like he’s reading a book or studying for a test. I gulp gently, I don’t know the answer to the question, next one please?

“Pass.” I mumble lightly, my eyes dropping to my lap. “What?” Mr. Styles chuckles lightly, his hand carefully picking up mine. “You must not know that answer.” He adds just seconds later as his long fingers tangle with mine, his palm is pressing into my own. “I uh.. was thinking out loud.. I guess.” I mentally slap myself over and over again, I’m making a fool of myself once again in front of this lovely man.

“So.. are you feeling okay? You seem pale and.. um.. distracted.” Mr. Styles states, his hand squeezing mine tightly. “You’re freezing, love.” He murmurs lightly – his warm skin is like fire against mine, burning holes right through me but I don’t mind at all. “I’m fine yeah.. s-sorry..” I breathe out unsteadily, forcing my fingers to slip away from his, my hands folding in my lap. “Hey, what’s the matter, hm?” Mr. Styles asks me, shifting lightly in his seat to get a better look at me.

“I.. don’t want t-to hold your h-hand, Mr. S-styles.” I stutter out, my heart starts to pound in my delicate rib cage, my mind is clotting up and my lungs are closing – you’re going too far, just shut your mouth! “Why’s that, love? I know you want to, though.” He says in a soft voice, leaning a bit in his seat to get closer to me. The back of his fingers run along my cheek, slow and smooth. I feel a few chills run through me as the cold metal of the few rings he had on frightened my skin.

“It.. it’s.. wr-wrong.” I state with a soft, shaky voice. My hands clutch each other tightly, I don’t want him to grab one of them again – no, it’s not that I don’t want him to, it’s just my heart can’t handle it right now. At all, really, my heart can’t handle any more of his sweet gestures. My body is going to explode, my mind is going to go crazy, and my heart will blow up. Harry Styles will be the death of me.

But for some odd reason, I'm okay with that.

“It feels right to me, babe.” He whispers gently, his warm breath blowing in my direction. I close my eyes tight, I can’t let him do this to me, I can’t let this man basically kill me. His hand drops from my face and the other replaces the touch, he sits the opposite hand on my thigh, sliding it dangerously close to a part of my body I’ve never let anyone else see or touch. He grips my inner thigh, but thankfully keeps his distance from there – at least he’s respectful.

“Mr. S-styles.” I utter out his beautiful name – my tongue tingling just from saying it. I shift my body in my seat, the slickness between my thighs is greatly annoying right now.

“God damn, Jennifer.. you’re so beautiful.” Mr. Styles says with a heavy pant leaving his mouth, like he’s about to die just looking at me. It’s definitely the other way around. “I-’’ The sound of a car horn honking behind us cut me off.

He leans back to his seat with an irritated huff, a hand soon returning to my leg though, but it stays still on top of my thigh – no tricks this go around. I rest my back into the seat, I hadn’t even realized I was this tense until now.




My boot is tapping against the hardwood floor of the room I’m in. The couch they threw me on is hard as a rock and it doesn’t even have arms on it. I clench my jaw as I stare at the coffee table, a few glasses of water sit there for me but I haven’t bothered them at all. The interviewer excused herself to the restroom a few minutes ago, ever since then the room’s been silent. My mind trails off to the thought of that beautiful girl, I almost blew my cover in the car earlier – I almost made a wrong move. If I want this to go right, I have to slowly move, not just pounce on her all at once.

Jennifer gets overwhelmed easily, and anxiety is something she obviously has an experience and relationship with – every time I look her way, her small hands start to shake and her lips begin to quiver. She’ll easily break underneath me, crumble and fall apart if I scream too loud. So fragile and innocent, so beautiful really.

I pull my phone out from my pocket, I have to check on her while I can. My fingers move quickly to unlock the phone and head to my messages. I tap on her name, a smile coming to my lips as I think about her. When we arrived, they questioned why I brought my babysitter with me, the world has seen her with me more than once and every time I have to confirm she’s just my babysitter. One day I hope to confirm she’s not just my babysitter – time will tell I assume. Of course I reminded these lovely people that this was confidential, they can only put out what I verbally say in the interview – which right now is cut off.

