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Good For You

Chapter 16



A round of giggles filled my ears, what in the world? There they go again, laughter invading my head. "Shhh! You're going to wake your Daddy up!" I hear that angelic voice whisper yell - Jenny. I open my eyes slowly, finding myself in the same position we fell back to sleep in earlier - her body pressed agaisnt mine and my arms wrapped around her.

I stare at her sleeve covered shoulder, my attention fully focused on the conversation she's holding with my son. "But Jenny.. He needs to be up!" Charlie whines to her, I begin to wonder not only the time, but what he needs from me. "Please sweetie, quiet down before he gets angry. You know how your Daddy can be." Jenny suggests, probably not wanting to wake me. Wait a second, what does she mean by 'you know how your Daddy can be'?

"Okay.. I wanna go watch t.v. now." He sighs as I feel the mattress faintly move - indicating him removing himself off the bed. "Alright, behave darling." Jenny says with a small laugh and I can't resist to smile against the soft skin on her arm. I take a risk and allow my hand to trail to her hip, taking a grip of it while the other rests on her stomach, underneath her shirt.

I adore holding her like this - I always imagine the other things I could do, but usually I have to remind myself to keep it low rated and clean. It's hard, but I try to respect her fully - at least in real life. In my dreams, however, things are quite different.
A thought pops into my mind and I decide to tease with her - my fingertips softly grazing the smooth skin on her stomach.

"Mr. Styles... I know you're awake." She giggles lightly, her hand grabbing my wrist and lifting my fingers off of her beautiful skin. "Mmhm." I hum against her arm as I further press myself into her back, her behind perfectly rutting against my crotch as she moves around.

"Stop tickling me.. please." She begs as my other hand gets to work. I chuckle into her hair as I shift my head - god she smells so perfect. "Please sir.. It hurts." She pleads out, her hands fighting mine and her right one not daring to let my hand go. "Let me free then." I try to move my arm but her fingernails dig into my wrist.

"I'm not stupid! You're just gonna keep doing it." She laughs out - shit, she's quick to see through me. That was my plan, but now it's soiled. "I won't, I swear." I sigh out, removing my hand from her hip. She takes my gesture as a sign of my honestly - she releases my other hand. I carefully place it back on her stomach, the other grabbing her waist again.

"You lied!" Jenny gasps, her fingers clawing at my hands. "I'm just touching!" I say with a grin as she stirs in my arms, clearly not trusting me at the moment. Her hands clutch my wrists and she yanks my hold off her body, scooting further away from me. "You can look, but not touch." Jenny states with a sassy tone as she sits herself up, throwing her legs over the side of the bed.

My extremities almost explode as I see her ass pressed into the mattress - her panties not doing a good job of covering her skin, god damn I need to stop.

I prop myself on my elbow and reach my opposite hand over to her - quickly grasping her waist. She squeals as a result, god she's adorable. "But I prefer to touch." I say as I sit myself up beside her, her back against my arm. "You always look at me.. and I always wanna touch you." I mumble into her ear, that long blonde hair falling down her back. "Mr. Styles.." She nervously laughs out. "Daddy!" The door flies open and I mentally scream as loud as possible.

Damnit.. I was so close.


The morning has been dragging on forever - as much as I love and adore my children, I'm ready for them to leave with Niall so Jenny can assist me with things I need to so around the city. We won't be here much longer, which results in more time with Jenny behind the closed doors of my house and out of the public eye.

"Mr. Styles?" Jenny's pretty voice calls out my name as she enters the kitchen. "Yes, love?" I ask, glancing up from my phone to see her sitting down across from me - dressed in the clothes I bought her. Mm, so gorgeous. "What is it?" I add, with an additional smile as I meet her stare. "Um.. What is it that you have to do today?" She curiously asks me.

I sit down my coffee mug and keep my gaze on her face - always blushing at me. "I need to go shopping for a few things. I need you to assist me with things for the kids." I inform her as I stand from the table, sliding my phone in my back pocket while walking over to her. "We need to get going." I insist, nodding my head towards the door - my feet soon going in that direction.

"You said we would leave after Niall-" I cut her off with a sigh, why can't she just be quiet for a few minutes. If she done that you'd be begging her to speak. "Just c'mon doll, we don't have all day." I roll my eyes to myself as I grab her hand, yanking her behind me.

It would be better if I yanked her to a bed and underneath the sheets…

Baby steps, Styles. Baby. Steps.


My eyes observe her face as she scrunches her little nose and furrows her perfectly shapped brows. She's debating over the two dresses in each of my hands. I haven't spoiled Gabriella in a while so might as well - she only has one childhood and I need to make it the best. Be the best father, the greatest father.

"I like the blue one." Jenny states, pointing to the small dress. I nod a few times before tossing it into the cart - this shopping trip has gone incredibly well so far, Jenny is a tremendous amount of help when it comes to this kind of stuff. I mean yeah, I can do it on my own - I have ever since each of my kids were born, but Jenny just picks out better items. Rebecca never liked to shop for the children, claiming it was 'just a hassle' and 'online shopping is better'. She didn't care as long as she had her Gucci bag and her Prada jacket - things of which I sold once she was gone.

"Mr. Styles?" Jenny says, waving her hand in front of my face. I flinch as I blink a few times - my body pulled from the trance. "Hmm?" I ask with raised brows and a soft smile, trying to play it off cool. "I said.. don't you think that this is enough?" She states with a laugh. My eyes fall to the overflowing cart full of kids clothing - obviously this is a little much but the seasons will be changing soon and my babies are constantly growing. More inches means more clothes.

