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Good For You

Chapter 15



"Goodnight guys, I love you." I smile lightly to myself as I place a kiss on Charlie's forehead before leaning over him and planting one on Gabriella's cheek. "Love you Daddy." Charlie mumbles as I lean up. I take a hold lf the covers and pull them up to their chests, tucking them in on the sides for extra comfort.

"Love you, too, Daddy." My sweet princess gives me a smile. "If you wake up before I do, do not run into my room screaming, alright?" I warn them, pointing my finger sternly at Charlie, he's more likely to do it. "Why not?" He sleepishly grins at me, such a silly mess.

"Because Jenny isn't feeling well-" " Is she sick?" Gabriella gasps at me, interrupting my sentence. "No baby, she just has a headache. Relax, she's not ill." I assure her with a shake of my head. "But I'm serious guys, I want her to sleep as much as she can."

"Okay Daddy." She nods to me with a understanding half smile. It's time for myself to head to bed. I exit the room, after a final goodnight. I hurry to my side I of the suite - praying that Jennifer isn't asleep yet.

The door creaks as I slowly open it. I step into the semi dark room, the lamp is the only light besides the television screen. I waste no time stepping into the bathroom and discarding my clothing.

Just a minute or two later, I find myself on her side of the bed - clothed in nothing but my briefs. She looks up at me, tiredness written all over her pretty face. Her cheeks hint of blush as she notices what my attire is.

"Is your head still hurting, love?" I ask in a soft voice. She gives me a shake of her head, "No, the medicine you gave me helped a lot." She says in reply. "That's good, I was hoping you would start feeling better." Carefully I place my hand on her cheek, her skin is still warm. Gosh, I hope she doesn't have a fever.

Eventually, after taking care of my nightly hygiene routine - brushing my teeth three times for 2 minutes each - I end up in the bed beside her, staring at the back of her head, until I drifted off to sleep.

With her in my dreams.



All I remember from last night is Mr. Styles telling me to have sweet dreams and to sleep tight. He kissed my cheek and got in the bed after shutting the lights off. The television faintly played in the room, while I cuddled in the blankets and drifted off to sleep. Yet I know the rest of last night's events are in the back of mind.

My eyes opened slowly as a sigh left my mouth, gosh I slept so good. I'm laying on my side, with a tattooed arm draped over me and a warm body pressed into my back. Fear invaded me as I quickly realize who the person is - with their arms wrapped around me and their feet rubbing against mine.

Mr. Styles.

I stirred a tad, attempting to move but nothing happened. A deep, agitated groan came from the wondrous man laying next to me. I freeze suddenly, my nerves are tingling. "Beee sstiillll." He slurs out as his arms tighten around my waist. A soft grin covers my lips, he's utterly adorable at the moment.

"I need to get up." I tell him, even though I'm positive he's still asleep and can't comprehend anything right now. Another displeased sound leaves his mouth while he moves one arm from my waist and up to my shoulders, his palm sliding between the pillow and my cheek. The other arm still rests underneath me, his hand holding onto me.

He'll be the death of me.

"No ya don't." Mr. Styles' words make my eyes widen - he is awake. "Y-yes I do." I laugh slightly thanks to the awkwardness he has set in the room. He agreed to separate blankets - and I just noticed we're both under his and mine isn't even on the bed anymore. "Nooo… I don't wan'you t'leave."He slurs into my ear, his warm breath casting a fire on my cold skin.

"I need to.. to do something." I try to pry his arm from around me but that was useless, his strength is much greater than mine. "Wha'?" He's not going to let me out of this - no matter how hard I beg. "I.. I need to use the bathroom." I admit without any nervous feelings - it's getting serious now and I can't play around much longer.

"Ya'gotta tinkle?" Mr. Styles chuckles deeply against my shoulder, his soft lips brushing my skin. "Yes!" A laugh escapes my mouth, he drives me mentally insane. "Too bad." His arms lock tighter around me, constricting me from moving. "Ughh! Please." I groan annoyingly at him, I really need to use the toilet.