To Jenny: Hey love, everything okay in there?

My heart starts to unsteadily beat, my eyes flicker from my phone screen to the door across the room. The bright light set up in the room is nearly blinding me. I gulp gently as my phone lightly vibrates in my palm. My eyes fall down and a smile comes to my face, she replied quickly. That’s a good thing I hope.

From Jenny: Well it’s sorta alright.. the weird assistant guy keeps staring at me and so is the security guard.

My stomach slightly burns as I read over her words one last time before thinking of my reply. Someone else is looking at her, and I’m not in there to defend her or let them know she belongs to me, even if she really doesn’t. I bite my cheek harshly, my thumbs furiously fly over the letters, letting her know how I feel about this.

To Jenny: Ignore them. I’ll handle it when I come out, shouldn’t be much longer

The door opens, catching my full attention. I lock my phone and sit it beside me on the couch as the woman walks back to the chair. “Sorry about that, anyways. Let’s continue, shall we?” She asks with a smile as she adjusts her dress on her legs. “Yes, we shall.” I fake a smile to her, not really wanting to be here right now. “Um.. how much longer?” I blurt out suddenly, shocking myself at my rude question.

“Well, I was going to ask a few questions off the top of my head, but if you need to be elsewhere please don’t hesitate to leave.” The woman informs me with a slight shrug. “I’d hate to barge out.. but my daughter, um, isn’t feeling well.” I give her a lie, my face straight and my conscious a little ashamed, but I don’t care right now. I want to be with Jenny, not in this damn room.

“By all means, please go. It’s not an issue.” She tells me with a smile, her hand gesturing for the door. “Gosh, I’m so sorry, but it’s really important.. she just got over a horrible cold and her immune system is weak. Thank you for having me, though.” I fake a ramble as I stand from the stone like couch, my feet quickly leading me to the door. “It’s no problem, Harry! It was lovely having you.” She calls out just as I open the door. I don’t further the conversation, I only seal the door to and make my way down the hallway. My eyes are searching on both sides of me as I stroll down the long hall – looking for the room Jenny is being enclosed in.

Within seconds,my body freezes in front of a door with a sign that reads Guests. I release a pleased sigh as I open the door. All eyes land on me and I give off a sly smile, not really caring for anyone else’s attention but Jenny’s. I suck my bottom lip in as my eyes glue to the presence of her body in the room, she was sitting on a small sofa in the corner, her eyes roaming over to meet my gaze.

I start in her direction, glad to finally be reunited with my lovely girl. She stands from the couch and grabs her purse, a smile playing on her pretty, soft, pink lips. “Finally.” She breathes out, a soft laugh escaping afterward. “Tell me about it.” I mumble back, glancing over to the man sitting in a chair just a few feet from her. “Is that the guy?” I ask as my eyes shift back to burn into hers.

She gives me a gentle nod, her teeth biting down hard on her plump bottom lip – there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to have her lips pressed back against mine again. I clench my jaw, I hate knowing that someone else is eyeing her – I mean, I partly don’t blame anyone for doing so. She’s beautiful, she can’t help it that she’s got people dropping to their knees all around her. “Go on towards the front entrance.. I’ll have a word or two with him.” I sigh lightly, my eyes dropping to trail over her body before soon meeting her pretty stare again.

“Okay.” Jenny says softly before walking past me, leading her pretty self out of the room. The door shut behind her, a sign for me to go ahead and do my scolding. I step in front of the man, his eyes lingering up as he notices me there. “May I help you?” He asks in a mumble, his eyebrow lifting and the other sinking. “Yeah. I’d appreciate it if you keep your eyes off what belongs to me. You’re lucky I wasn’t in here.” I start to grit my teeth, my temper slightly rising as I stare down at his dull eyes and his slightly nervous expression.