After heading to the register and getting all my items scanned and paid for, we slip on the sunglasses and continue our journey in the mall. For the most part, I go unnoticed but if Jenny is seen - I hear murmurs which are most likely speculations that I am the person beside her. Besides, I live in California - wby would my babysitter be across the country without me? Common sense ought to tell you that is nearly impossible and improbable.

I lick my lips to get them wet as I walk into the next store - mannequins wearing lace garments surrounded me while the heavy smell of perfume filled my nostrils. "Um, Mr. Styles. I don't think it would be appropriate to buy Gabriella anything from here." Jenny giggles beside me, her hand releasing mine - which was holding hers only to pull her through the crowds and guide her - for the most part at least..

"You're silly, sweetheart. We came in here for you to purchase something." I glance over at her reddened face and wide eyes. "As a gift." I add in a mumble. She nervously clears her throat - unsure of all of my praise I bet. "Not intenting to be disrespectful, but I can't accept this, sir." She sighs softly beside me as my hands glide over items - imagining the look of the fabric on her pale skin. "And why's that, doll?" I mumble as she follows behind me - despite her protest.

"Well one thing.. There is no need for me to own any of this." She bluntly declares. "Let me remind you, honey, I packed up your underwear drawer.. you own lace and pretty colors." I smirk as I look over my shoulder at her. Those cheeks are just a glowning bright red, her pretty eyes avoiding contact with me - yet I saw that glance she gave me.

"And second.. I have no one to impress." This statement, unlike the previous one, is almost whispered - as if she didn't really want me to hear her. "So you're saying you have no one to wear them for, yeah?" I conclude as I pick up a cute pair of pink underwear. "I don't." She huffs out, clearly aggravated with me. "I'd enjoy to see you in this." I admit with a clearing of my scratchy throat, tossing the item over my forearm, where soon more things will be placed.

"I- no!" Jenny gasps in utter shock - as if it isn't obvious already. "Mr. Styles.. Don't- do not say that sort of stuff." She warns as if I were a child in extreme trouble. "Honey, you live under my roof.. I'm going to buy you things so don't even argue." I swat her hand away as she tries to grab the item from me. "I thought we already discussed this with each other." I add on with a sigh - hoping she'll drop it and just let me buy her pretty things - lacy things.

"We have, sir. But this stuff wasn't mentioned." She retorts quickly, I can tell her nerves are getting to her - poor girl, always so shy around me. "Look, honey." I face her now - a serious expression forming on my face. "You can either sit outside and wait on me, or follow beside me and stay quiet. Either way I win, because I'll be buying you things. Now pick a side, doll." A small smile curves my lips, her eyes glaring up at me. She gives me a soft nod before dropping her head - soon following behind me.

Such a good girl..



After the awkward and utterly embarrassing situation earlier in a Victoria's Secret shop, my mind has been baffled and my heart is doing an odd thumping pattern. Mr. Styles and I are getting the children ready for bed - him handling Gabriella and me helping my little Charlie out. "Arms up." I say with a smile as I grab the pajama shirt. Charlie shoots his arms up and gives me a sleepy grin.

I slide the shirt over his head, adjusting it once it's on his body. His hands grab my shoulders as he lifts a leg, stepping into the matching, dinosaur covered pants. "It's movie night, Jenny." Charlie mumbles as he falls against me, arms lazily wrapping around my neck. I hug him tight, loving the embrace. "I know, silly boy. You've told me a hundred times since your bath." I mumble back in his ear before placing a few kisses on his cheek.

He squeals at my actions, releasing me so he can run to the bed. I watch him as I stand up straight. Charlie bounces on the bed as he impatiently waits for everyone else. Niall greatly agreed to watch Natalie for the night, on the other side of the suite.

Movie night is a common practice in the Styles home, but I myself have never participated in one. Mainly because I've never been invited, which never bothered me. I usually watched them during the day, not at night. However, this is the first movie night they have held since I moved in. I feel tremendously loved since they insisted I join in on Finding Nemo.

"I'll put the movie in, everyone get comfortable." Mr. Styles states as he heads to the T.V. I get on the bed, Charlie soon occupying my lap, his messy head against my shoulder, those curls placed everywhere. Gabriella sits beside me with her pink nightgown on, bunny slippers on her feet, and her hair braided back.

"Can we sit at the end, Daddy?" Gabriella asks him as he sits on the edge of his side. "Whatever you want, love." He nods to her and within seconds both her and Charlie scurry to the edge of the bed - closer to the television. Mr. Styles joins me on the bed, sliding his legs under the covers. I gulp softly as I hear the creak of the headboard which is now supporting his back as well as my own.

I feel the heat radiating from his skin beneath the blankets, indicating just how close he is to me. "I'm ready to go home." He sighs out with a tiredness to his tone. I look over to find him staring at me. I nod with a light smile, no words coming from my mouth at all. "I hope you've enjoyed the city, despite the few issues." Mr. Styles says with a laugh following his raspy voice.

"Yes, it's been wonderful. Thank you.. for um bringing me along." I give him a genuine smile this go around, hi$ lips curve into a smile as he gazes at me. My stare falls to my lap, but I still observe him from the corner of my eye. "No problem, hon. I couldn't rip those kids away from you. They would've killed me." He replies, chuckling at his own words.

We all quiet down as the movie begins, my eyes stay on the screen even though I'm ninety nine percent sure Mr. Styles is staring at me instead.. Why does he do this to me?


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Awesome update LOVE!!!
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OF course!!! I live for your stories, now more than ever cus I’m in bed rest for another week and half from my surgery so I need something excellent to read my love :)

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Please continue this story! I love all of your writing, but this story really stuck out to me! I would absolutely love to continue reading it!