"Wha' time is it?" Mr. Styles asks, completely changing our conversation. The throaty, raspy morning voice of his makes the butterflies erupt inside my tummy. I strain my neck, trying to see what the digital clock on the nightstand said. "A quarter after five." I sigh softly on his arm, his tan skin is covered in a thin layer of sweat, yet he smells and feels like heaven.

"Ughh.. Why are ya up so early?" He questions me with a huff, clearly unpleased with the current time - which slightly confuses me because on some days he's up anf preparing breakfast before six. Yet on others, he sleeps until noon.

"I have to pee.. Please, Mr. Styles." My hand cuffs his wrist and I keep a tight hold of him - gosh I seriously need to get up.
"Promise ya gonna come back.." His voice trails off, being muffled by my hair and my shoulder. A smile spreads on my face, he's so unbelievably sweet.

"Yes, I promise." I nod as best as I can in this tight position. He grunts at me as his arms slide away from my body. I slip from them quickly and hurry to the bathroom. The fact I'm only wearing a t-shirt doesn't phase me as I shut the bathroom door, gosh I've never had to use it this bad before.

After a few minutes of taking care of my business and scrubbing my hands clean, I return to the bedside and place myself on the edge. I flinch as Mr. Styles's warm hand touches the side of my thigh, gently sliding underneath my shirt, but soon stopping. "Lay back down, babe." He insists in a low tone, his pet name giving my heart quivering shivers.

"I'm not sleepy." I protest, fiddling with my own fingers as I keep a close watch on his wondering hand. "Yeah ya are.. It's five a.m." He scoffs at me, obviously wanting me to rejoin him and that warm embrace. "No." I breathe out as I stand from the bed, his hand falling from my leg.

I carry myself over to the one of the chairs, gladly claiming one as my new seat. I cross my legs in the wide chair and rest my folded hands in my lap. I hear the faint creak of the mattress as weigh moves around on it. Perhaps he has given up and decided on going back to bed. I doubt that, very highly.

The sound of footsteps nade my ears perk up - oh gosh no. Moments later, I felt his presence behind me and soon following are his arms as they throw themselves over me, his hands clutching each of mine. His chin digs into my shoulder as the side of his face brushes against mine.

"Is it because of me? 'm too touchy.. 'm sorry." He sighs deeply, releasing my hands as he leaned off of me. He joins me as he takes a seat in the chair adjacent to mine. "I really love holding you.. you keep me warm." My heart flutters at his spoken words, my head turns only to find his bright green eyes staring over at me.

"I apologize." He holds up his hands in a surrender-declaring manner. I bite my tongue, not sure about what is safe to say. "I'll sleep on the couch tomorrow night." He huffs lightly to himself, obviously not too happy with his sudden decision.

"No.. It's not you. I'm just.. not really sleepy anymore." I confess the honest truth - the fact that Mr. Styles held me in an amazing embrace doesn't even bother me one bit. "Well we have.. a lot to do later on and I really want you to sleep longer." Mr. Styles stands from the chair and he steps in front of me.

"I woke up a few hours ago.." He starts as he squats down in front of me, his hand grabbing one of mine. "You were shivering and shaking.. Your blanket was literally gone. So I just.. slid over and.. covered you up." His eyes avoid mine, they stare at my hand instead. "I was going to let you be. Honest to God." Mr. Styles admits to me with a truthful tone.

"But I got cold myself." His eyes lift to meet mine, the blush rising to my face quickly. "I figured I'd be up before you and you wouldn't have known.. so I.. brought you closer to me." His teeth nip at his bottom lip as he now awaits some sort of reply from me. "I said.. that didn't bother me." I remind him in a small voice.

He licks his lips, his eyes darting back to mine. I admire his widened pupils - his eyes not adjusting fully to the light in the room. "I just wanted you to be aware.. and to know I care." A soft smile formed on his lips and my heart fluttered in my rib cage - literally the death of me.


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Awesome update LOVE!!!
can't wait for more of this, i love this story

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OF course!!! I live for your stories, now more than ever cus I’m in bed rest for another week and half from my surgery so I need something excellent to read my love :)

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Please continue this story! I love all of your writing, but this story really stuck out to me! I would absolutely love to continue reading it!