“S-sorry man, I didn’t know s-she was yours.” He holds his hands up in front of him, telling me he surrendered. “Well now you know.” I turn on my heel and head towards the door – my angel is waiting for me and I don’t have time to pick a fight with anyone



"Ni.. I have a question." Gabriella states as she climbs on to my lap, her big green eyes trailing up to look at me. "And what's your question, sweetheart?" I ask her with a soft smile, however I can tell this isn't one of her cute questions - for instance, one time she asked me why kittens were so cute. By the look on her eyes, I can already tell this is going to be a serious question.

"Is Jenny going to be my new mommy?" she says bluntly, her eyes gazing up at the cloud covered sky. I swallow harshlym, where in the world did she even get that from? Its quite obvious that Harry holds some kind of obsession with Jennifer, but it's even more obvious that he adores her. I can't seem to understand how Gabriella would even think of that question - her father is usually pretty sneaky with displaying his affection to Jennifer.

The silence must be bothering her, she gave me an impatient look before dropping her gaze to her lap. "One day I asked Daddy if I'd ever have a mommy again and he told me.. That when it's the right time.. He will get someone to love." She informs me of this conversation.

Before I could process a reply, words begin to nervously flow from her lips - she rambles just like her father. "I love Jenny and I know my Daddy loves her to. I am tired of not havin' a mommy. I wan' someone to love me and to do girl things with me and.. And I want Daddy to be happy." Gabriella's voice starts to crack and I take notice of her watery eyes.

"I know you want him to be happy, baby, but that's something you have to ask him. I don't know if she.. If she will be but maybe he knows." I admit to the little angel sitting on my lap, I see the hope drain from her eyes as she thinks.

"Daddy said he never loved my real mommy." Charlie appears beside me on the bench, I guess he must've overheard us talking. "I know, bud." I sigh softly, they usually throw these kinds of things on me. They want answers and they're all to questions Harry doesn't want to talk about.

"He told me he really likes Jenny. Ni, doesn't that mean he loves her?" Gabriella raises her eyebrows as her hopeful eyes stare up at me. "I don't know baby, like I said before, you have to ask him." That was the end of that conversation.

Before long, they were both playing again - leaving behind me and their curious questions.



The silence is absolutely suffocating.

Mr. Styles left an hour ago to meet up with Niall and the little ones at some ice cream shop. He left me behind because I gave him a good excuse not to go. Verbally, I told him it was going to be late soon and my head was killing me. Mentally, I said this to myself: I would love to go but I'd hate for any more rumors to pop up - those are your kids, enjoy some time with them.

He gave no further argument and just up and left. He seemed a tad irritated but I'm still trying my best not to let it bother or worry me. I've taken a nice shower already, the cold water refreshened my skin and gave my body the burst of energy it greatly needed.

However, despite the new energized feeling, when I stepped into the bedroom I couldn't help but crawl into the warm and welcoming bed. And for the past half hour, that's exactly where I've been. My body lies facing the empty space that Mr. Styles will fill in later on tonight.

I continue to take deep inhales through my nose - only so I can be engulfed by his scent. It was hardly there, but I smelt it as soon as I laid down. The sheets, the cover, the pillow - everything is stained with the mix of his natural scent and his cologne. I could lay here all day long and literally drown in it.
So many things are clogging my mind at the moment - all of which relate to Harry Styles. My fingertips delicately rub over my lips - the feeling of his soft lips still danced on my skin. My eyes fall shut, my mind cluttered up with thoughts of him once again. I don't mind it though, I love thinking about him, imagining him, dreaming of-

My eyes shoot open as the sound of a closing door filled the quiet hotel suite. I hear the giggles of Gabriella and Charlie, along with Niall's laugh. The bedroom door opens and I bite my lip, glad that my back is to it. "Alright. I'll come tuck you two in soon." Mr. Styles' deep voice takes over the quietness that floated in the air for so long.

His footsteps follow seconds after the door shuts. I pick up my phone, trying to act as if I was entertained. I quickly open a social media app - not even caring really.

My heart rate begins to increase as I literally feel his state burning into me. Some shade or red rises to my skin as I mentally slap myself - I was so focused on laying down earlier that I completely forgot to clothe my lower half. Thankfully the shirt I'm wearing is a tad long, but still I was laying half exposed to him. Great, now I'm embarrassed.

My body lightly jumps as I feel a firm hand grab my waist. "Are you feeling alright, darlin'?" Mr. Styles questions with that raspy voice of his. His words send multitudes of shivers throughout my body - all rushing to my heart. A flutter runs through my chest as I sense his body getting closer to mine.

From the corner of my eye I watch him lean down to me, his other hand pressing into the pillow to support his weight above me.

"Just tired." I mumble lightly, my hands becoming weak from holding up my phone. He releases a long, drug out sigh, the hand on my body slowly slides down a few inches - giving my hip a warm feeling as my shirt fails to do its job. The hot feeling of his skin against mine brings a slickness between my legs and the butterflies in my stomach erupt into a fit.

"Get some rest, honey." Mr. Styles suggests as his head lowers, his lips placing a kiss on to my temple. He freezes up, his plump lips pushing deep into my skin. My tongue runs over my lips, my eyes sealing shut at the sensation. He lights up my skin, flames rising high and proud. This man has no idea what he does to me - I mean honestly he has no clue.

"I'll be back in a few minutes." he tells me, his soft lips brushing my skin ever so gently - igniting a rapid fire on my entire body. "Okay." I breathe out softly, my eyes open at the loss of contact with him.

His hand is gone, his whole presence is gone. I hear the door close to, so I assume I'm alone once again. No surprise there.


Gabriella and Charlie are both laid under the covers - their eyes glued to the television screen, no noticing I entered the room. Niall has placed the basniet in here as well, he claims he doesn't mind taking over the night calls for me. I walk over to their bed and ease myself down on the edge, my eyes staring at my shoes.

"Are you okay, Daddy?" Charlie asks me, his hand picking up mine. I smile gently at what he did. "Um.. There's a lot on my mind, son. I'm okay." I assure him as I lace our fingers together. I look over at him, just to find those big eyes gazing back at me. "Did you and Jenny get into a fight? You were like this when you and Mommy got into fights." Gabriella states her thought, great here we go with this mother bull shit. Why can't they just let it go?

"No baby, Jenny and I are not fighting." I deny her claim and let my eyes trail back to my lap. Charlie squeezes my hand tight, his little fingers holding a rather hard grip on me. "Do you love Jenny, Daddy?" Charlie questions, I can hear the curious tone tied to his voice.

I clear my throat, they can't go one day without asking me stuff like this - all things that have to do with Jenny. Its only bothering me because I want to be honest to them but I can't be blunt. I just have to adjust the truth and lie a bit. Its horrible and it makes me feel even worse, but it's what I have to do.

"Why of course I love her, she's my friend." I partly admit to them - greatly hoping they say okay and go with it. "I know that, Daddy. That's not what I mean." he mumbles out, his little hand squeezing mine. I know for a fact they're not going to let me off the hook - these lovely angels want answers from me.

"Then what do you mean, baby?" My gaze never leave my lap - I can't look at them right now, they'd see right through me. They both know when I'm lyimg. "I mean like a princess. Do you love her forever?" Charlie clarifies his question. My eyebrows furrow at his words, however that doesn't mean I'm confused by what he said.

I bite my lip lightly, my heart is pounding hard on my chest. Do I love that girl laying in my hotel bed? Do I love the girl that takes care of my kids and treats them like her own? Do I love Jenny? Of course I love her - how could I not be in love with her?

Her eyes are so beautiful, the way they light up when she's happy. Her smile is so pure and pearly. She's everything I've always wanted - I just didn't know what I needed until I met her.

Do I love that beautiful lady in there? Her gentle heart and her kind personality - both things I adore. Of course I'm in love with her - I'm madly, truly in love with her.

"If I tell you guys you have to promise me you won't tell anyone." I sigh out, my mental debate is over. My children are my world and they deserve to know the answers to their questions. "We promise, Daddy." Gabriella says assuringly.

"Yes I love Jenny.. I love her a lot."


Sorry for the wait guys. I haven't been to the store to get A new charger yet so mobile updates for the next week. I'm in a vacay right now but I don't mind typing up a chapter on the beach for you guy!! ❤

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